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Top 5 Best Game Server Hosting Services in 2024

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Key Takeaway

Overall, here are the best game server hosting services:

  1. Hostinger
  2. G-Portal
  3. LOW.MS
  4. GameTeam
  5. SurvivalServers

Due to poor customer service, data wipes, and more, it can be tough to find a good server host. There are many out there, so we’ll help you narrow down your options by sharing our thoughts on the best game server hosting services available.

Table Of Contents

    How We Determined Our Top Choices

    To begin, we take reliability, affordability, and user satisfaction into consideration. These three points are the main factors we contemplated before making this list. As such, we’ll give each of our top choices a score in these areas to reflect how well they stack up against one another.

    On a related topic, we’re also going to exclude all the fake reviews and posts made by company representatives. Only real users matter to us. Sadly, fake reviews and posts are a standard practice for many hosting service companies.

    For example, in Reddit threads, we examine a user’s Post Karma and Comment Karma. Bots, corporations in disguise, and other unsavory individuals often have low karma scores. This isn’t the only method we used to determine discussion validity—but it’s one of our favorites as it’s pretty hard to fake.

    Comparison Metric

    We used Palworld servers from all the below game server hosting services to identify which is the best. As of writing this, Palworld has a ton of active users. Since it also gained popularity relatively recently, setting up, maintaining, and selling servers for it all had to be accomplished quickly. They also need to be supervised efficiently.

    Due to these traits, this game is a great metric for gauging hosting service quality. Obviously, it’s very possible that Palworld will decline in popularity sooner or later. Therefore we recommend that you look at the publication date of this list to view our content through a focused readership lens. Never wear rose-tinted glasses while perusing tech guides, fellow gamers.


    The SurvivalServers logo on a dark gray background. SurvivalServers is a company that provides game server hosting services.

    Being in fifth place on this list is not bad at all. Remember, that’s rank five out of dozens—if not hundreds—of professional server services. SurvivalServers is another option that focuses almost solely on game servers, which results in high-quality options. SurvivalServers is known throughout the internet for being a solid all-around choice.

    However, they’re apparently run by a fairly small team, which limits their capabilities in some regards. SurvivalServers has great server options despite their customer service being pretty slow and their prices not being the best.

    SurvivalServers Palworld Server Analysis

    A lot of the customization seems to pertain to the traits you can tweak after you buy your server. There are things you can do during setup to make your server act and perform the way you want. This is a bit different from the competitors in that most of them give you more options prior to purchase.

    On that note, the least expensive choice will cost $14.40 per month. The SurvivalServers Palworld server sales page is minimalistic—in a good way. Although you’re likely to be happy with your purchase, the lack of initial purchase options is a bit of a downer. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Automatic RAM Allocation (according to SurvivalServers staff, “Your server will use what it needs without limitations.”)
    • 8 Server Slots
    • Full FTP Access and Full Database Access
    • Ultra Fast NVMe SSD Drives (one step below “giga-uber-mega fast”)
    • DDoS Protection (we should hope so)
    • Excellent Mod Control (with more options allegedly coming soon)
    • 5 Days of 30-Minute Increment DB Backups (seems fairly limited…)

    With SurvivalServers, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck—more so than with some other companies. The area where you’ll suffer is most likely to be customer service. As for reliability, SurvivalServers doesn’t often have issues; their servers are solid.

    VGKAMI’s SurvivalServers Game Server Ratings: 21/30

    • Reliability: 8/10
    • Affordability: 7/10
    • User Satisfaction: 6/10


    The GameTeam logo on a dark blue background. GameTeam is a company that provides game server hosting services.

    As you can guess from their name, GameTeam focuses specifically on gaming. In this regard, they’ve got a leg-up on the competition. Focusing on one service instead of many allows them to put a lot of resources into what they offer users. However, this high-quality specialization comes with a literal cost: expensive services. GameTeam offers excellent game server hosting service but at a premium cost.

    GameTeam Palworld Server Analysis

    If you want a cheap server to play with a handful of friends, just use Hostinger or G-Portal. Conversely, if you need a bigger server for many friends, then you should heavily consider GameTeam. The latter is the best option if you have an excess of money.

    Even with the minimum options selected, for a U.S. GameTeam Palworld server, you’re looking at roughly $31 per month. That’s four times as much as the equivalent Hostinger option, but it does not come with four times the product. The site is a bit annoying as well, as you need to go to the billing section to configure your plan from GameTeam’s Palworld server hosting page.

    Anyway, here’s what you get:

    • 10 GB RAM (you can’t select less)
    • Unlimited Server Slots (that’s great, but what if you only need a few?)
    • Unlimited NVMe SSD
    • Powerful DDoS Protection (what does “powerful” even mean here?)
    • 1 Free Backup Slot (each additional slot costs another $1 per month)

    All of this is at standard performance, mind you. For “high” or “real-time” performance, you’ll need to pay $5 or $10 more every month. Keep in mind that even standard performance from GameTeam is often robust and reliable.

