Terraria: How to Set a Spawn Point

You've made your bed, now click on it!

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Key Takeaway

Interacting with a Bed is the only way to set up a new spawn point in Terraria.

Beds aren’t just for decoration! You can use them to speed up time or set a spawn point in Terraria. If you’re planning on fighting your way through hordes of mobs and multiple Hardmode bosses, you need to know how to craft your own Bed.

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    How to Use a Bed to Set a Spawn Point

    A player setting their Spawn Point in Terraria with a Bed.

    To set up a new Spawn Point in Terraria, interact with the foot of your Bed (the bottom two blocks). If you do this correctly, you’ll receive the message “Spawn point set!” in the chat.

    Now you can journey to your heart’s content knowing that if you die, you’ll spawn in the safety of your home!

    What Is a Spawn Point in Terraria?

    A World Spawn Point icon in Terraria.

    Once players launch Terraria, they spawned in the central location of their newly-generated world. This is their “World Spawn Point,” indicated by a small green arrow icon on the minimap (like in the above image). Players continue to spawn at their World Spawn Point if they die or teleport using a Magic/Ice Mirror, Shellphone, Cellphone, or Recall Potion.

    Players can change their default Spawn Point by crafting a Bed, placing it in a house, and then interacting with it. The Player’s Spawn Point is a small bed icon on the minimap.

    If the Bed is broken or interacted with a second time, the player’s Spawn Point reverts to the original World Spawn Point.

    How to Make a Bed

    Some of the Beds in Terraria.

    There are 35 different types of Beds in Terraria, ranging from a Stardust Bed to a Slime Bed. While they may differ in aesthetics and require different materials, all Beds function in the same way to change a player’s Spawn Point.

    You need the Sawmill workstation and a Loom before you can craft the Bed of your dreams. To make a Sawmill workstation, you need 10 Wood, 2 Iron Bars, and 1 Chain. And, to make a Loom, you need to bring 12 pieces of Wood (any kind) to a Sawmill workstation.

    To craft the most basic bed, you must get 15 Wood and 5 Silk. Once you’ve crafted your Bed, place it in a room and it’ll be ready to use!

    Placing your Bed in the same area as your Nurse NPC is great for immediate healing after teleporting home. Such tactics are particularly useful when fighting bosses like the Moon Lord or during invasion events.

    How to Get Silk

    Wood is an abundant resource, but Silk is trickier to find. You need to delve into the Underground and break some cobwebs. With that said, you need 7 Cobwebs to make 1 Silk; meaning you’ll need a total of 35 Cobwebs to create one Bed.

    Although where there are Cobwebs, there are usually spiders! Take care to have enough potions and suitable armor for your Underground excursion.

    How to Use a Bed to Sleep

    A player sleeping in Terraria.

    There is another type of interaction you can have with a Bed in Terraria besides setting a new Spawn Point. And no, it’s not for pillow fights! Although that would be a fun mod…

    If you hover over the head/pillow end of the Bed, you will see the “ZzZ” sleeping icon. Clicking it will make your playable character will lay down to sleep.

    Once your eyes have closed for some much-needed shuteye, the in-game time accelerates and transitions from day to night or vice-versa. Once you wake up,  you receive a Health regeneration buff. Players can stop sleeping at any time.

    Using a Bed to set a spawn point in Terraria is crucial for keeping your progress in this sometimes unforgiving game. If you need more help overcoming the challenges in this cute yet cruel virtual world, be sure to craft some of the best accessories, like a PDA and a Cloud in a Bottle. If you’re brave enough to tackle things at a higher difficulty, there are other powerful accessories you should consider crafting in Hardmode. In Terraria, don’t settle for staying alive; make it your goal to thrive!

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