A gray Sword Shrine, an Enchanted Sword Shrine, and an Enchanted Sword in Terraria.

Terraria: How to Get an Enchanted Sword

Getting an Enchanted Sword doesn't have to be a treasure hunt!

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Key Takeaway

An Enchanted Sword can be found through pre-determined seeds or by searching your world! They can also rarely be found in Gold or Titanium Fishing Chests with a 2% drop rate.

An Enchanted Sword is one of the best pre-Hardmode swords in Terraria. Great swords in their own right, an Enchanted Sword is also a key ingredient to crafting the Zenith. With that said, Enchanted Swords are rare, with only a few methods of obtaining them.

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    Look for Enchanted Sword Shrines in Your World

    Finding an Enchanted Sword Shrine can be tricky. The best organic method is to scour the outer two-thirds of your randomly-generated world, usually around the Beach Biome, and dig a one-tile-wide shaft down. This is time-consuming but worth the wait to wield the best pre-Hardmode sword in the game!

    Enchanted Sword Shrines will generate as small caves in their own biome—usually below the Surface level. The background walls are made up of Flower Walls and vines, which are usually surrounded by two pools of water. On top of the water-flanked hill in the cavern’s center will be the Enchanted Sword Shrine.

    Enchanted Sword Shrines appear as a sword with a gem-encrusted hilt, with the blade encased in stone. Destroy this shrine to receive a legendary Enchanted Sword with a 98% drop chance. Do not get confused with the gray Sword Shrines, as these either drop junk or break without giving you anything.

    The difference between an Enchanted Sword Shrine and a Gray "Junk" Sword Shrine in Terraria.
    There will always be one shrine in small worlds, three shrines in medium worlds, and four shrines in large worlds.

    Fish for an Enchanted Sword

    Although extremely rare, you can always try your hand at fishing for an Enchanted Sword. They have a 2% drop chance from Golden and Titanium Crates. To maximize your Fishing power, you should use the Golden Fishing Rod, which is awarded from the Angler’s Fishing Quests.

    Alongside this, you should don the Angler Armor, drink fishing potions, and use the best bait at your disposal. Get comfortable! You’ll likely reel in your fishing line several hundred times before getting an Enchanted Sword this way.

    Enter an Enchanted Sword World Seed

    An Enchanted Sword Shrine found underground in Terraria.

    If finding the Enchanted Sword organically sounds too daunting, there are some world seeds you can generate to guarantee an easy Enchanted Sword. Just enter the world creation menu to get started.

    Enchanted Sword: Seed 1

    A tried-and-tested world seed is “”. Make sure you click “Medium” for the world size and “Crimson” as the world’s primary evil or this seed won’t work.

    Once you have spawned in, continue left through a large Jungle biome. You’ll eventually come across the beginning of a Desert Biome at around 3505 West, 68 Surface. Here you’ll see a small cliff with vines that has Flower Walls peeking through. Fall down, break the dirt blocking the way, and you’ll drop into an Enchanted Sword Shrine. Break it, and you’ll have your Enchanted Sword!

    Enchanted Sword: Seed 2

    Another seed is “,” which is home to two Enchanted Swords. For this world, select “Small” for world size and “Corruption” as the world’s primary evil. From your Spawn Point, run right to get closer to the first Sword. Keep running until you reach a Jungle biome at the coordinates 2628 East at Surface level. Here, you will see a small one-block-wide ditch. Continue digging through this ditch, and you’ll come across the promised weapon.

    The second Enchanted Sword Shrine is located on the other end of the map. Teleport or return to your World Spawn Point and then run left. You’ll pass through a Corruption Biome, a Snow Biome, the Dungeon Entrance, and a Desert Biome. The coordinates to begin digging are around 3531 West. Dig straight down near the body of water and go through around 200 blocks. You’ll eventually drop into a cavern with the second Enchanted Sword for this world seed.

    An Enchanted Sword in Terraria is the perfect weapon with which to get started. Along with the best pre-Hardmode items in the game, you can make great progress without the time-consuming effort of gathering materials. With one ingredient down towards crafting the legendary Zenith, getting an Enchanted Sword in Terraria ensures you are on the path to greatness!