A showcase of the Aperitif, Zimmerman, and Hu-Ben weapons from Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6: 10 of the Best Weapons in the Game

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Key Takeaway

  • Best Melee Weapon
    • PB-033M Ashmead (Pile Bunker)
  • Best Close-Range Weapons
    • SG-027 Zimmerman (Shotgun)
    • WB-0000 Bad Cook (Flamethrower)
    • HI-16 GUQ1 (Pulse Gun)
  • Best Mid-Range Weapons
    • DF-GA-08 HU-BEN (Gatling Gun)
    • VP-66LH (Laser Handgun)
  • Best Long-Range Weapons
    • WS-5000 Aperitif (Siege Missile Launcher)
    • HML-G3/P08SOL-06 (Split Missile Launcher)
  • Best Back Weapons
    • VE-60SNA (Stun Needle Launcher)
    • Songbirds (Grenade Cannon)

You need to be an absolute powerhouse to get through each mission. The game is filled to the brim with mighty enemy machines, so you need to outdo them. There are tons of choices when it comes to the best weapons in Armored Core 6—here are our top picks.

Table Of Contents

    Best Melee Weapon

    Although the combat of the Armored Core series can often resemble a bullet hell title, you should not discredit the melee weapons in Armored Core 6. One of the most powerful weapons in this game is a melee one, and, if you master using it, your AC will be nearly unstoppable.

    PB-033M Ashmead (Pile Bunker)

    A showcase of the Ashmead Pilebunker weapon from Armored Core 6.

    The Ashmead Pile Bunker is one of the most overpowered weapons in the game. When you’re able to land this weapon on enemies, regardless of AC type and size, you’ll deal a ridiculous amount of damage and impact to them.

    The drawback to this weapon is it requires precise spacing and impeccable timing to work. This means you’ll need to practice using this weapon so you can hit the enemy each time you use it. It’s best paired with weapons that stun enemies for a few seconds so you can have a clear opening to use the Pile Bunker.

    You can get this weapon from the Parts Shop after completing Chapter 1 for 185,000 COAM.

    Best Close-Range Weapons

    Attacking enemies from up close is one of the best strategies against most bosses. There are a lot of weapons in the game that serve this play style incredibly well; however, some are more effective than others.

    SG-027 Zimmerman (Shotgun)

    A showcase of the Zimmerman shotgun from Armored Core 6.

    The Zimmerman Shotgun is a beast of a weapon. Although it can work at mid-range, its power truly shines when you use it while getting up close to enemies. Its high attack power, great impact, and sufficient rounds guarantee that you can breeze through missions with ease when you use this. This is especially true when you use two of them.

    The Dual Zimmerman build is one of the most powerful and popular builds among the Armored Core 6 community because of its effectiveness. It’s good against AC bosses, small enemies, and other players in multiplayer mode.

    You can purchase the Zimmerman Shotgun from the Parts Shop after completing Chapter 2 for 115,000 COAM.

    WB-0000 Bad Cook (Flamethrower)

    A showcase of the Bad Cook flamethrower from Armored Core 6.

    The Bad Cook Flamethrower is an underrated weapon. Constantly fire it at enemies while maintaining a close distance to them and watch their AP melt away. It has a very high Total Rounds number, encouraging constant usage on the battlefield.

    This weapon deals explosive damage, which means it is particularly useful against foes who have high kinetic and energy defenses. This makes it great against bosses with high AP. On top of that, it also inflicts an ACS Anomaly which, when filled, makes enemies receive even more damage. Talk about overkill…or overgrill.

    You can get this weapon from a cache in the Eliminate “Honest” Brute mission in Chapter 3. It’s in the narrow structure that’s filled with red lasers right after the area with the shield. After you obtain the first one, you can purchase a second one from the Parts Shop for 40,000 COAM.

    HI-16 GUQ1 (Pulse Gun)

    A showcase of the HI-16 Pulse Gun from Armored Core 6.

    The HI-16 GUQ1 is quickly becoming a favorite among many AC6 players. It’s simple yet effective, unassuming yet powerful, and, most importantly, it wipes out enemies in a flash. It has a high fire rate, so use it liberally against enemies from close range for guaranteed extermination.

    Since this weapon is a Pulse Gun, it is perfect against enemies and bosses that use pulse shields. A perfect example of such an enemy is AAP07 Balteus: one of the hardest bosses in the game. Use this gun against Balteus and the boss fight becomes way simpler.

    You can purchase this weapon from the Parts Shop after you complete the Operation Wallclimber mission in Chapter 1. It costs 90,000 COAM.

    Best Mid-Range Weapons

    If getting up close to enemies feels too overwhelming and intimidating, there’s always the choice to opt for a mid-range build. There are specific weapons that are perfect for this strategy as well. Keep a safe distance without being too far while using these weapons and you’ll annihilate enemies without receiving too much damage.

    DF-GA-08 HU-BEN (Gatling Gun)

    A showcase of the HU-BEN Gatling Gun from Armored Core 6.

