A staff member about to be dispatched in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver: The Procure Stat, Explained

The procurement of seaborne goods is important for a sushi restaurant.

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Key Takeaway

The Procure stat in Dave the Diver only affects the maximum amount of seasoning a staff member brings back after being dispatched. The higher their Procure stat, the more seasoning they can potentially harvest.

Regarding each staff stat in Dave the Diver, Procure is one of the least intuitive to understand. Unlike the other most obscure stat (Appeal), Procure only affects a single part of gameplay. To make use of your staff’s abilities, be sure to dispatch them frequently!

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    What Does the Procure Stat Do in Dave the Diver?

    The Procure stat determines the upper limit of seasoning your staff members can bring back after they’ve been dispatched. You’ll see the option to dispatch a staff member in the staff roster. This is the same menu where you can train and dismiss them.

    On a related note, don’t confuse dispatching with dismissing! The former sends staff out to collect seasoning from the sea. The latter fires them.

    The player dismissing a staff member named Kyoko in Dave the Diver.

    Keep in mind that high Procure stats don’t necessarily mean that staff members will always bring back a huge haul. It only means that they have the potential to collect more seasoning per dispatch. On the flip side, the Appeal stat determines the minimum amount of goods they’ll return with on such missions.

    Dispatch staff that have high Procure for the best odds of getting lots of tasty loot!

    The Main Benefit of Dispatching

    Besides using the dispatch mechanic, your only way of getting seasoning for a long time is to open red underwater cooking pots. This is slow and inefficient; your staff can help you get a lot more seasoning in shorter periods.

    You’ll unlock Jango—a merchant who sells seasoning (and other goods)—later in the game. However, that won’t be for a while. In the early and middle parts of your sushi-serving adventure, you’ll definitely want to make use of dispatching to put together better recipes.

    Since making use of the Procure stat in Dave the Diver nets you the most seasoning, you should try hiring a few staff members proficient in this area. While your employees harvest the sea for salt and soy sauce, you can gather more dangerous goods—like Shark Teeth! Just don’t end up on the wrong side of the menu, fellow fish enthusiast.

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