The Stray cat heading to the sewers.

Stray: Chapter 8 – The Sewers

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If you have nothing left to do in the Slums, or you simply want to continue progressing, head to the area to the left of where Doc, Seamus, and the other robots are. It’s time to head to the Sewers.

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    Stray: Chapter 8 – The Sewers Video Walkthrough

    Riding With Momo

    Continue forward until you find Momo on his boat. Hop on the boat and enjoy the ride…for now. You’ll eventually be blocked by a closed gate. From here, hop to the ledge on the right and pass through the gate. Continue forward, then hop to the area on the right.

    Keep moving forward and hop on of the barrels ahead—the ones to the right of the closed gate. From the barrels, hop on top of the pipe above the gate and walk to the left. Continue forward until you can jump down to the ground.

    The Stray cat in the sewers.

    There are Zurks in this area lurking inside the Zurk eggs. You can choose to get rid of these Zurks by using the Defluxor on B-12, but you can also decide to completely ignore them.

    If you’re able to get through the Sewers level in its entirety without killing a single Zurk, you’ll earn the Pacifist trophy.

    Right behind the Zurk eggs is a lever. You’ll want to flip this switch for the gate to open, allowing Momo to pass through. Just keep running around to avoid the Zurks after you flip the switch. Wait for Momo’s boat to get close enough to you so you can hop back in.

    The Stray cat running toward Momo's boat in the sewer.

    Continue with the boat ride until you reach yet another closed gate as a cutscene plays out. This time, Momo will hop off the boat. He’ll attempt to open the gate ahead using a console but to no avail. Talk to Momo and he’ll tell you he’ll need to open the gate manually.

    Wait for him to do so and hop on top of the floating barrels right before the gate. Momo will then tell you that he won’t be able to join you moving forward. That said, finish the interaction and pass through the gate. You’ll have to navigate the remainder of the Sewers without Momo.

    The Stray cat passing through a gate in the sewers.

    Leaving Momo Behind

    Continue forward and jump on top of the catwalk ahead. Head left, then head right. Keep moving forward until you can spot a hallway to the left. There’s a memory here you can collect. Be sure to take the time to get it first before moving on.

    The Stray cat running toward a Zurk-infested corridor in the sewers.

    Proceed to the hallway to the left while running to avoid the Zurks here. Pay attention to the left wall and you’ll find a half-open sewer grate. Jump on top of it and continue heading forward. The memory is at the end of this area.

    With that out of the way, return to the previous area. After dropping down from the sewer grate, make a right, then make a left. Jump to the catwalk ahead, then take the staircase on the right. Continue forward, then hop to the pipe on the left. Continue advancing until you’re able to hop on the pipe to the right. You can continue heading forward from here.

    After the area where the pipe you’re on curves to the left, hop on to the sewer pipe above. The next area is infested with Zurk eggs. Once again, run past all of them if you want to earn the Pacifist trophy. Run forward and you’ll spot a lever on a pillar to the left. Hop on top of the lever to flip it. This will open a gate in this room.

    The Stray cat running toward a lever in the sewers.

    Pass through the gate as soon as it opens. Keep running because hordes of Zurks will chase you in this area. As soon as you pass through the gate, make a right, then head to the catwalk on the left. Continue running forward and another set of Zurks will approach you from the door ahead. Ignore them. Run on the left or right side of the catwalk to avoid the Zurks and pass through the door.

    After passing through the door, make a left and go around to the right. You’ll notice that the walls here are lined with eyes that follow you. Continue running through this eerie section. There’s an area here where the path ahead is divided into two by a platform in the middle. Take the path on the left since there are fewer Zurks here.

    The Stray cat running away from Zurks in the sewers.

    The path ahead should be fairly straightforward now. Continue running until you reach the narrow hallway. At the end of this hallway, jump down to the pipe below. The Zurks will stop chasing you here.

    Escaping the Sewers

    When you make it to the pipe, head left first to find another memory. Walk forward, then hop to the pipe on the left. Continue walking forward, jump down, hop on the barrel on the right, and then onto the sewer pipe on the right. Continue forward to find the memory.

    The Stray cat unlocking a memory in the sewers.

    Return to the previous area and proceed to the opposite end. Hop onto the sewer pipe on the left and continue forward. Once again, the next area is filled with Zurks. The goal here is to reach two consoles located on either side of the gate at the end of this area to open the gate. You’ll want to run toward the consoles while also running away from Zurks.

    There are multiple pathways you can take here. As you run toward the consoles, be sure to take the path that has fewer Zurk eggs on them. As soon as you activate one console, Zurks will drop from the walls and start chasing you.

    Once again, take the path that has fewer Zurks as you get to the second console. After interacting with the console, hop on the floating barrel right before the gate immediately. Hop forward as soon as the gate opens. Continue moving forward until a cutscene plays.

    The cutscene will show B-12 and the Defluxor overloading. This means you won’t be able to use it anymore moving forward. After the cutscene finishes, there’ll be one more chase sequence for you to complete. The path ahead is quite straightforward. You’ll only have to worry about swerving left and right to avoid the Zurks.

    The Stray cat running away from Zurks in the sewers.

    After running past the infested hallway and onto the area with the metal catwalks, pay attention to the gate ahead with two flashing red lights on its upper left and right corners. That’s the gate you’ll want to head toward. Run to the gate while avoiding the Zurks.

    The Stray cat escaping the sewers.

    Continue running forward. Be sure to alternate between taking the path to the left and right depending on which path has fewer Zurks on it. Make it to the next gate with red flashing lights to finally escape the Sewers.

    Interact with B-12 in the next area. Finish the conversation to advance. Hack the ventilation system on the left to stop one of the fans here. Pass through the vent and continue forward. This path leads to an area called the Antvillage.

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