All Charms in Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: Complete Charm Location Guide

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There are 45 charms in Hollow Knight. Some charms are discovered during your journey through Hallownest, while others are purchased from different vendors or obtained through rewards for finding a certain number of Grubs or gathering Essence.

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    Wayward Compass

    Wayward Compass charm in Hollow Knight.

    This charm marks your location on the map. You can purchase it from Iselda’s shop in Dirtmouth for 220 Geos. Take note that Iselda’s shop will only open after you’ve interacted with Cornifer once.

    Gathering Swarm

    Sly from Hollow Knight.

    This charm spawns a swarm of tiny bugs that will automatically pick up Geos that are scattered on the ground. They will also pick up Geos that have fallen on spikes and thorns. They won’t, however, pick up Geos that have fallen on acid.

    You can purchase this charm from Sly, who runs a shop in Dirtmouth. It costs 300 Geos. You’ll first need to rescue him from a house in the southern area of the Forgotten Crossroads.

    Stalwart Shell

    Stalwart Shell charm from Hollow Knight.

    The Stalwart Shell will increase the duration in which you will remain invisible after being hit. You can purchase this charm from Sly for 200 Geos.

    Soul Catcher

    The location of the Soul Catcher in Hollow Knight.

    The Soul Catcher increases the amount of Soul you get every time you hit an enemy. It is found in the Ancestral Mound, to the left of the boss room of the False Knight.

    Shaman Stone

    Salubra from Hollow Knight.

    The Shaman Stone makes spells more powerful. You can purchase it from Salubra for 220 Geos. She’s located in the far southern end of the Forgotten Crossroads.

    Soul Eater

    Soul Eater's location in Hollow Knight.

    The Soul Eater charm increases the amount of Soul you can obtain every time you hit an enemy, even more so than the Soul Catcher charm’s effects. It’s found in the Resting Grounds. You’ll first need to obtain the Desolate Dive spell to access this area.


    Dashmaster's location in Hollow Knight.

    Dashmaster reduces the Mothwing Cloak ability’s cooldown. It also allows you to dash downward while in mid-air. It is located near the entrance to the Royal Waterways from the Fungal Wastes.


    Sly from Hollow Knight.

    This charm will increase your running speed. It becomes available at Sly’s shop for 400 Geos after you give him the Shopkeeper’s Key. You can find the Shopkeeper’s Key in Crystal Peak, to the left of the bench room before the Crystal Guardian’s boss room.


    Grub rewards from the Grubfather.

    The Grubsong charm gives you Soul whenever you get hit. It is gifted to you by the Grubfather after you’ve rescued 10 Grubs.

    Grubberfly’s Elegy

    Grubberyfly's Elegy charm in Hollow Knight.

    When Grubberfly’s Elegy is equipped and you are at full health, your attacks will send a beam of energy across you. This energy will pierce through enemies and deal half of your regular melee damage. The Grubfather gifts this to you after you’ve rescued all 46 Grubs.

    Fragile Heart

    Leg Eater from Hollow Knight.

    Fragile Heart gives you two more masks. The caveat with this charm, and all the other Fragile charms in the game, is that it will break upon death. You can purchase it from the Leg Eater in Fungal Wastes for 350 Geos. When the charm breaks, you can also return to the Leg Eater and he’ll repair the broken charm for you for 200 Geos.

    Unbreakable Heart

    Divine from Hollow Knight.

    The Fragile Heart charm can be transformed into the Unbreakable Heart if you give it to Divine, a member of the Grimm Troupe, and is found in a smaller tent beside their main one. You must then pay her 12,000 Geos and she’ll give you the Unbreakable variant of this charm.

    Fragile Greed

    Fragile Greed from Hollow Knight.

    Fragile Greed increases the amount of Geo enemies drop. You can purchase this charm from Leg Eater for 250 Geos.

    Unbreakable Greed

    Give the Fragile Greed charm to Divine, along with 9,000 Geos, and you will receive the Unbreakable Greed charm.

    Fragile Strength

    Fragile Strength from Hollow Knight.

