The Chosen Undead and Siegmeyer of Catarina in Dark Souls.

Dark Souls: Siegmeyer of Catarina Questline Guide

" the honor of the knights of Catarina, allow me to assist you!"

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Key Takeaway

Here’s how to follow Siegmeyer’s questline:

  • Talk to him in Anor Londo and kill the three Silver Knights that are blocking his path.
  • Then talk to him in Firelink Shrine.
  • Find him in Blighttown and give him three Purple Moss Clumps.
  • Rescue or fight with him in Lost Izalith against the Chaos Eaters in the pit.
  • If he survives Lost Izalith, you’ll find him next near the Ash Lake bonfire.

Siegmeyer of Catarina is one of the NPCs you meet in Dark Souls. This chunky-armored, onion-helmed fellow who appears to be always in need of your help makes for entertaining encounters. His heartwarming presence just makes you want to help him through his journey, doesn’t it?

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    Where to Meet Siegmeyer of Catarina in Dark Souls (Before Ringing Both Bells of Awakening)

    The Chosen Undead approaching Siegmeyer in front of Sen's Fortress in Dark Souls.

    You first encounter Siegmeyere sitting outside Sen’s Fortress, pondering how its gates can be opened. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to do anything about this at all. It’ll be up to you to open the gates to Sen’s Fortress, which you can do after ringing the two Bells of Awakening.

    However, you’ll only encounter Siegmeyer here if you haven’t rung the Bells of Awakening yet. Otherwise, he’ll move to a different location. Don’t worry, though. You can still progress his questline even when you haven’t spoken to him here.

    Find Siegmeyer Contemplating in Sen’s Fortress

    The Chosen Undead speaking to Siegmeyer in Sen's Fortress.

    Siegmeyer’s next location is inside the Sen’s Fortress. When you get to the first area in the fortress with the giant rolling boulders, look over to the area on the lower right and you’ll find Siegmeyer sitting on the ledge. This encounter is optional for completing his questline as well.

    Killing Silver Knights for Siegmeyer in Anor Londo

    The Chosen Undead speaking to Siegmeyer in Anor Londo.

    Once you make it to Anor Londo, Siegmeyer will be here as well. From the bonfire room inside the castle, exit the room and head to the spiral staircase on this floor. Go all the way up and go to the opposite hallway from the top of the staircase.

    Take the first room on the left. Keep heading onward until you reach a rooftop. Head to the doorway on the left ahead where you’ll find a Silver Knight guarding the doorway. Defeat this knight, head through the doorway, and climb down the staircase.

    You’ll find Siegmeyer here, standing before a door. To progress Siegmeyer’s questline, enter the door and defeat the three Silver Knights here. After doing so, speak to Siegmeyer once again and he’ll thank you for your efforts. He’ll also reward you with the Tiny Being Ring.

    If you didn’t meet Siegmeyer in front or within Sen’s Fortress, you need to speak to him here to begin his questline.

    Siegmeyer’s Friendly Face Appears at Firelink Shrine

    The Chosen Undead and Siegmeyer of Catarina at Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls.

    When you return to Firelink Shrine after obtaining the Lordvessel in Anor Londo, you’ll find Siegmeyer standing next to the bonfire. Speak to him here and he’ll ask whether it was you who opened the gates to Sen’s Fortress. Say yes and he’ll give you the Emit Force spell.

    Speak to him once more before advancing and he’ll tell you about his next destination: Blighttown.

    Siegmeyer Gets Stuck in Blighttown

    The Chosen Undead approaching Siegmeyer in Blighttown.

    Make your way to the swamp area in Blighttown’s lower level. From the bonfire area, leave the room and head left. Approach the massive tree that leads to the Great Hollow. Instead of taking the branch that leads to the Great Hollow, head right instead. Keep going forward until you see Siegmeyer, standing on a small islet away from the poison swamp.

    Speak to him here. At first, it will seem as if Siegmeyer is in a deep slumber—odd considering he is standing up. Continue speaking to him and he’ll eventually awaken. He’ll then ask for 3 Purple Moss Clumps from you so he can finally leave Blighttown.

    The annoying Blowdart Snipers in Blighttown have a 70% chance to drop one Purple Moss Clump and a 30% chance to drop two. Alternatively, you can buy Purple Moss Clumps from the Female Undead Merchant in the lower parts of Undead Burg for 500 Souls each.

