The Wind Fish's Egg with a huge crack at its bottom. The giant egg has big pink spots and is sitting on a mountaintop.

Link’s Awakening: The Wind Fish’s Egg

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After you get out of Level 8 – Turtle Rock, you’ll want to use the nearest Warp Point to head back to Mabe Village. Afterward, head to the library to learn some important information about the inside of the Wind Fish’s Egg.

Table Of Contents

    Read “Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint”

    Link reading Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint.

    The book you’ll need to read to learn a vital hint is “Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint”. This book is the one with the dark cover located on the southeasternmost pedestal in Mabe Village’s Library.

    Link learning a pattern of arrows to use in the Wind Fish Egg's maze.

    Within this book, you’ll find a series of arrows. This sequence is the pattern that you’ll need to use to get through the maze that is inside the Wind Fish’s Egg. The order of this sequence runs from left to right.

    The Sequence of Directions That You Need to Remember

    The order of directions you need to remember is:

    1. West
    2. West
    3. North
    4. East
    5. North
    6. East
    7. East
    8. North

    Be sure to write this down or memorize it!

    What Are The Directions for?

    In the Wind Fish’s Egg, you’ll soon find yourself in a room whose four exits will only bring you back into that same room. This is much like the trap in the Mysterious Forest, however, you don’t need to sprinkle Magic Powder on a raccoon to get past this obstacle.

    Use the sequence of directions above to figure out which exits to take in the correct order. After you pass through the exit using the eighth direction, you’ll be free from the maze.

    Climb Mount Tamaranch

    Link playing the Ocarina on Mount Tamaranch with the 8 Siren Instruments floating around him.

    After reading “Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint”, you should head to Mount Tamaranch and climb the stairs to the Wind Fish’s Egg. When you do, equip the Ocarina and select the Ballad of the Wind Fish. Next, play your Ocarina and a cutscene will then roll.

    During this cinematic, all eight Siren Instruments will appear around you and begin harmonizing with your ballad. Together, you and your magical orchestra will have the musical influence to break open the Wind Fish’s Egg.

    The Wise Owl telling Link to enter the Wind Fish's Egg while perched atop it.

    Following your performance, the wise Owl will land upon the Wind Fish’s Egg and urge you to enter it. They will go on to say that “The Wind Fish awaits”, implying that the legendary being knows of Link’s approach. While foreboding, it’s not the Wind Fish you’ll need to worry about when you enter this great egg.

    Enter the Wind Fish’s Egg

    Link in the entrance of the Wind Fish's Egg. The area is blue and has 2 torches.

    Within the Wind Fish’s Egg, you’ll notice that it appears very much like the entrance to a dungeon. However, there are no keys, compasses, or locked doors to find. This pseudo-dungeon is divided into two parts: the maze and the boss room.

    Getting Through the Wind Fish’s Egg Maze

    Link in a blue room with four exits: one in each main direction.

    When you go north of the entrance, you’ll find a room with four lit torches. However, if you go north again, you’ll be within the heart of the Wind Fish’s Egg maze. From this room, if you go either east, west, or north, you’ll magically re-enter this very same room.

    Use the sequence from “Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint” to make your way through this mystical labyrinth. Alternatively, if you want to leave, simply go south. Going south will bring you back to the room with the four lit torches just north of the pseudo-dungeon’s entrance. This can be useful if you mess up the sequence and need to reset the maze.

    Hole in the Wind Fish's Egg that leads to the boss room. The gap is round and looks like a natural well in the blue floor of the room.

    After going north for the final time, you’ll find a gaping hole in the ground. When you reach this point, all that will be left is the final boss of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Now’s your last chance to prepare for battle.

    Ahead, you’ll need to fight multiple bosses in a row, so endurance will be as important as reflexes. Steel your nerves, as it’s time to battle through the boss rush to beat the game!