The Stray cat arriving at the Antvillage.

Stray: Chapter 9 – Antvillage

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The Antvillage in Stray is a small and serene place. It’s where you’ll meet the Outsider Zbaltazar. Aside from meeting this Outsider, you can also do other activities here.

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    Stray: Chapter 9 – Antvillage Video Walkthrough

    Ascending the Antvillage

    From the Sewers, continue moving forward and you’ll be met by a robot named Baladin, who will welcome you to the Antvillage. After interacting with Baladin, move onward and cross the bridge. A cutscene will eventually play out, showing the cat crossing the bridge, until they reach a large machine at the end.

    This machine automatically unlocks a memory. This will also reveal major lore about the world. After this scene, B-12 will take some time to compose himself. This means whenever you interact with the other robots, they won’t be able to translate for you.

    That said, climb up the ladder to the left of the machine. Continue walking forward and you’ll find another ladder. Before climbing up this one, get in front of the ladder and look over to the wall on the left to find a memory you can unlock.

    The Stray cat unlocking a memory in the Antvillage.

    With that done, climb the ladder. Walk forward until B-12 talks to you. After this conversation, hop on top of the wooden platform to the left and continue ascending from here. You’ll find Zbaltazar on the next floor. Get close to him and a scene will play.

    Zbaltazar will tell you to head to a place called Midtown and look for Clementine, another Outsider. You’ll have to climb all the way up this village to get there.

    Finding Three Flowers

    After conversing with Zbaltazar, you can ascend the village and continue to Midtown immediately to progress the game. However, there’s a side activity here you can do for a robot named Malo. This activity is completely optional, but you’ll be rewarded with a badge when you complete it.

    To meet Malo, from Zbaltazar’s location, head right and continue until you find another ladder. Climb up the ladder, then once you’re on the next floor, hop on top of the pipes on the wall and continue going up. You’ll find Malo on this floor.

    Malo cultivates and collects plants, but she is missing a yellow one, a red one, and a purple one. You can find these all around Antvillage and bring them back to her.

    The Stray cat meeting Malo.

    Yellow Plant Location

    From Malo’s home, head right and ride the bucket down. Hop out and walk forward. There’s a narrow pipe here you can jump on. Walk forward and you’ll find the yellow plant.

    The Stray cat finding a yellow plant in the Antvillage.

    Purple Plant Location

    Turn around and continue walking forward until you find another bucket. Ride this one to reach the area below. Walk forward and jump down to the plank below to get to the lower floor. Continue forward until you find a tree branch you can hop on to the right. Get on top of the tree branch and keep going forward to find the purple plant.

    The Stray cat finding a purple plant in the Antvillage.

    Red Plant Location

    Turn around and return to the previous area. Walk to the right, then hop on top of the table where there are two robots playing Mahjong. You’ll unlock the Cat-a-strophe Trophy by doing this. After this little bit of mischief, leap to the wooden railing ahead, then get to the bucket from here to descend.

    Once at the bottom, jump down to the pipe below and walk forward. Jump to the floating barrels on the left and continue heading forward, where you’ll find two robots rummaging through a junk pile. Approach the tree to their right to find the red plant.

    The Stray cat finding a red plant in the Antvillage.

    With all of that collected, return to Malo and give her all three plants to receive the Plant Badge.

    Heading to Midtown

    With that side activity finished, head to the right and get on top of the wooden crates to start ascending. Hop to the pipe, walk to the left, and jump up to the higher pipe. Walk to the right and get on top of the metal platform, then onto the higher pipe.

    Continue forward, jump on top of the pipe on the left, then onto the higher-situated pipe from here. Walk to the right and hop on top of the protruding pipe with smoking belching out of it. Continue ascending to the back of the AC unit, then look to the right to find another higher pipe you can hop onto.

    The Stray cat looking at the pipe that leads to Midtown from the Antvillage.

    Continue ascending from here. Once you’re on the pipe that slopes upwards, continue forward and you’ll see a circular opening. Pass through this hole and the screen will fade to black. Once you get to the other side, you’ll be well on your way to Midtown.

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