The Shadow Pinion in Vampire Slayers.

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Shadow Pinion (and What it Does)

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Key Takeaway

You can unlock the Shadow Pinion by playing as Concetta Caciotta for 15 minutes.

The Shadow Pinion is a weapon you’ll need to unlock in Vampire Survivors. It is also the starting weapon of Concetta Caciotta. The weapon has an unconventional mechanic, but it will deal massive damage if used properly.

Table Of Contents

    Unlock Concetta Caciotta

    To obtain the Shadow Pinion, you’ll need to unlock its owner first. You can unlock Concetta Caciotta by finding her coffin and freeing her.

    Unlocking Cocetta Caciotta in Vampire Survivors.

    Concetta Caciotta’s coffin is located in the Gallo Tower.

    It’s recommended that you first obtain the Milky Way Map from the Dairy Plant before attempting to find the coffin.

    When you enter the Gallo Tower, open your map and enable the “Show Guides” option. This places arrows on the screen that point towards the direction of stage items and other points of interest, including the coffin.

    Follow the arrow that has the coffin icon on it. Once you reach the area of the stage where the arrow is pointing to the right but there’s no path for you to take, head to the left side of the tower and you’ll find a mirror.

    The mirror in the Gallo Tower in Vampire Survivors.

    Walk towards the mirror and you’ll be transported to a hidden room. The coffin is here, guarded by enemies. Defeat the enemies and you can open the coffin, freeing Concetta Caciotta.

    You can then buy Concetta to play as her. Her starting price is 1,000 coins.

    Play as Concetta to Unlock the Shadow Pinion

    Playing as Concetta in Vampire Survivors.

    When you play as Concetta Caciotta, you start your run wielding the Shadow Pinion. However, this doesn’t unlock the weapon so it can be used by other characters.

    To unlock the Shadow Pinion, play as Concetta on any stage for 15 minutes. When you reach the 15-minute mark, the weapon will become available for any player on the next run.

    What Does the Shadow Pinion Do?

    When you move while having the Shadow Pinion in your inventory, drills will spawn behind you. The drills will damage enemies that they touch. When you stop moving, the drills will fire towards the direction you’re facing.

    Using the Shadow Pinion in Vampire Survivors.

    The weapon generates a certain number of drills. When you exceed this number, the first drills spawned will disappear and be replaced by the new ones you spawn. You can increase the number of drills generated by leveling up the weapon.

    You can make the Shadow Pinion more effective by raising certain stats. Might increases its damage. Movement Speed determines how fast the drills spawn. Area affects how far the drills travel forward.

    You can evolve the Shadow Pinion into the Valkyrie Turner. With this evolution, the drills are replaced by balls of fire, which travel forward from the player’s back. Similar to the Shadow Pinion, they then shoot towards the direction the player is facing when you stop moving.

    Using the Valkyrie Turner in Vampire Survivors.