The Marinca entry for the Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver: How to Find the Cookiecutter Shark


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Key Takeaway

The Cookiecutter Shark is found from 130 to 250 meters down. Specifically, the biome it spawns in is the Blue Hole Depths. To catch one, use the same methods as you would for any other shark.

You’ll need to go deep to find the Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver. To be exact, you’ll need to reach depths of up to 250 meters before you can hunt this tiny yet aggressive species. Appropriately, you’ll also need lots of oxygen to head this far down.

Table Of Contents

    The Habitat of the Cookiecutter Shark

    The Cookiecutter Shark lives from 130 to 250 meters down in the Blue Hole Depths biome. As such, you need to upgrade your dive suit until it can withstand pressures at these depths.

    The player launching a harpoon at a Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver.

    You can get away with not upgrading your oxygen tank as much; however, we recommend enhancing your oxygen tank until it stores at least 250 units of air. Otherwise, you might have a hard time making it back to the surface.

    How to Fight and Kill a Cookiecutter Shark

    Once you track down one of these puny predators, you’ll need to catch it! Thankfully, there are lots of ways of doing so. The best method is to use your usual shark-fighting techniques—similar to when you’re collecting Shark Teeth.

    The player shocking a Cookiecutter Shark with a Shock Harpoon.

    With that said, here are our two favorite methods:

    1. Stun the Cookiecutter Shark with a Shock Harpoon
    2. Beat quick-time events to evade the Cookiecutter Shark’s lunge attacks
    The player about to dodge an attack from a Cookiecutter Shark.
    You can upgrade your standard Harpoon into a Shock Harpoon by finding the shock upgrade in an underwater weapon crate. Keep in mind that this effect disappears the next time you return to the boat.

    Cookiecutter Shark Stats

    A Cookiecutter Shark in the player's inventory.

    Every time you catch a Cookiecutter Shark you’ll get two pieces of its meat. The corpse of this frisky deep-sea fiend is 5 kilograms—make sure you have enough inventory space for it!

    Since you’ll probably collect quite a few underwater goodies along the way, be sure to upgrade your storage capacity while on the boat. Alternatively, you can always drop something you don’t need, such as the numerous Red Lionfish that you might have needed to kill earlier. Those pesky scamps!

    The Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver is certainly a hard fish to find. However, its rarity pales in comparison to the elusive Exotic Fish in Dredge—another game about which we’re experts! For all your video game angling needs, we’ve got you covered.

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