    This is an understandable request since nobody wants to be stuck in Blighttown. Therefore, you should give him what he asks for. He’ll give you the Pierce Shield in return.

    Meeting Siegmeyer’s Daughter Near the Duke’s Archives

    The Chosen Undead meeting Sieglinde near the Duke's Archives.

    Make your way to the outdoor area of the Duke’s Archives that leads to the Crystal Cave. You’ll find a handful of golems nearby; one of these golems is gold instead of blue. This golem is also stronger and has more HP than the others. Defeat the golden golem and a character will emerge from its body.

    This character is Sieglinde, Siegmeyer’s daughter. Speak to her and she’ll ask if you’ve seen her father, to which you should respond “Yes.” You’ll find her next near the Firelink Shrine bonfire.

    Speak to Sieglinde again at Firelink Shrine and she’ll ask you once again if you’ve seen her father. Just like before, answer “Yes” to this question.

    Killing Chaos Eaters in Lost Izalith for Siegmeyer

    The Chosen Undead speaking to Siegmeyer in Lost Izalith.

    You’ll next find Siegmeyer in Lost Izalith—one of the most hated places in Dark Souls. From the fog gate that leads to the Bed of Chaos (don’t cross it), make your way to the area below and there’s a room here where the floor caves in when you step inside. This takes you to a room above a pit filled with Chaos Eaters.

    Siegmeyer is here as well, standing before a hole in the ground that drops down to where the Chaos Eaters are hungrily waiting. From here, Siegmeyer’s questline has two paths; one of which splits into three others, making for four possible endings overall.

    • You can kill the Chaos Eaters before speaking to Siegmeyer. He’ll thank you for saving the day once again and he’ll give you the Speckled Stoneplate Ring. This effectively ends his questline.
    • Speak to Siegmeyer before attacking the Chaos Eaters and he’ll offer to fight them with you. Be warned, Siegmeyer can die during this fight.
      • If Siegmeyer dies before you eliminate all the Chaos Eaters, that’s the end of him and his questline.
      • If he does survive but his HP is below 50%, he will still succumb to his wounds and die. However, this allows you to speak to him first and he’ll give you the Speckled Stoneplate Ring. This ends his questline as well.
      • If Siegmeyer’s HP is above 50% after you kill all the Chaos Eaters, he’ll ultimately survive the encounter and move to the next area.

    Tips for Killing the Chaos Eaters While Keeping Siegmeyer’s HP Above 50%

    There are three ways of ensuring Siegmeyer leaves the battle above 50% HP. Doing so is significantly easier if you use a ranged or magic approach. Even if you’re using a melee build, now would be a great time to invest in a bow and a bunch of arrows. You don’t have to upgrade the bow; just buy many arrows—the cheapest kind works just fine.

    • Take out all except one Chaos Eater before talking to Siegmeyer. Then, fight alongside Siegmeyer to defeat the final Chaos Eater. This method usually results in the onion knight taking less damage.
    • Quit and reload the game to reposition Siegmeyer. When you reload, Siegmeyer will appear further away from the Chaos Eaters, which reduces how much damage he’ll take.
    • Quit and reload if you see Siegmeyer getting grabbed by a Chaos Eater. There’s a unique grab attack that the Chaos Eaters save just for Siegmeyer. However, it’s fairly slow, so you’ll have time to quit and reload if you’re quick.

    Siegmeyer’s Tragedy at Ash Lake

    The Chosen Undead standing before Siegmeyer's body and Sieglinde.

    If you’ve managed to see Siegmeyer’s questline through, you’ll see its end at Ash Lake. Once you make it here after saving him in Lost Izalith and ensuring his daughter knows of his location, you’ll find a fallen Siegmeyer with his daughter standing before his lifeless body.

    Speak to Sieglinde to learn what happened to our once-determined friend. After learning that he succumbed to the Undead Curse and Hollowed beyond the point of no return, Sieglinde will give you a Titanite Slab as a reward for completing Siegmeyer’s questline.

    Siegmeyer of Catarina is a fascinating character in Dark Souls. Many players have been drawn to him, which is why he is referenced and repurposed in future games such as Dark Souls 3. Now that you know how his story ends in Dark Souls, it’s time for you to end the game so you can meet variations of him again in the succeeding playthroughs.

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