The Void Heart from Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: The Birthplace

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The Birthplace in Hollow Knight is a location that’s of massive importance to the lore. Aside from that, it’s also a place you must visit to acquire Void Heart, a charm integral in unlocking the rest of the game’s endings.

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    Seeking Out the Birthplace

    The Birthplace is located beneath The Abyss, making it the southern-most area in the game. The place should be open to you now that you have the Kingsoul charm. Take note that the charm needs to be equipped for you to gain access to the Birthplace. It requires 5 Notches to be equipped. Remove any charms that you usually use to make way for the Kingsoul for now. You can re-equip your go-to charms later.

    From the Hidden Station Stag Station, go all the way to the left, beyond the Palace Grounds, and into the Ancient Basin. Then, make your way down to The Abyss. Reach the very bottom of this chasm. A path at the bottom should then open up to you.

    The Knight standing next to the Birthplace entrance.

    Head on down and you’ll arrive at the Birthplace.

    Going Further Into the Birthplace

    The Birthplace is a small and compact level. Making your way to where you need to go should be straightforward from here. Be careful, though. There are multiple Void Siblings along the way and they can damage you upon contact.

    Make your way to the very bottom of the Birthplace. Watch out for the spikes along the way. Once you’re standing at the very bottom of the level, start making your way to the right. Keep going and you’ll come face-to-face with a reflective black egg. Strike the egg with your Dream Nail.

    The Knight in front of the black egg in the Birthplace.

    Once seemingly exiting the Birthplace, begin your ascent all the way to the top of The Abyss. The surrounding area is very dark, making this particular climb more difficult than usual. Once you finally reach the top, wait for the scene to play out.

    The Knight hanging on a ledge in The Abyss, with a younger Hollow Knight looking at him.

    You’ll then finally awaken with the Void Heart charm in hand. Now that you’ve claimed the thing you’ve come here to do, it’s time to make your way back up. Exit the Birthplace, climb all the way to the top of The Abyss, and make your way back to the Stag Station in the Hidden Station. The Void Siblings won’t attack you anymore, and you also won’t receive damage upon contact with them.

    Ride the Stag to Dirtmouth. Now that you have the Void Heart charm, it’s time to make our way back to the Temple of the Black Egg to fight the Hollow Knight once more. Only this time, you’ll have two new options to take and two possible endings to unlock.