Dewa's Workshop in the Sea Village, with the cursor on Coral Orbs.

Dave the Diver: How to Get a Coral Orb

Questing = weapon progress!

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Key Takeaway

Coral Orbs are available from Duwa in the Blacksmith’s Workshop within the Sea People Village. They cost 300 Bei each.

However, before players can unlock this vendor, they’ll need to work their way through the main campaign and complete several side quests.

To get ahead of the game in the Dave the Diver, you’ll need to upgrade your weapons with rare crafting components—such as a Coral Orb. Unlike the treasures on the ocean floor, Coral Orbs can only be bought from one vendor, albeit after completing a series of side quests.

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    How to Find a Coral Orb in Dave the Diver

    The Sea People Village map in Dave the Diver with the cursor hovering next to the Blacksmith's workshop.

    Coral Orbs are only available once you’ve gained access to the Sea People Village in the Blue Hole Depths. This will naturally come up while progressing the main quest.

    You must also gain some “credit” with the Sea People Village and complete the “Reopening the Workshop” side quest to be able to buy a Coral Orb. Once you’ve done all that, you can purchase Coral Orbs for 300 Bei from Duwa’s Workshop on the right-hand side of the map. 

    Reopening the Workshop Side Quests

    An Opal Ore deposit in the Blue Hole Depths.

    After completing the relevant “Sea Person in the Blacksmiths” credit quest, return to the Blacksmiths and talk to Duwa. He will mention he wants to reopen his Workshop but needs your help to restock his forge so it’s ready for business.

    First, he requires five Opals. Opal Deposits are located in the Blue Hole Depths between 150 – 250m depth. You will need a Pickaxe from Supply Crates to mine them. When searching for Opals, be wary of deadly predators lurking in the depths, like the nimble Cookiecutter Shark.

    Remember that Opal Deposits only produces three ore before they deplete, so you’ll need to find multiple nodes or make multiple dives.

    Once you’ve completed this task, Duwa will have one more request: to collect five Divine Tree Fruits. Accepting this quest will transport you to the Top of the Divine Fruit Tree. Here, you will have one minute to gather five Divine Tree Fruits and put them in Duwa’s basket.

    Watch out, as it’s quite easy to accidentally lob a Fruit away from the basket, wasting precious seconds.

    When you’ve collected enough Divine Tree Fruit, you’ll be transported back to the Workshop. Duwa will thank you for your help and say he’ll reopen the Workshop when he’s feeling better. You get 100 Bei and 200 Credit for completing this sidequest!

    Duwa’s Workshop

    Duwa's Workshop becoming available after completing sidequests.

    Duwa’s Workshop opens after the “Infiltrating the Blue Sea Secret Base” mission in Chapter 6: Melting Glacier. Now you get to see all of Duwa’s various wares, including the Coral Orb for 300 Bei! You can either purchase minerals or sell objects you scavenged from the ocean floor. Here are all the objects for sale.

    Item NamePriceItem Description
    Steel Rope300 BeiA wire made of iron alloy. It can be used to enhance guns.
    Ice Diamond396 Bei A rare mineral formed around hotspots in the Glacial Area. It can be used to enhance guns.
    Coral Orb300 BeiA product made by combining deep-sea coral and manganese nodules. It can be used to enhance guns.
    Opal Tube360 BeiA fine and delicate metal tube crafted with opal. It can be used to enhance guns.
    Lava Disc360 BeiA round disc made with hardened lava. It can be used to enhance guns.
    Divine Tree Fruit Fragment396 BeiThe fine fragments of the hard Divine Tree Fruits. They can be used to enhance guns.
    Fragment2 BeiA fragment acquired from disassembling weapons. Used to enhance guns.

    If you’re strapped for cash, you can complete missions on the Request Board in the center of the Sea People Village, or sell unneeded objects to Duwa!

    Once you’ve bought a Coral Orb, you’ll be close to crafting an elite end-game item: the Modified Hush Dart. Using Duff’s Weapon Shop app, all you need to craft this beauty is one Enhanced Hush Dart, three Vampire Squid Tentacles, 20 Topaz, and 3,400 Gold. This top-tier weapon is capable of tranquilizing any Shark within two consecutive shots. Easy!

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