Pygmy Necklace, Lavaproof Tackle Bag, and Terraspark Boots.

The 10 Best Pre-Hardmode Accessories in Terraria

Looking to boost your class? Get one of these accessories.

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There’s a wide variety of pre-Hardmode accessories to choose from in Terraria that can grant stat boosts or special abilities that can help you conquer pre-Hardmode. Here are the ten best accessories you should keep an eye out for.

Cloud in a Bottle

Cloud in a Bottle in Terraria.

It’s among the first must-have accessories when in a new world. When equipped, it gives you the ability to Double Jump. From safely landing down to escaping enemies, you’d surely find Cloud in a Bottle to be such a game changer.

To get the Cloud in a Bottle, you need to open Gold Chests in the Underground and Cavern Layers. You can also use it as an ingredient to craft the Bundle of Balloons, which is an accessory upgrade.

Pygmy Necklace

Pygmy Necklace in Terraria.

A useful combat accessory for the Summoner Class. It grants +1 Minion Capacity. However, if you’re playing in 3DS and Windows Phone, you’ll need to defeat Plantera to get it.

You can buy the Pygmy Necklace from the Witch Doctor at night for 20 Gold. If you’re on PC, Console, and Mobile, you buy it from him at any stage.

Mana Flower

Mana Flower Terraria.

A great Mana accessory for the Magic Class in pre-Hardmode, as it grants -8% Mana Consumption. It also automatically consumes your Mana Potions in your inventory when you run out of Mana — allowing you to focus more when in a fight.

To craft the Mana Flower, you will need the following items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Nature's Gift
Mana Potion
Tinkerer's WorkshopMana Flower

You can use it as an ingredient for Mana Cloak later, when in Hardmode.

Cobalt Shield

Cobalt Shield in Terraria.

A combat accessory that grants +1 Defense and immunity to knockback, which is incredibly useful when fighting against enemies while exploring. It also stacks with other defense accessories, and can easily be upgraded to Obsidian Shield for later use.

To get the Cobalt Shield, you need to open Gold Chests in the Dungeon. Alternatively, you can open Golden Lock Boxes in Dungeon Crates with a 14% chance.

Stinger Necklace

Stinger Necklace in Terraria.

An offensive and defensive combat accessory to have after defeating the Queen Bee in a Jungle Biome. It grants +5 Armor Penetration, +1 HP Regen for 5 seconds, and releases up to 3 Bees when you get hit.

To craft the Stinger Necklace, you will need the following items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Shark Tooth Necklace
Honey Comb
Tinkerer's WorkshopStinger Necklace

Feral Claws

Feral Claws in Terraria.

Among the best pre-Hardmode combat accessories in Terraria, regardless of your Class. It grants +12% Melee Attack Speed and can be stacked with other attack speed boots. It also grants autoswing to all melee weapons including Whips, which means you don’t need to keep pressing the attack button to make consecutive attacks.

To get the Feral Claws, you need to open Jungle Crates, Bramble Crates, and Ivy Chests in the Jungle Shrines and at the base of the Living Mahogany Tree in the Underground Jungle. It can be quickly upgraded to Power Glove when in Hardmode.

Lavaproof Tackle Bag

Lavaproof Tackle Bag Terraria.

The best fishing accessory to have in Terraria. If you’re into fishing, the following are the reasons why you need to get it:

  • Unbreakable fishing line
  • +2.5% Bait Preservation
  • +10% Fishing Power
  • Able to fish in Lava pools

To craft the Lava Proof Tackle Bag, you will need the following items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Angler Tackle Bag
Lavaproof Fishing Hook
Tinkerer's WorkshopLavaproof Tackle Bag


PDA in Terraria.

An information accessory that can display the following information:

  • Fishing status
  • Weather
  • Moon Phase
  • Elevation
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Nearest valuable treasure
  • Movement Speed
  • Current DPS
  • Kill count
  • Nearby rare enemies
  • Nearby enemies count

To craft PDA, you will need the following items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Fish Finder
Goblin Tech
R.E.K 3000
Tinkerer's WorkshopPDA

You can also upgrade it to Cellphone later, with either a Magic Mirror or Ice Mirror.


Magiluminescence in Terraria.

Among the best pre-Hardmode movement accessory in Terraria. Not only does it grant +20% Movement Speed (with double acceleration and deceleration), but it also provides light in dark areas, such as the Underground.

To craft the Magiluminescence, you will need the following items:

IngredientsCrafting WorkshopResult
Topaz 5
Crimtane Bar 12, or
Demonite Bar 12
Iron Anvil or
Lead Anvil

Terraspark Boots

Terraspark Boots in Terraria.

An excellent movement accessory to have because it grants the following benefits:

  • +8% Movement Speed on Ice
  • Ability to walk on Water, Honey, and Lava
  • Fire Block Immunity
  • 7-second Lava Immunity
  • -40 Lava Damage

To craft Terraspark Boots, you will need the following items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Frostspark Boots
Lava Waders
Tinkerer's WorkshopTerraspark Boots