The Stray cat returning to the Slums during Chapter 6.

Stray: Chapter 6 – The Slums (Part 2)

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After the risky, yet thrilling adventures in The Rooftops, it’s time for you to return to The Slums. From the tower at the peak of The Rooftops, ride the bucket zipline down. This will take you directly to Momo’s apartment.

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    Stray: Chapter 6 – The Slums (Part 2) Video Walkthrough

    Finding Momo Again

    Once you make it to the apartment, approach the TV across the couch to find a note. This will tell you to go outside and meet Momo at the bar. The note also tells you the code to unlock the front window so you can leave the apartment. It’s a long string of random letters, numbers, and symbols. Thankfully, you don’t have to remember this yourself.

    After reading the note, approach the front window and B-12 will open it for you. Jump through the window and onto the balcony. Ride the bucket down, jump to the lower roof on the left, then head to the roof on the right, and approach the ledge where you’ll find a single basketball. Keep descending from here. You’ll eventually make your way to the Bar’s front door.

    The Stray cat looking down on the bar from a rooftop.

    Momo will be by the door waiting for you. Approach Momo and follow him inside the bar. Jump on the stool next to him and wait for the cutscene to finish. This is also when you’ll meet Seamus for the first time.

    After the cutscene, follow Momo to Seamus’ apartment.

    Seamus’ Apartment

    Keep following Momo until you’re right outside Seamus’ apartment. Seamus’ door will be locked. However, Seamus will eventually move a panel aside so you can enter the apartment through a vent.

    The Stray cat entering Seamus' apartment.

    Proceed through the vent and talk to Seamus. Then, show him Doc’s notebook. With that done, the next thing to do here is to find Doc’s secret lab. Climb on top of the desk that’s under the fluorescent light on the side of the room left of where Seamus is facing. Interact with the left-most picture frame here to make it drop, revealing a keypad behind it.

    The Stray cat removing a picture frame from a wall.

    Input the correct code on this keypad to reveal the secret lab. You can find out the correct code by looking at the four clocks above the couch. The code is 2511. Input these numbers on the keypad and a door will open.

    Enter the secret lab and wait for Seamus to talk to you. After that, hop onto the table, then hop on top of the shelf to the left. Interact with the box here twice to make it fall down.

    The Stray cat pushing a box off a shelf.

    Once it’s on the ground, hop back down to the ground as well to find a broken tracker from inside the box. Take the broken tracker and show it to Seamus. He’ll then comment that there should be someone in the Slums who can help fix the tracker. Follow Seamus and he’ll open the door to his apartment for you.

    Fixing the Broken Tracker

    You’ll need to find a robot named Elliot to fix the Broken Tracker. You find this out by talking to the bartender at the bar. Elliot’s shop is located behind the bar. There’s a white paper on the door to Elliot’s shop with a drawing of what looks to be a circuit board. Once translated, this sign will say “Elliot Programming.”

    The Stray cat scratching the door to Elliot's shop.

    Scratch the door and someone will let you in. Head upstairs and talk to Elliot. Show him the Broken Tracker and he’ll tell you that he can indeed fix it. However, he’ll first need a blanket before he can start working. You can now leave Elliot’s shop to search for the blanket, but be sure to interact with the plant on Elliot’s floor to unlock a memory.

    Interacting with a plant to unlock a memory in Stray.

    Finding a Blanket for Elliot

    Scratch the curtain next to the plant to open it. You can leave Elliot’s shop from here. You can get the blanket for Elliot from the Grandma robot next to Elliot’s shop. However, she’ll need an Electric Cable to make the blanket. You’ll get this from a Barterman named Azooz in exchange for a Super Spirit Detergent. That said, get the detergent first.

    Head to the roofs and look for the two robots where one is throwing paint cans to the other. You’ll find them close to Momo’s apartment.

    Once you find them, get close to the robot that’s throwing the paint cans. Interact with him and meow just as he’s about to throw a paint can. There’ll be a prompt on the screen that will let you know the proper timing.

    Interrupting a robot while he throws a paint can in Stray.

    If you’re able to do this correctly, the robot that throws the can will accidentally drop it to the ground below, next to the laundry shop. The owner of the shop next will go out to clean the mess, leaving his door open.

    Head down to the ground and enter the laundry shop. As soon as you enter, make a left and hop on the table to the left. You’ll find the Super Spirit Detergent here.

    The Stray cat finding a Super Spirit Detergent in Stray.

    With the Super Spirit Detergent in your inventory, head to Azooz. You’ll find him in the alley to the right of where you met the Guardian. Inspect the Electric Cable in front of him and purchase it with the Super Spirit Detergent.

    Finding an Electric Cable in Stray.

    You can also purchase a relic from Azooz which unlocks a memory in exchange for three Energy Drink Cans. You’ll find these cans from the working vending machines all around the Slums.

    Now, head to Grandma and she’ll make a poncho for you using the Electric Cables you got from Azooz.

    The Grandma robot in Stray making a poncho.

    Once done, return to Elliot. You can enter his shop through the window that you opened earlier. Give him the Poncho and he’ll get right to fixing the Broken Tracker for you.

    Leaving the Slums

    With the tracker fixed, return to Seamus’ apartment. Give him the tracker. After the cutscene, follow Seamus until you leave the Slums with him. This will mark the end of this chapter.

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