    Fragile Strength increases your damage. You can purchase this from Leg Eater for 600 Geos.

    Unbreakable Strength

    Give the Fragile Strength charm to Divine, along with 15,000 Geos, and she’ll give you Unbreakable Strength.

    Spell Twister

    Spell Twister's location in Hollow Knight.

    Spell Twister reduces the Soul cost of spells. It is located in a secret room in the top-most area of the Soul Sanctum. It is in the area before the Soul Master’s boss room.

    Steady Body

    Salubra from Hollow Knight.

    The Steady Body charm will stop you from knocking back whenever you attack an enemy. You can purchase it from Salubra for 120 Geos.

    Heavy Blow

    Sly from Hollow Knight.

    Heavy Blow knocks your enemies back further when you hit them. You can purchase it from Sly for 350 Geos after you give him the Shopkeeper’s Key.

    Quick Slash

    Quick Slash location in Hollow Knight.

    The Quick Slash charm increases your attack speed. It is located in a hidden section of the Kingdom’s Edge. In the room beyond Oro’s hut, there’s a breakable ground you can shatter with Desolate Dive.

    Once you reach this secret area, keep pressing forward and down until you reach a room with spikes on the ground and a single Hopper. Once here, head left to get to the area with floating platforms. Head upwards until you find a ledge that leads to a room that contains an anvil. The Quick Slash charm is sitting on top of this anvil.


    Salubra from Hollow Knight.

    Longnail increases the reach of your Nail. You can buy it from Salubra for 300 Geos.

    Mark of Pride

    Mark of Pride location in Hollow Knight.

    Mark of Pride increases the reach of your Nail even more. This charm is located in the Mantis Village, northeast of the Mantis Lords’ boss room. Note that you can only enter this room after you’ve defeated the Mantis Lords.

    Fury of the Fallen

    Fury of the Fallen location in Hollow Knight.

    The Fury of the Fallen charm will significantly increase your damage when you only have 1 mask remaining. It is located in the southeastern area of King’s Pass.

    Thorns of Agony

    Thorns of Agony location in Hollow Knight.

    Thorns of Agony gives you a unique ability to sprout thorns whenever you get damaged. The thorns can deal damage to enemies that are close enough to you. You can find this charm around the central area of Greenpath, beyond an area filled with thorns and Charged Lumaflies.

    Baldur Shell

    Baldur Shell from Hollow Knight.

    Baldur Shell summons a protective shell around you when you Focus. This shell will negate any damage you may have received. However, this shell will break after it gets hit four times. The charm’s function will reset when you sit on a bench.

    This charm is located in a cave in the Howling Cliffs. It is guarded by two Elder Baldurs.


    Flukenest from Hollow Knight

    Flukenest changes the attack of the Vengeful Spirit or Shade Soul spell into an expulsion of a horde of baby flukes. It deals more damage but it compromises range. You can get this charm after you defeat the Flukemarm boss in the Royal Waterways.

    Defender’s Crest

    Defender's Crest location in Hollow Knight.

    The Defender’s Crest charm will cause you to emit a cloud around you that deals minimal damage to enemies. You can obtain this charm after you defeat Dung Defender in the Royal Waterways.

    Glowing Womb

    Glowing Womb location in Hollow Knight.

    The Glowing Womb charm will spawn a couple of Hatchlings at the expense of Soul. They will deal damage to enemies on contact. It is located in the Forgotten Crossroads, to the right of the False Knight’s boss room. The area has a tunnel of spikes you can only pass through with Crystal Heart.

    Quick Focus

    Salubra from Hollow Knight.

    Quick Focus increases the speed of your Focus. You can purchase it from Salubra for 800 Geo.

    Deep Focus

    Deep Focus location in Hollow Knight.

    With the Deep Focus charm, your Focus will restore 2 masks instead of 1, but it will also decrease its charging speed. You can find it in Crystal Peak. It is in the area you can enter that’s below where Cornifer is. You’ll need the Crystal Heart so you can reach this area.

