Itsuki, a staff member with high Appeal, being trained successfully in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver: The Appeal Stat, Explained

Appeal to your customers' interests!

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Key Takeaway

The Appeal stat affects tips for serving staff in Dave the Diver. The higher a server’s Appeal, the more often they’ll get tipped. On top of that, higher Appeal also increases how much money they get from each tip.

This stat also affects the minimum amount of seasoning a staff member gets when they are dispatched. The Procure stat affects the maximum amount of seasoning gained through dispatching staff.

There’s not much the game tells you about stats through tutorial information. Serving and Cooking are easy to figure out, but the Appeal stat in Dave the Diver can be hard to understand. What you need to know is that Appeal mostly affects tips—and slightly influences seasoning procurement.

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    How the Appeal Stat Affects Customer Tips

    The higher your staff member’s Appeal stat, the more often they’ll get tips. The amount of money they get from tips goes up as their Appeal stat is raised through training. As such, this stat is most useful for serving staff.

    In addition to a staff member’s base Appeal, they can also learn Special Skills that affect their tips. For example, there’s the Tip Master Special Skill, which means that the server possessing this skill always gets tips. Another great Special Skill to look out for is Irresistible Charm, as it gives the staff member possessing it a bonus +50 to their Appeal stat.

    Four staff members in Bancho Sushi Bar's roster in Dave the Diver—two of them have high Appeal stats.

    How the Appeal Stat Affects Seasoning Procurement

    When you dispatch a staff member, their Appeal stat determines the minimum amount of seasoning they’ll bring back. The higher a staff member’s Appeal, the less likely they are to return with meager amounts of seasoning after being dispatched. Don’t rely on this for seasoning gathering! There are more important factors to consider.

    As you can guess, the Procure stat is what determines the maximum amount of seasoning gained from dispatching staff. Ideally, you want staff members with high Appeal and Procure stats being dispatched constantly to get the most resources.

    With that said, keep your most appealing servers in your restaurant at all times. This is to get as many big tips as possible! On a small sidenote, let your servers do as much serving as they can. Keep Dave near Bancho to restock wasabi and take care of nearby customers. That way, your highly appealing staff can draw in more tips from the customers they serve.

    Now that you know what the Appeal stat is all about in  Dave the Diver, you can set up your staff more effectively! While your employees are bringing in lots of hard-earned cash, you can get Dave to focus on undersea adventuring—like collecting Shark Teeth. However, we understand that this particular task may be intimidating…

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