How to Make Paper in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Paper

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Key Takeaway

The quickest way to create Paper is by combining Pressure with Wood.

In order to start creating fun items like Gifts and Letters, players of Little Alchemy 2 will first need to learn how to make Paper. It’s a long and winding process that requires many steps to complete.

Table Of Contents

    Ways to Create Paper

    Paper in Little Alchemy 2.

    Wood is a necessary item to create in order to make Paper in Little Alchemy 2. All the recipes for Paper are as follows:

    • Wood + Blender
    • Wood + Machine
    • Wood + Pressure
    • Wood + Water

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Make Paper

    Tree in Little Alchemy 2.

    The fastest way to get a Tree in Little Alchemy 2 is to start with Life and Plant, then mix it with Big and Pressure. Here’s how to make Life.

    • Earth and Earth together make Land.
    • Land and Land create a Continent.
    • Continent and Continent will make a Planet.
    • Planet and Air make Atmosphere.
    • Water mixed with Atmosphere makes Cloud.
    • Fire and Fire two make Energy.
    • Cloud and Energy make Lightning.
    • Water and Water make a Puddle.
    • Puddle times two forms a Pond.
    • Pond and Pond combine to make Lake.
    • Lake and Lightning finally make Life.
    • Combine Life and the Land to make both Soil and Animal.

    Next, make a Tool by creating Humans.

    • Water and Earth will form Mud.
    • Air and Lava make Stone.
    • Mud mixed with Stone will make Clay.
    • Clay and Life together will make a Human.
    • Mix another Stone with Human to form a Tool.

    Last, you need to form a Tree to get some Wood to make the Paper.

    • Combine Cloud with Water to form Rain.
    • Combine Soil with Rain to make a Plant.
    • Next, create Time by mixing together a total of 50 elements.
    • Plant and Time form Tree.
    • Tree and Tool make Wood.
    • Air and Air make Pressure.
    • Wood mixed with Pressure makes Paper.

    Recipes That Require Paper in Little Alchemy 2

    Recipe NameIngredients
    AshPaper + Campfire
    Paper + Fire
    BookPaper + Wood
    CigarettePaper + Tobacco
    ConfettiPaper + Blade
    Paper + Scissors
    Fortune CookiePaper + Cookie
    Paper + Cookie Dough
    Paper + Gingerbread Man
    KitePaper + Air
    Paper + Sky
    Paper + Wind
    LetterPaper + Pencil
    MapPaper + City
    Paper + Continent
    Paper + Hill
    Paper + Lake
    Paper + Land
    Paper + Mountain
    Paper + Mountain Range
    Paper + Ocean
    Paper + River
    Paper + Sea
    Paper + Village
    MoneyPaper + Bank
    Paper + Diamond
    Paper + Gold
    NewspaperPaper + Paper
    Paper + Story
    OrigamiPaper + Animal
    Paper + Bird
    Paper + Cat
    Paper + Chicken
    Paper + Cow
    Paper + Duck
    Paper + Eagle
    Paper + Horse
    Paper + Hummingbird
    Paper + Lion
    Paper + Owl
    Paper + Penguin
    Paper + Pigeon
    Paper + Seagull
    Paper + Vulture
    Paper AirplanePaper + Airplane
    Paper CupPaper + Cup
    PrinterPaper + Computer
    RecipePaper + Baker
    Paper + Bakery
    Paper + Cook
    Paper + Flour
    Paper + Meat
    Paper + Vegetable
    SandpaperPaper + Sand
    ScissorsPaper + Blade
    Paper + Sword
    Sheet MusicPaper + Music
    Wrapping PaperPaper + Christmas Tree
    Paper + Christmas Stocking
    Paper + Gift
    Paper + Santa