    VGKAMI’s GameTeam Game Server Ratings: 23/30

    • Reliability: 9/10
    • Affordability: 5/10
    • User Satisfaction: 9/10


    The LOW.MS logo on a very dark gray background.

    In third place we have LOW.MS. They have been around for a while and have racked up many points for their stellar reputation. For the most part, people have great things to say about LOW.MS’ customer service. What’s more, this company’s pricing is decent and the server quality is fairly high. With that said, LOW.MS is a top-tier choice if you want a balanced game server hosting service.

    LOW.MS Palworld Server Analysis

    LOW.MS’ Palworld server hosting page gets straight to the point! They outline what they’ll give you and address a popular concern with Palworld servers: RAM usage. They also make a solid argument about how they’re outperforming the competition with their hardware. Here’s what they’ll give you at the minimum settings at the cost of $14.95 per month:

    • Free Server Migration From Other Hosts (neat)
    • 8 Server Slots
    • Cloud Backup System (a given, but thanks for pointing that out)
    • 10 GB RAM
    • RYZEN 7950X-Only (here’s the hardware flex)
    • 24/7 Support (which seems to be on-point more often than not)
    • DDoS Protection (10 Gbps—that’s gigabits, not gigabytes [in gigabytes, it would be GBps])

    It’s refreshing to see actual hardware details and units of measure on the sales page. Most of the time, companies will simply try to ensure you that you’re getting the good stuff and will gloss over the stats—but not here. With that said, besides the robust hardware and top-notch support, everything is average.

    VGKAMI’s LOW.MS Game Server Ratings: 25/30

    • Reliability: 8/10
    • Affordability: 8/10
    • User Satisfaction: 9/10


    The G-Portal logo on a dark gray background. G-Portal is a company that provides game server hosting services.

    A very close runner-up is G-Portal. Boasting excellent pricing and support, this is one of the best game server hosting services for which you can ask. Furthermore, their interface and control panel are easy to use and work as intended the majority of the time. There’s nothing too fancy backing them up, though. As a result, you pass on higher performance for affordability—although you won’t be lacking in the quality department. As such, G-Portal is a solid choice for universal game server needs.

    G-Portal Palworld Server Analysis

    It was hard to determine whether G-Portal or Hostinger were better for Palworld server needs. Before we give you our score, we’ll break down the main points regarding G-Portal’s $5.50 Palworld server plan:

    • 4 Server Slots
    • Unspecified RAM Allocation (not the best, but things run well enough—we’re guessing 8 GB and many users agree)
    • 50 GB of Backup Space (that’s generous for the price point)
    • DDoS Protection (thankfully)
    • NVMe SSD Server Hardware (not bad but not great)
    • 24/7 Support (which is actually helpful according to most users)

    Besides the lack of RAM information (resulting in rare but noticeable issues), the only other concern we have about G-Portal is that there’s no auto-renew for their plans. You either need to remember via a self-made note or pay through PayPal (or a similar service) and turn reminders on. This is a bit awkward; if you forget, you’ll lose your server and a ton of in-game progress. However, you can’t complain too much at prices this good.

    VGKAMI’s G-Portal Game Server Ratings: 26/30

    • Reliability: 7/10
    • Affordability: 10/10
    • User Satisfaction: 9/10


    The Hostinger logo on a purple background.

    As of 2024, we’ve determined that Hostinger is the best for game server hosting services if you need an inexpensive and reliable option. Their prices are hard to beat and the quality of their servers is renowned around the web (for the most part). On top of that, Hostinger’s customer service is often quick and helpful according to most users.

    Hostinger Palworld Server Analysis

    There are three main VPS hosting plans—but we’ll look at Game Panel 2 when comparing it to other hosting service options. This low-end plan costs $8.99 per month. With it, you get:

    • 8 GB RAM
    • 2 vCPU Hardware (one server slot)
    • 8 TB bandwidth
    • Mod Support
    • Full Root Access
    • DDoS Protection
    • Automatic Off-Site Backups

    These points are pretty standard and aren’t the most impressive selling points. While basic, it’s very affordable. On top of that, Hostinger servers rarely crash or have weird issues when logging in or connecting. As such, the reliability factor is high.

    What’s more, if you do encounter issues, many users claim that Hostinger customer service gets back to them without much delay and helps them resolve said issues. This game server service isn’t groundbreaking in terms of novel features, but it’s a solid option that’s unlikely to cause you any grief.

    They also provide an easy-to-navigate library of informative documentation, like this piece on making a dedicated server in Palworld, and a YouTube channel with sophisticated tutorials. So, DIYer’s and those new to creating servers will have an easy time with Hostinger.

    VGKAMI’s Hostinger Game Server Ratings: 27/30

    • Reliability: 9/10
    • Affordability: 9/10
    • User Satisfaction: 9/10

    We hope we’ve covered the bases of your search for the best game server hosting services! Keep in mind that if you don’t like our top picks, there are plenty more out there. Depending on what game you’re playing and your exact server requirements, what’s truly “the best” can shift.

    However, if you found our list helpful, consider heeding our advice on other technical queries, like how to hack Steam achievements and learning ways to record longer videos on your consoles.

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