The Queen's Plan in Hades.

How to Complete The Queen’s Plan in Hades

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The Queen’s Plan in Hades is the prophecy you need to fulfill to unlock the game’s epilogue. Initiating and completing it can take a lot of time and effort. Here’s everything you need to know.

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    Initiating The Queen’s Plan

    Zagreus and Persephone traveling to the Underworld on Charon's boat.

    To begin The Queen’s Plan prophecy, you must first “complete” the game for the first time. This means escaping the Underworld and speaking with Persephone 10 times. After which, Persephone will finally decide to come back to the House of Hades.

    Back at the House, make sure to speak to Persephone and Hades and give them Nectar as often as you can. Both characters will encourage you to keep escaping to keep up the facade and to improve the security of the Underworld, and this is exactly what you need to do.

    You should also defeat Hades with Extreme Measures 4 enabled, which you can unlock from the House Contractor, to trigger this prophecy much faster.

    Eventually, while speaking to Persephone, the Queen’s Plan prophecy will appear on the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.

    How to Complete The Queen’s Plan

    The symbols of the Olympians in Hades.

    To complete The Queen’s Plan, you will need to grow close with at least 6 of the 9 Olympians. This means raising their affinity levels and unlocking their hearts. Raising affinities in Hades involves simply gifting them Nectars whenever you encounter them. To unlock the hearts, however, you will first need to complete their favors.

    Listed below are the gods of Olympus in Hades and how you can complete their favors to unlock their hearts.


    Zeus' bond forged.

    To complete Zeus’ favor, you will need to hear 5 other gods speak about him. You can do this by getting a boon from Zeus early in the run and coming across another god later.

    Take note that speaking to another god after obtaining a boon from Zeus does not guarantee that them talking about him. Just keep doing this method and you’ll eventually acquire 5 opinions of Zeus from other gods.


    Conversation with Poseidon from Hades.

    You will need to catch at least 18 fish with the Rod of Fishing to complete Poseidon’s favor. You can purchase the Rod of Fishing from the House Contractor after reaching the surface at least once.

    If you want to track how many fish you’ve caught already, purchase the Aquarium for the Lounge from the House Contractor.


    Athena from Hades.

    Receive a compliment from Athena at least 3 times to complete her favor. You will receive a compliment from her simply by successfully escaping the Underworld in your previous run.


    Aphrodite's favor completed in Hades.

    Aphrodite’s favor requires you to complete all 3 romantic storylines. The romanceable characters in Hades are Thanatos, Megaera, and Dusa. Completing these storylines will require you to fill up everyone’s affinities.

    To complete Thanatos’ storyline, beat his score constantly whenever he arrives to assist you in your runs. His hearts should unlock eventually and you can then raise your affinity with him to complete the storyline.

    For Megaera, if you beat her and the two other Fury Sisters enough times in your escape attempts, you will eventually find Meg in your room, who’s just there to retrieve her belongings. Keep doing this process and she’ll return to your room once again, for a different reason this time around.

    As for Dusa, you will need to purchase at least 12 Lounge upgrades from the House Contractor.

    Remember that as you’re doing all of these for the three romanceable characters, you must also constantly gift them Nectar to raise their affinities and Ambrosia once their hearts unlock.

    Once you’ve finished all three storylines, you will have completed Aphrodite’s favor.


    Artemis from Hades.

    This process is straightforward, but it can also be lengthy. Talk to Artemis as often as you can and she’ll eventually talk about a person named Callisto. Learn everything you can about this character from her and you’ll eventually complete her favor.


    Ares' bond forged in Hades.

    Complete the “War-God’s Bloodlust” prophecy to complete Ares’ favor. For this prophecy, you will need to kill a grand total of 10,000 enemies throughout your runs.

    If you’re at this point in the game, there’s a very high chance that you’re close to this number already, if you haven’t already exceeded it.

    You can check how many enemies you’ve already slain by purchasing the Pool of Scrying Bedroom Upgrade from the House Contractor.


    Dionysus from Hades.

    Completing Dionysus’ favor requires you to gift at least 10 Ambrosia to 6 different characters.


    Hermes from Hades.

    Fully upgrade Hermes’ keepsake, the Lambent Plume, and you’ll complete his favor.


    Demeter from Hades

    Demeter is the only god you don’t need to worry about for now, since her favor can only be unlocked after you complete The Queen’s Plan.

    Once you’ve maximized the affinity level of at least 6 Olympians, you will finally complete The Queen’s Plan, getting you closer to finishing the game’s epilogue, which is fairly straightforward from here on out.