    Lifeblood Heart

    Salubra from Hollow Knight.

    The Lifeblood Heart charm will give you 2 Lifeblood Masks when you rest on a bench. You can purchase it from Salubra for 250 Geos.

    Lifeblood Core

    Lifeblood Core from Hollow Knight.

    The Lifeblood Core charm will give you 4 Lifeblood Masks when you rest on a bench. To acquire this charm, you’ll first need to accumulate a total of 14 Lifeblood Masks or 15 if you equip Joni’s Blessing.

    Once you’ve met this requirement, head to the western part of The Abyss and a door will open for you. The Lifeblood Core charm is just beyond this entrance.

    Joni’s Blessing

    Joni's Blessing location from Hollow Knight.

    Joni’s Blessing increases the total number of your masks by 40% and transforms all of them into Lifeblood Masks. This charm is found in Joni’s Repose in the Howling Cliffs.


    Hiveblood location in Hollow Knight.

    Hiveblood regenerates the latest shattered mask in a small amount of time. Also, when Hiveblood is equipped, enemies in the Hive won’t attack you.

    Hiveblood is located in the Hive, beyond the Hive Knight’s boss room.

    Spore Shroom

    Spore Shroom location in Hollow Knight.

    Spore Shroom causes you to emit a cloud that damages nearby enemies whenever you use Focus. It’s located in the Fungal Wastes in the room directly below the Queen’s Station.

    Sharp Shadow

    Sharp Shadow location in Hollow Knight.

    The Sharp Shadow charm will cause your Shadow Dash to deal damage to the enemies you dash through. It is located in Deepnest behind a Shade Gate.

    Shape of Unn

    Shape of Unn location in Hollow Knight.

    Shape of Unn gives you the ability to move around whenever you’re focusing Soul. You can acquire this charm from Unn, who’s located in a pool beneath the Lake of Unn in Greenpath. You’ll need Isma’s Tear to traverse this area.

    Nailmaster’s Glory

    The Nailmasters of Hollow Knight.

    Nailmaster’s Glory reduces the time it takes to charge Nail Arts. You’ll receive it from Sly after you’ve learned all 3 Nail Arts.


    Weaversong location from Hollow Knight.

    The Weaversong charm summons 3 little spiders that will follow you around and attack enemies nearby. You can find this charm in Weaver’s Den in Deepnest.

    Dream Wielder

    The Seer from Hollow Knight.

    The Dream Wielder charm lets you attack with the Dream Nail much faster. The Seer gives this charm to you after you collect 500 Essence.


    Dreamshield location in Hollow Knight.

    Dreamshield spawns a shield that will circle around you and deflect incoming attacks. It will also deal damage to the enemies it hits. You can find it in the Resting Grounds in a room below the Seer’s room.


    Troupe Master from Hollow Knight.

    Equipping the Grimmchild charm summons the Grimmchild. It will fly around you and attack enemies on sight. The charm is given to you by Troupe Master Grimm. You can summon them by lighting the Nightmare Lantern in the Howling Cliffs. Once summoned, talk to Troupe Master Grimm in his tent in Dirtmouth.

    Carefree Melody

    Nymm from Hollow Knight.

    The Carefree Melody charm gives you a chance to completely negate the damage from incoming attacks. You can receive this charm from Nymm after you banish the Grimm Troupe.


    The White Lady and the Pale King from Hollow Knight.

    The Kingsoul charm will sufficiently regenerate your Soul over time. You can form this charm by collecting 2 White Fragments. One of them is given by the White Lady who’s located inside a structure beyond the Traitor Lord’s boss arena in the Queen’s Gardens, while the other is looted from the body of the Pale King in the White Palace.

    Void Heart

    Picking up the Void Heart charm in Hollow Knight.

    The purpose of the Void Heart is mainly for progression. When you acquire this charm, you unlock 4 possible areas and gain access to the Pantheon of Hallownest. To get the Void Heart, take the Kingsoul to the bottom of the Abyss. The ground will open for you. Enter this area and keep pressing forward and the Kingsoul will transform into Void Heart.