Vampire Survivors: What Does Luck Do?

Vampire Survivors is a game that requires skill, knowledge, and luck. That last aspect is even a stat in the game, highlighting how greatly it influences runs. Pay more attention to this stat and your chances of completing runs skyrocket.

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    Gives a Fourth Option During Level Ups

    Choosing from four options when leveling up in Vampire Survivors.

    One of the most obvious effects of Luck can be seen whenever you level up. When this happens, you normally only have three options of weapons or passive items to choose from. With luck, you can be given a fourth option.

    More Light Sources and Better Loots From Them

    Facing a light source in Vampire Survivors.

    Light sources are scattered throughout each stage in Vampire Survivors. Once broken, these can drop gold coins or even coin bags.

    A gold coin is the most common pickup dropped by light sources. Some of the rarer ones are the vacuum, rosary, and even a treasure chest.

    When your luck stat is high, you have a higher chance of encountering light sources since more of them pop up. Other than that, they’re also more likely to drop rarer pickups.

    More Drops From Treasure Chests

    A chest that contains five rewards in Vampire Survivors.

    Most treasure chests only drop one reward. On rare occasions, they can drop three, or even five rewards. If your luck is high, you have a higher chance of encountering chests that drop more than one reward.

    More Stage Items in Mad Forest and Inlaid Library

    Opening the map while in the Mad Forest.

    The Mad Forest has Spinach, Hollow Heart, Pummarola, Clover, and Skull O’Maniac as stage items. The stage only has one of each. However, if your luck is high, the stage can contain three more spinach and three more clovers.

    The same is applied to the Empty Tomes in the Inlaid Library stage.

    Upgrade Weapons and Items Much Faster

    Leveling up in Vampire Survivors.

    Another effect of luck is that you’re more likely to receive weapons or items that are already in your inventory whenever you level up or open a treasure chest. This means you can upgrade them much faster when your luck is high.

    Effects on Stages

    Encountering a wall of flower enemies in Vampire Survivors.

    The stages in Vampire Survivors contain traps and can spawn massive swarms and walls of enemies. With luck, traps get a higher cooldown while swarms and enemy walls spawn less.

    For example, the Dairy Plant has pressure plates that, once stepped on, can summon a huge swarm of enemies such as minotaurs or jellyfish. These plates normally have a 20-second cooldown before they’re functional again. Increasing your luck increases that cooldown.

    Given how difficult these plates can be to avoid due to the huge number of enemies that are constantly on your tail, this increase in cooldown allows you to avoid accidentally spawning swarms regularly.

    Effects on Weapons

    Attacking in Vampire Survivors.

    Certain weapons have effects that are triggered solely by chance. For example, weapons such as the Bloody Tear, Axe, Vento Sacro, and Heaven Sword are capable of dealing critical hits. The Cherry Bomb may or may not explode. The Vicious Hunger can turn enemies into gold.

    When your luck is high, these effects have a better chance of triggering.

    How to Increase Luck

    There are several ways to increase the luck stat in Vampire Survivors. Some of them increase your luck permanently, while some increase is only active during a run.

    There’s also no limit to how high your luck can be increased, which means you can keep increasing this stat to your heart’s content to gain the benefits mentioned above. That is, of course, if you can pick up the right items for this.

    Character Bonuses

    Toastie at beyond level 100 in Vampire Survivors.

    Certain playable characters in Vampire Survivors have a higher starting luck. If you want to go through a run centered around this stat, these are the characters you should play as.

    • Sir Ambrojoe – +20% luck.
    • Cosmo Pavone – +20% luck and gains 1% more with each level up.
    • Divano Thelma – +30% luck.
    • Queen Sigma – +50% luck.
    • Smith IV – +100% luck and gains 0.7% more with each level up.
    • Exdash Exiviiq – +100% luck and gains +10% more after every 10 levels. The bonus stops at level 50.
    • Toastie – +100% luck and gains 20% more after every 10 levels. The bonus stops at level 100.

    Clover Passive Item

    The Clover passive item from Vampire Survivors.

    Each stat in Vampire Survivors has a passive item that increases it. For luck, the passive item is Clover. Once picked up, this will increase your luck by 10% per level, giving you a 50% boost at level 5.

    There are also clover pickups that you can get from light sources. These will increase your luck by 10%.

    Wicked Season [XIII] Arcana

    The Wicked Season Arcana from Vampire Survivors.

    The Wicked Season [XIII] Arcana card doubles the growth, luck, greed, and curse stats, alternating between them every 10 seconds. On top of that, it also raises these stats by 1% after every two levels.

    Playing in Hyper Mode

    Activating Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors.

    Except for Mad Forest and The Bone Zone, playing in Hyper Mode boosts your luck stat. The Hyper Mode runs in Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, Gallo Tower, Cappella Magna, and Green Acres increase luck by 10% while playing in II Molise and Moongolow increase the stat by 20%.

    Power Up

    The Luck PowerUp in Vampire Survivors.

    You can permanently raise your luck stat by spending coins in the power-up menu. The Luck power-up has three ranks, each permanently raising the stat by 10%.

    Golden Eggs

    Leda after defeating Death.

    A Golden Egg will also permanently raise your luck by 1%. However, this item raises a stat randomly. You can’t personally choose to increase luck whenever you pick up a Golden Egg.

    The luck stat from Vampire Survivors.