Playing billiards with friends in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal: Complete Mini Game Guide

Need a break from studying and sticking it to the bad guys? Play some darts or do a crossword puzzle.

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Persona 5 Royal is about balancing school and relationships while living a double life as a Phantom Thief. While punishing evil will take up a decent chunk of your time, playing the seven available Mini Games can also reward you with some useful loot for your time in the Metaverse.

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    About Persona 5 Royal Minigames

    Playing and doing well in minigames can net you unique accessories, helpful items, or points toward your social stats and confidant ranks. (Playing billiards with your friends will even allow you to deal more damage in the Metaverse!)

    While participation in these seven activities is largely optional, some of them take little to no time to complete and will reward you handsomely. Meeting certain goals in specific minigames will also help you earn awards in the Thieves Den.

    Below, we’ve broken down how to unlock each minigame and how to snag the best possible rewards.

    Batting Cage

    You can find the batting cage in Yongen-Jaya, not far from your new home at Cafe Leblanc.

    To unlock this minigame, you’ll need to read the book Yoncha Walker 04. You’ll find this after completely cleaning your room, which takes a total of three cleaning sessions.

    At first, you’ll only be able to play this minigame at night. However, if you hit three home runs, you’ll be given a Batting Coupon that will let you play during the day. You will get +1 Proficiency for just using the Batting Cage, and +2 Proficiency if you manage to hit five balls.

    Vanilla Persona 5 only had three difficulties, but Persona 5 Royal has a total of six, meaning you can really put your skills to the test.

    Preparing to hit a ball at the batting cages in Persona 5 Royal
    ¥500Default Difficulty
    The Fader???km/h

    Depending on your skill, you’ll walk away with useful battle items and accessories. Hitting five home runs on the hardest difficulty will reward you with a pair of Sturdy Suspenders, making you impervious to the mental-type ailments Confuse, Fear, Rage, and Despair.

    If you’re finding this minigame difficult, you can purchase the book Batting Science from the Hinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku for ¥2,800 after 6/18. This will let you use your Third Eye ability while you play.

    DifficultyPrize for Five Home RunsNo Miss Prize
    BeginnerAce Cap
    (Decreases chance of being hit by a Critical attack.)
    Accu-Speed S
    (Raises Accuracy/Evasion for one ally for three turns.)
    IntermediateRaging Wristband
    (Increases Attack when inflicted by Rage.)
    Harder Core S
    (Raises Defense for one ally for three turns.)
    AdvancedGrand Slam Charm
    (Increases chance of Critical.)
    Stronger Lift S
    (Raises Attack for one ally for three turns.)
    ExpertCompression Socks
    (Greatly increases Evasion from Phys skills. Does not stack.)
    Idaten Ofuda
    (Raises Accuracy/Evasion for all allies for three turns.)
    InsaneHall of Fame Belt
    (Automatic Marakukaja at the start of battle.)
    Salvation S
    (Increases ATK/DEF/Accuracy/Evasion for one ally.)
    The FaderSturdy Suspenders
    (Prevents infliction of Confuse/Fear/Rage/Despair.)
    Strength Up Ofuda
    (Doubles the damage of physical attacks one time.)

    Scoring a single hit will earn you the Batter Up! trophy on PlayStation consoles. Hitting 30 home runs will get you the Home Run King award in the Thieves Den.

    Crossword Puzzle

    On specific nights, you’ll find a book of crossword puzzles on the far left table at Leblanc. Interact with the book and you’ll be tasked with solving a single clue.

    You don’t need to take any specific action to unlock the crossword puzzle minigame.

    While doing a crossword in vanilla Persona 5 caused time to pass, that’s not the case in Persona 5 Royal. Not doing this minigame means you’re just leaving free Knowledge points on the table, literally.

    Solving 15 crossword puzzles will earn you the Word Wizard award in the Thieves Den.

    See the full list of crossword puzzle clues, answers, and dates here.


    You’ll find the billiards minigame inside the Penguin Sniper club in Kichijoji, which becomes available soon after finishing the second Palace. Each game costs ¥800.

    Introduced in Persona 5 Royal, the billiards minigame will actually make you and your party stronger in the Metaverse. As you play more and more, you’ll unlock specific books related to billiards. Reading these will teach you how to be better at the game, and performing the trick shots you learn will increase your overall Technical Rank. This mechanic lets you deal extra damage to your foes, regardless of their weaknesses.