    The HU-BEN Gatling Gun is a weapon that works wonders against almost any enemy in the game. It is unrelenting and has a high ammo capacity. Use two of these in any mission and you’re pretty much guaranteed to come out of it successfully.

    Pair this weapon with an Arms Frame part that has high Firearm Specialization and an FCS that has high Medium-Range Assist. Do this and most bullets that come out of the Gatling Gun will make their way to the enemy; depleting their AP nice and fast. The same goes for applying impact.

    You can purchase this weapon from the Parts Shop for 170,000 COAM. It becomes available after completing Chapter 1.

    VP-66LH (Laser Handgun)

    A showcase of the VP-66LH Laser Handgun from Armored Core 6.

    The VP-66LH is a weapon that requires time and practice to get used to. Once you get the hang of its timing, it’s very capable of getting you through the game, as well as winning matches in NEST mode. If you want to make this build even more fun, use two of these and you’ll chip away at the enemies’ AP at a rapid rate.

    Since the lasers from this weapon travel slower than other Energy weapons, this is best used in mid-range to account for the fire rate. Just imagine yourself being a gunslinger from the future with two of these on your hands. Fire at enemies from a distance and walk away with barely a scratch.

    To get this weapon, complete the Intermediate Support 2: Reverse-Joint ACs training mission. You can then purchase a second one from the Parts Shop afterward for 92,000 COAM.

    Best Long-Range Weapons

    Attacking enemies from a considerable distance is a perfect strategy in a lot of instances. It’s the safest bet for you in terms of reducing damage taken. Thankfully, missile launchers are perfect tools for long-range. The two below are the best ones you can use.

    WS-5000 Aperitif (Siege Missile Launcher)

    A showcase of the Aperitif Siege Missile Launcher from Armored Core 6.

    The WS-5000 Aperitif is arguably the best handheld missile launcher you can use from long range. It has great tracking and its attack power is ridiculously high. Just fire the weapon without worrying about your aim as you move around the area to avoid enemy attacks. The missiles will find their way to your target without issues in most cases.

    This weapon is also quickly becoming popular in the PvP community. If you like AC6‘s multiplayer mode, be sure to give this weapon a try. That way, your main priority in matches will be mobility.

    You can get this weapon from the Parts Shop for 168,000 COAM after completing Chapter 2 in New Game+.

    HML-G3/P08SOL-06 (Split Missile Launcher)

    A showcase of the HML Split Missile Launcher from Armored Core 6.

    The P08SOL-06 Split Missile Launcher works similarly to the previous weapon. The difference between this and the WS-5000 Aperitif is that this one has a lower attack power—but it has more rounds. It also applies more Impact, which means it’s better at staggering enemies quickly.

    That being said, if you prefer using Missile Launchers as your Arm weapons and you always run out of ammo with other options, give this one a shot. Besides, you acquire this weapon way earlier compared to the WS-5000 Aperitif.

    You can purchase this from the Parts Shop for 127,000 COAM after you complete the Escape mission in Chapter 5.

    Best Back Weapons

    Finally, the Back weapons. These are the trusty companions to your Arm weapons. Don’t consider them “secondary” weapons, though, as these arguably deal more damage than Arm weapons. The only drawback to them is that they tend to have fewer Total Rounds and longer cooldowns.

    VE-60SNA (Stun Needle Launcher)

    A showcase of the Stun Needle Launchers from Armored Core 6.

    The VE-60SNA is not only one of the best Back weapons in the game, it’s one of the best weapons in the game overall. It has high attack power, it’s usable at great distances, and it can stun enemies.

    The discharge it creates at the point of impact continues to drain the enemy’s AP after the base damage it receives. There’s a reason why this weapon is the only one that can neutralize the towering Ice Worm.

    Whether you’re fighting against bosses in missions or against other players in NEST, this Stun Needle Launcher is a wonderful ally.

    You get this automatically before you take up the Destroy the Ice Worm mission in Chapter 3. After that, you can purchase a second one from the Parts Shop for 303,000 COAM.

    Songbirds (Grenade Cannon)

    A showcase of the Songbirds Grenade Launchers from Armored Core 6.

    The Songbirds Grenade Cannon is another fantastic Back weapon choice. Its Attack Power is immense, it applies a high amount of Impact, and its explosive power allows you to take out multiple enemies with one shot. As far as dealing with crowds goes, this is one of the best weapons to choose.

    Pair this with Arm weapons that can stun enemies for a moment and you’ll destroy ACs before they can even damage you. It also has a high Total Rounds number, which makes it great for completing longer missions.

    You can purchase this from the shop for 182,000 COAM. It becomes available after you complete Chapter 2.

    Use these weapons and even the Ibis Series CEL 240—arguably the toughest boss in the game—will be no match for you, 621. Try out every single one of the weapons listed above and see which ones work perfectly for playstyle. You’ll end up creating a powerful build worthy of the Raven name.

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