Destiny 2: Where is the Wayfinder’s Compass (and What Does it Do?)

The Wayfinder’s Compass is no longer in Destiny 2. It was a seasonal vendor within H.E.L.M. during the Season of the Lost. However, the Wayfinder’s Compass was removed from this location during the Season of the Risen.

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    What Did the Wayfinder’s Compass Do?

    Where is the Wayfinder's Compass vendor in H.E.L.M. when it was in the game. It is in a purple hallway known as the Awoken Wing.

    When the Wayfinder’s Compass was in the Awoken Wing of H.E.L.M., you could interact with it for a few different reasons. Firstly, you could upgrade abilities that would have been useful in the Shattered Realm. It was also a vendor you could talk to for quests and bounties.

    Quests Given

    • Wayfinder’s Voyage I
    • Wayfinder’s Voyage
    • Tracing the Stars I
    • Tracing the Stars II
    • Tracing the Stars III
    • A Hollow Coronation
    • Severing the Worm (only playable during the last week of the Season of the Lost)

    Daily Bounties That Were Available

    • Alignment of Power
    • Arc Power Awoken
    • Ascendant Fast Draw
    • Astral Energy
    • Astral Finisher
    • Astral Fusion
    • Astral Grenadier
    • Astral Heavy Grenadier
    • Astral Kinesis
    • Auto Rifle Alignment
    • Constellation Crusher
    • Keeping the Dream Alive
    • Precision Wayfinding
    • Pump-Action Ascendancy
    • Shattered Orbs
    • Shattered Sagittarius
    • Shoot for the Stars
    • Solar Power Awoken
    • Sporting for Scorn
    • Star Power
    • Super Ascendancy
    • Taking the Ascendant Plane
    • Thinning the Ranks
    • Void Between Stars

    Additional Bounties That Were Available

    • Arc Ascendancy
    • Ascendant Arc
    • Ascendant Sniper
    • Astral Archer
    • Astral Shrapnel
    • Astral Sidearm
    • Astral Specialist
    • Coronal Impact
    • Linear Alignment
    • Powerful Alignment
    • Rapid Fire Alignment
    • Solar Ascendancy
    • Stasis Alignment
    • Void Ascendancy
    • Void of Alignment

    What is the Wayfinder’s Compass Seasonal Artifact?

    A fully upgraded version of the Wayfinder's Compass seasonal artifact.

    The Wayfinder’s Compass is also the name of a seasonal artifact from the Season of the Lost. It is the reward you get from completing the Mission: Cocoon in the Dreaming City.

    Like all seasonal artifacts, when you equipped this one, you could buy mods for it. These mods would give you different types of advantages in battle.

    For example, there were mods that would increase your damage against certain types of champion enemies or increase the reload speed of certain weapons—and much more.

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