The Stray cat on the Rooftops.

Stray: Chapter 5 – Rooftops

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Our next section in Stray is the Rooftops. While the previous chapter was free from any enemies, this one is not. This fifth chapter will have you face, or run away from multiple hordes of Zurks. You’ll have to be as nimble as possible to get through this chapter.

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    Stray: Chapter 5 – Rooftops Video Walkthrough

    Going Higher

    Once you make it to the other side with the bucket zipline, get on top of the higher platform ahead. Continue to the lower roof on the right, then proceed to the thin beams that connect to the next building.

    Be careful, as there are a lot of Zurks in the next area. Where you’ll want to head next is the scaffolding with a single light on it on the far wall ahead. You can meow at the Zurks to lure them to one area of this roof so you can easily get to the scaffolding.

    The Stray cat on the rooftops running towards a scaffolding.

    Once up, continue to the roof on the right. Get to the hanging beam in the middle, but stay on the far end that’s facing the previous area. From here, meow at the Zurks to lure them to this side of the roof. Once they are lured, run forward and jump to the higher ground ahead.

    The Stray cat standing on a metal beam.

    Continue forward and jump to the pipe, then to the back of the AC unit, and finally to the higher ledge. Walk forward and interact with the neon sign to unlock a memory. Turn around and jump on top of the metal beam ahead.

    The beam will then swivel forward. When it stops, jump to the pitched roof ahead. Then, turn around and jump to the beam once more to swivel it forward again. Lastly, jump to the roof ahead.

    Reaching the Tallest Building

    You’ll find a barrel in the middle of the roof in this area. What you’ll need to do next is to enter the barrel and have it roll to the edge of the room where there’s another metal bar positioned above. Once the barrel is in position, jump on top of it and then jump to the metal bar.

    Continue to the next building, then make a right, and proceed to the next metal bar that’s hanging ahead. Jump down on top of the next building. Proceed to the gate where you’ll find a panel. Interact with the panel to close the door that’s closer to you and open the one on the opposite side. Then, lure the Zurks in the next area to the gate. Make sure they’re all inside before proceeding.

    The Stray cat standing before a fence with Zurks behind it.

    Once all of them are inside the gate, hack the door again to open the door on your side and close the other one. Then, quickly get to the other side by jumping over the gap on the left. Enter the barrel here and have it roll to the scaffolding on the left. When the barrel is close enough, exit it, jump on top of it, then jump to the higher ledge.

    Keep going up, then cross the large crane. Once on the other side, get down, then get on top of the scaffolding to the right where there’s a wooden plank leaning against it. Push the plank down, jump down on it, and proceed to the open vent ahead.

    The Stray cat running on a wooden beam.

    Even More Zurks

    Continue heading forward after passing through the vent. When facing the fence, get on top of the short scaffolding on the left, walk over the plank, and jump down on the other side. There are Zurks in this area, so be careful. Make your way to the scaffolding on the side of the building to the right while avoiding the Zurks.

    The Stray cat running away from Zurks.

    Jump to the next bit of scaffolding and jump down to get to the other side of this floor. There are Zurks here too. There is a stack of metal bars in the middle here which sort of divide the area. You can stay on the left side and meow at the Zurks to lure them here. You can then jump on top of the metal beams and get on the right side. Make your way to the top of the scaffolding here.

    The Stray cat running towards a scaffolding in the Rooftop.

    Jump to the higher platform, proceed to the swiveling metal beam, then jump to the higher scaffolding to get to the upper floor. Head to the area on the right. Proceed to the end of this area first and you’ll find a small billboard that unlocks a memory.

    The Stray cat standing before a dilapidated billboard.

    Return to the previous area where you’ll find a fenced-up spot with Zurks inside. Open the gate using the panel here, then run to the left, luring the Zurks to you. Continue forward, make a right, and go up the wooden slope. Have the Zurks follow you here and they’ll be trapped in this area. Jump on top of the box and the scaffolding that’s leaning against the fence here to get to the area where the Zurks were trapped.

    The Stray cat standing on top of some scaffolding.

    Make the barrel here roll to the area outside. You can then use this to reach the beam above. There are four narrow beams here you can use to get across. However, there are also Zurks on the other side. You can lure the Zurks to have them fall as you jump from one beam to another. You can also just stand on one beam, lure them to your position, and then jump to another beam to get across.

    Continue forward, make a right, get on top of the scaffolding, and then onto the metal beam to get to the rooftop ahead.

    Waiting for the Elevator

    Approach and flip the lever on the right to call down the elevator here. As you wait for the elevator, hordes of Zurks will run to your position. The only thing to do now is to keep on moving to avoid the Zurks. You can also jump between the wooden beams in the center of this rooftop to cause some of them to fall.

    Remain mobile until the elevator is finally on your floor. Once it is, jump on top of one of the boxes to the left, then jump on top of the elevator from here to get inside it. Activate the panel inside the elevator to lift it up. The Zurks won’t be able to reach you anymore once you’re inside the elevator.

    After you reach the apex, jump on the chair, and then onto the top of the elevator. Proceed to the tower and interact with the panel on the side. Place the Transceiver here to complete your mission.

    With that done, you can use the bucket here and ride it back down to The Slums below.

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