The player watching as the boss, Svsona, Fermosa Fembra, dies and shatters into pieces.

Blasphemous 2: How to Beat Svsona, Fermosa Fembra

Try not to get zapped.

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Key Takeaway

Equip Rosary Beads that reduce lightning damage for an easier time in this boss fight. Also, since Svsona, Fermosa Fembra only has three attacks, you can learn them all quickly so as to come up with avoidance strategies and counterattack ideas. What’s more, Svsona doesn’t really have a Phase 2—unlike most other bosses—so you can use the same tactics throughout this battle effectively.

As one of the last bosses in Blasphemous 2, you’ll need some of your best tricks to beat Svsona, Fermosa Fembra. Going into this fight, be sure to equip some Rosary Beads that raise your resistance to lightning damage, as this mighty enemy embodies the storm.

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    Tips for Beating Svsona, Fermosa Fembra

    Unlike most bosses in the game, Svsona, Fermosa Fembra doesn’t have a true Phase 2. Instead, when she gets below 50% health, her attacks get faster and she begins using one of them consecutively. With this in mind, you can use the same tactics throughout the fight without issue. Learn her few moves and how to avoid taking damage from them.

    Energy Beam

    Svsona, Fermosa Fembra shooting an energy beam below herself as she moves around the boss room.

    As the boss’s hardest-hitting attack, you want to learn how to evade this one immediately. Thankfully, it’s pretty intuitive to do so. Whenever you see her hanging out at one of the ends of the boss room, she’s charging up to unleash a powerful Energy Beam.

    Shortly after this charging period, a temporary platform appears in the room. The only way to evade Svsona’s Energy Beam is to stand under this platform as she zooms by. However, as the battle progresses, this temporary platform gets smaller and smaller. As such, your one safe spot becomes harder and harder to reach in time.

    What’s more, when the boss’s health drops below 50%, she starts using her Energy Beam two to three times in a row. Be ready for this, as getting zapped two or three times can completely deplete your health bar.

    Blue Orbs

    Svsona, Fermosa Fembra shooting many blue orbs at the player.

    This is a bit unoriginal of Svsona. Elemental orbs of all kinds get sent your way by plenty of bosses and more common enemies throughout the game. However, Svsona kicks it up a notch by spamming projectiles at you almost as much as Blasphemous 2‘s resident bullet hell boss: Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices.

    The best way to avoid this attack is to get as far away from the boss as you can and jump between the volleys of Blue Orbs. Creating some distance between yourself and Svsona means that the projectiles will spread out more. This, in turn, means there’ll be more space between the projectiles—which makes it easier to dodge them.

    When Svsona, Fermosa Fembra drops below 50% health, she starts shooting more Blue Orbs during this attack. She also moves around the room faster, and the projectiles pick up some speed as well.

    Litany of Lightning

    Svsona, Fermosa Fembra sending lightning bolts across the room.

    This ceiling-to-floor attack comes in three waves. As the bolts of lightning cross the room, your best chance of dodging them is to jump and then air dash through the electricity.

    Try not to dash through the lightning while on the ground. The bottom of this attack’s hitbox is a bit janky. Sometimes you’ll be able to dodge through the bottom, but other times you won’t. It’s recommended to jump and air dash to avoid such uncertainty.

    Svsona’s Litany of Lightning remains the same throughout the fight—regardless of how much health the boss has left.

    This is one of the boss fights where Yerma can help you out. Interestingly, this battle is also tied to Yerma’s questline. If you give this NPC the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment before the boss fight—and then beat Svsona, Fermosa Fembra—Yerma gives you a quick verse Prayer called Zejel of the Cruelest Thorn. As such, it’s recommended to fight alongside Yerma and engage in jolly cooperation!

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