The Chosen Undead and Solaire staring at the sun.

Dark Souls: Solaire of Astora Questline Guide


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Key Takeaway

Here’s how to begin Solaire’s questline in Dark Souls:

  • Speak to him in Undead Burg.
  • Then speak to him in the bonfire room in Anor Londo.

To see Solaire’s bad ending, here’s what you’ll have to do:

  • Speak to him in the first bonfire in Lost Izalith.
  • Find him in the area within Lost Izalith that’s filled with Chaos Bugs and defeat him there.

For Solaire’s good ending, do the following:

  • Join the Chaos Covenant and reach level 2.
  • Go to Lost Izalith via the shortcut in the Demon Ruins.
  • Kill the Chaos Bugs.
  • Speak to Solaire in the Chaos Bugs area.

Solaire of Astora is arguably the most popular and beloved NPC in Dark Souls. Known for his cheerful demeanor and friendly nature despite the game’s bleak world, Solaire is a much-needed presence in this game. If you want more of Solaire, follow his questline.

Table Of Contents

    How to Begin Solaire’s Questline

    You meet Solaire for the first time in Undead Burg. When you cross the bridge after beating the Taurus Demon, make a right instead of making a left to the Hellkyte Dragon bridge. You’ll meet Solaire here, standing on the rampart and looking at the sun.

    The Chosen Undead approaching Solaire in Undead Burg.

    Speak with Solaire here and he’ll give you the White Sign Soapstone. On top of that, you’ll officially begin his questline. From here on out, you’ll have the chance to face and defeat a handful of bosses alongside your newfound friend.

    There Are Two Endings to Solaire’s Questline

    How you interact with Solaire in Lost Izalith will affect the end of his questline. Solaire can have a bad ending or he can have a good ending—but more on that later.

    Progress Solaire’s Questline With a Conversation at a Bonfire in Anor Londo

    The Chosen Undead speaking to Solaire in Anor Londo in Dark Souls.

    Upon entering the main castle in Anor Londo, you’ll find a bonfire room where Solaire is seated on the floor. Speak with him here to further his questline and have a funny, wholesome dialogue with him.

    Solaire’s Bad Ending

    Like so many characters in the Dark Souls universe, the fate of Solaire can be terrible. These are the events that lead to Solaire’s bad ending.

    Defeat the Centipede Demon

    The Centipede Demon from Dark Souls.

    The Centipede Demon is the last boss in the Demon Ruins and you can summon Solaire for this fight. Do so to defeat the boss more easily.

    Meeting Solaire at the Lost Izalith Bonfire

    The Chosen Undead speaking to Solaire in Lost Izalith in Dark Souls.

    After defeating the Centipede Demon, proceed towards Lost Izalith until you reach the first bonfire. You’ll find Solaire here but notice that Solaire isn’t his regular cheerful self anymore.

    Putting Solaire to Rest

    The Chosen Undead fighting Solaire in Dark Souls.

    You’ll next encounter Solaire in the area of Lost Izalith which contains a handful of Chaos Bugs. To get to this area, progress through Lost Izalith until you reach the fog gate that leads to the Bed of Chaos. However, instead of crossing the fog gate, head backward and look for a branch here that leads down.

    Take this path, proceed to the center of this area, and take the path on the right. Walk through the long walkway—there’s a Titanite Demon here. You can either deal with this enemy or simply run past it. At the end of this path, you’ll find Solaire along with a couple of Chaos Bugs. This time, Solaire won’t be as friendly anymore, as he’ll attack you on sight.

    End his suffering through a fierce duel. This ends his questline as well. Rest in peace, valiant warrior…

    Solaire’s Good Ending

    Although the world of Dark Souls is full of terrors, it doesn’t have to be that way for our dear old Solaire. Here’s how you can give him a good ending.

    Join the Chaos Servant Covenant

    The Chosen Undead joining the Chaos Servant covenant.

    For this more positive questline, you must become a member of the Chaos Servant covenant—joined by speaking to the Daughter of Chaos. Then, you must offer up 30 Humanities to her to reach level 2 in the covenant. This opens a shortcut to Lost Izalith from the Demon Ruins.

    Killing the Disgusting Chaos Bugs

    The Chosen Undead killing Chaos Bugs.

    Make your way to the aforementioned shortcut in the Demon Ruins. While facing the fog gate to the Demon Firesage boss fight, take the path on the right instead. Use the branch that’s leaning against the side here to get down. At the end of this path is a locked door. You can now open this door after becoming a level 2 member of the Chaos Servant covenant.

    There are nine Chaos Bugs in this area. Kill all of them.

    Consoling a Friend

    The Chosen Undead speaking to a sitting Solaire in the Demon Ruins of Dark Souls.

    Reload the area or make your way to the nearest bonfire then come back to the area where you found the Chaos Bugs. You’ll find Solaire here. However, instead of attacking you, you’ll find him sitting on the ground. Speak to him and exhaust his dialogue.

    Two Lords of Cinders

    The Chosen Undead and Solaire fighting Gwyn, the final boss of Dark Souls.

    Make your way to the end of the game. Be sure to be in your human form. Before reaching Gwyn’s boss room in the Kiln of the First Flame, you’ll find Solaire’s summon sign at the top of the stairs. Summon him and end the game together.

    Optional Objectives to Enhance Solaire’s Story

    There are boss fights and other interactions that’ll increase how much you like Solaire. He’s already quite likable, but these feats will deepen your bond with the knight from Astora. Keep in mind that the following adventures are optional and do not affect his questline’s progress.

    Trivialize the Bell Gargoyle Boss Fight With Solaire’s Help

    The Chosen Undead and Solaire fighting the Bell Gargoyles in Dark Souls.

    When you make it to the top of the Undead Parish, you’ll face a pair of Bell Gargoyles. You can level the playing field by bringing a trusted companion for this boss fight: Solaire. You’ll find Solaire’s summon sign right before the fog gate. You’ll have to be in human form to summon him.

    Defeating the Gaping Dragon Alongside Solaire

    The Gaping Dragon from Dark Souls.

    The Gaping Dragon is the boss you’ll face at the bottom of The Depths. You can also summon Solaire for this boss fight. You’ll find his summon sign on the staircase right before the fog gate.

    Ornstein and Smough vs. The Chosen Undead and Solaire of Astora

    The Chosen Undead and Solaire fighting Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls.

    As two of the toughest bosses in Dark Souls, you may want some help when you fight Ornstein and Smough. Each of them is already a tough enemy but the boss fight is even tougher considering you fight both of them at the same time. That said, just like with the Bell Gargoyles, you can even things out with this gank boss fight by summoning Solaire.

    You can find Solaire’s summon sign on the staircase to the left of the massive hall before the Ornstein and Smough boss room. Summon him for this fight and have him focus on one of the bosses while you handle the other.

    Joining the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant

    The Chosen Undead speaking with Solaire near the Sunlight Altar in Dark Souls.

    After defeating Ornstein and Smough with the help of Solaire, return to the Sunlight Altar in Undead Burg. This is the area where the Hellkyte Wyvern sits. You’ll find Solaire on the balcony here. Speak to him and he’ll allow you to join the Warriors of Sunlight covenant.

    Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls is one of the most popular characters in FromSoftware‘s catalog of Souls games. He leaves a positive, lasting impression on every player he meets. He’s the kind of character we can all agree deserves a good ending. That said, his ending in your world is ultimately up to you.

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