Complex Gadget in Nier Automata.

Where to Get Complex Gadgets in Nier Automata

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Complex Gadgets in Nier Automata are said to be named as such because nobody knows what they’re for. As it turns out, this crafting material can be very useful and it will serve you well to seek them out.

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    What are Complex Gadgets Used For?

    Pod A from Nier Automata.

    Complex Gadgets are used to upgrade Pods B and C from Level 3 to Level 4, the maximum level for Pods. Aside from that, multiple side quests in the game also require you to have this crafting material.

    Compared to many of the other crafting materials in Nier Automata, Complex Gadgets can’t be farmed from specific machine types. There is, however, one way of making use of the Chapter Select mechanic in the game that becomes available after completing Endings C/D, which we’ll get to later on.

    Where to Get Complex Gadgets in Nier Automata

    If you’re looking for Complex Gadgets to upgrade your Pods, you’ll only need to find 6 of them to complete your goal. Take to these sources for the crafting material so you can have enough to fully upgrade Pods B and C.

    Complete the Gathering Keepsakes Side Quest

    Gathering Keepsakes quest from Nier Automata.

    This side quest can be started in the Resistance Camp. It will appear immediately after the completion of the “Loss” main quest and you wake up back at the camp as 9S. Simply approach the man sitting down outside the medical tent to start this quest.

    You will receive 2 Complex Gadgets for completing this quest.

    Complete the Sorting Trouble 3 Side Quest

    Sorting Trouble quest in Nier Automata.

    You will first need to complete the “Sorting Trouble 1 & 2” side quests during your first or second playthrough for the former and during the third playthrough for the latter. You can only access Sorting Trouble 3 during your third playthrough.

    This is located at the back of the camp, on the path right of where Anemone is. After completing the quest, you will receive 3 Complex Gadgets.

    Various Loot

    Complex Gadgets can also be found in certain areas of the game’s world. Visit these places to pick them up.

    • Atop Engels’ severed arm in the City Ruins – Engels is the Goliath machine that you defeat in the City Ruins. To get the Complex Gadget, climb all the way up to the machine’s head and glide to his severed arm.
    • The King’s cradle in Forest Zone: Royal Chamber – Return to the Royal Chamber after the main quest where A2 shows up to kill the baby king. You will find a Complex Gadget in the baby’s cradle.
    • Chest in City Ruins: Cave – There is a normal chest in the cave that’s situated right beside a locked chest. Inside the normal chest is a Complex Gadget.
    • Near the rope bridge in City Ruins: Near the Tower – You will need to use the Scanner Pod Program for this one. Walk along the river near the rope bridge while using the scanner to find the Complex Gadget.

    Using Chapter Select to Farm Complex Gadgets

    Chapter Select menu in Nier Automata.

    After you’ve completed Ending C or D, you will get the ability to jump from one chapter to another via the main menu or at access points. To farm Complex Gadgets, simply use Chapter Select to go back to Chapter 02-01.

    Head to the Resistance Camp and begin the Weapon Dealer’s Request quest. This will give you the task to gather Complex Gadgets in the City Ruins. These Gadgets will only appear here during this quest.

    Once you’ve gathered the Gadgets, simply return back to the access point and reload the chapter again if you want more of the crafting material.