Veredicto getting upgraded to level 2 in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: How to Upgrade Veredicto to Level 2

Verily, thy flail swingeth most savagely!

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Key Takeaway

In the Elevated Temples area, there’s a statue that lets you upgrade Veredicto to level 2. This statue is found down and to the right of the Prie Dieu on the far left side of the Elevated Temples region.

Unlike with Ruego Al Alba’s first upgrade, to upgrade Veredicto to level 2, you’ll need to reach the center of a dangerous new region in Blasphemous 2. Ascend to the upper levels of the City of Blessed Name to seek out this mighty weapon fortification.

Where to Find the Level 2 Upgrade for Veredicto

The area where you can upgrade Veredicto to level 2 is the Elevated Temples. There’s a Prie Dieu on the far left side of this zone that’s a great place to start your hunt for this weapon upgrade. From there, go down one room and then travel to the right. Eventually, you’ll get to a dead end within which lies the statue that empowers Veredicto to level 2.

Check out the map image below, where we indicated the ideal route with a red arrow.

A red arrow on the map showing how to get to the upgrade room for level 2 Veredicto.

Besides needing to dispatch a few dismal enemies, there’s a simple jumping puzzle that you need to complete to open a locked door blocking your way into the room with the Veredicto statue.

To solve this puzzle, ring the bell on the left side of the long room. Afterward, race across the temporary platforms and smash the glass mechanism that’s locking the door on the far right.

The player jumping towards a glass mechanism on the right.

You’ll need to be quick, as there’s very little spare time for this puzzle. If you fail, don’t worry, you can use the mirror statue to get across the large gap in the floor to retry the jumping puzzle.

We recommended taking out all the enemies in this long room before trying the jumping puzzle. They only get in the way.

After you break the glass mechanism, head through the now-open door on the right. Beyond, you’ll find a statue holding a flail. Interact with it to upgrade Veredicto.

A statue holding a flail that the player can interact with for a weapon upgrade.

Now that you’ve strengthened Veredicto, you’re ready to face even tougher challenges in Blasphemous 2! Just in time as well—the Elevated Temples area is a fair deal harder than a lot of the previous regions. To give yourself even more combat advantages, consider using Resonances and upgrading your max health. You’ll need as much power as possible for the trials yet to come, Penitent One…

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