Do Trees Grow in the Winter in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, standard trees do not grow during winter unless players use Tree Fertilizer. Fruit Trees will lose their leaves and will stop producing fruit during winter unless players plant them inside the greenhouse. Trees will still yield tapped products like syrup, sap, and tar when harvested during winter.

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    How to Craft Tree Fertilizer

    To craft Tree Fertilizer, you’ll need five stones and five fibers. You can unlock this recipe at Foraging level 7.

    Sprinkle the fertilizer on standard tree seeds or saplings that have already been planted. This will allow both common and special trees to grow, even during winter.

    Tree Fertilizer doesn’t work on Fruit trees. It works on Maple, Oak, Pine, Mahogany, and Mushroom trees.

    Note that Mushroom Tree saplings sprinkled with Tree Fertilizer will become stumps the following day.

    Do Trees Die in the Winter?

    No, trees do not die during the winter. Standard trees will simply not grow until spring.

    Fruit trees will not produce fruit during winter, though fruit saplings will grow during any season, which helps you prepare for the upcoming season.

    Planting Fruit Trees in Winter

    When Fruit trees are planted inside the greenhouse, they will continue to produce fruit every day after reaching maturity. They will also retain their summer sprites, even in winter.

    Remember, while Fruit trees typically need a clear 3×3 ground area in order to grow, they can be planted against the outer border inside the greenhouse. They cannot, however, be planted directly in the corners.

    The winter landscape in Stardew Valley.