    1NoneIncreased Technical damage up (Level 1)
    2Rank 2 Proficiency
    Buy and read the book 'Expert Billiards' from the Shibuya Sports Store in the Underground Mall
    Increased Technical damage up (Level 2)
    3Rank 3 Proficiency
    Buy the Jump Cue from the Shibuya Sports Store in the Underground Mall
    Increased Technical damage up (Level 3) + down rate up
    4Rank 5 Proficiency
    Buy and read the book 'Billiards Magician' from the Shibuya Sports Store in the Underground Mall
    Increased Technical damage up (Level 4) + down rate up (100%)

    Playing billiards will give +1 to a random social stat, with the exception of Kindness. While you can’t choose which of your friends come to play with you, you’ll earn a Confidant point for those who show up.

    Playing a game of billiards will earn you the A Hustler’s Journey trophy on PlayStation. Playing five times will get you the Pool Shark Pup award in the Thieves Den.


    You can play darts in the same place as billiards–the Penguin Sniper club in Kichijoji. A game also costs ¥800, and similarly, playing will help to increase your Technical Rank.

    Darts will also help you to increase your Baton Pass Rank with your friends, capping at Rank 3. Depending on how well you perform, you’ll receive between one and three Proficiency points. Like billiards, you’ll earn a Confidant point towards all friends who tag along. You’re able to choose one of your friends to play with, while two are selected at random to come and watch.

    The available difficulties are 301, 501, and 701. These numbers dictate the number of points that you’ll need to reduce to 0, making 701 the hardest difficulty.

    Playing darts with friends in Persona 5 Royal

    Each of your potential darts partners has their own way of playing. Some are more difficult to play with than others–for example, Yusuke focuses more on how he looks while playing and less on putting out good results, usually aiming for lower numbers. Despite her world-class gymnastics skills, Kasumi is known for missing her shots consistently.

    During a match, your friend might ask for your input on their performance. Below, along with each character’s play style, we’ve listed the appropriate responses. Choosing the right one will help your partner to do their best.

    CharacterThrowing StyleDescriptionCorrect Response
    MorganaMiracle PawAims for the highest score. Extremely accurate."I'm counting on you."
    Ryuji SakamotoA Dependable BrotherAims for the bullseye. Extremely accurate."You gotta psych yourself up!"
    Ann TakamakiCaptivating FormAims for the bullseye. Extremely accurate."Just play like normal."
    Yusuke KitagawaElegant FingersThrows calmly and elegantly. Extremely accurate. "Pretend like you're painting."
    Makoto NiijimaThe Best AnswerAims for the highest score. Extremely accurate."Take a deep breath."
    Futaba SakuraBrainyKnows what to do but can't always do it. Very shaky."This is real."
    Haru OkumuraGodlike LuckGets super high scores by sheer luck. Consistently accurate."Have fun with it."
    Goro AkechiKeen SightedIncredibly skilled. Throws sporadically but accurately.N/A
    Kasumi YoshizawaOn a RollCopies your throw but usually fails. Very shaky."Trust your instincts."

    Purchasing the Dart Set at the Next Ace sports store in the Shibuya Underground Mall will cause the dart to deviate less as you plan your throw, making it much easier to land your shot. Additionally, reading the book Learn Pro Darts will let you use your Third Eye skill while playing darts, making your throws more accurate. This book can be purchased at the Hinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku after 7/5.

    Playing a game of darts will earn you the Dartslinger trophy on PlayStation. Playing 10 times will get you the Spirited Dartsman award in the Thieves Den.


    Once you unlock the ability to travel to Ichigaya, you’ll be able to start fishing. Reading the book Fishpond Spotter from the Taiheido Bookstore in Shibuya will unlock Ichigaya and can be purchased as early as 7/17 for ¥1,800.

    Additionally, agreeing to hang out with Ryuji on 7/6 is an even easier way to unlock Ichigaya.

    Waiting for a fish to bite in Persona 5 Royal

    Fishing costs a whopping ¥3,000 during the day, but fishing at night will only set you back ¥1,000. The first time you fish, you’ll be given seven Small Boilies, used to catch small-type fish, and three Medium Boilies, used to catch medium-type fish.

    You can catch nine different types of fish, and each fish caught can be either small, medium, or large. Each fish caught is assigned a point value, and you can spend these points on the unique rewards listed below.

    Medium BoilieAllows you to catch Medium fish. 60 Points
    Large BoilieAllows you to catch Large fish.250 Points
    Top-class BoilieAllows you to catch normal fish of any size. 400 Points
    Suspicious BoilieAllows you to lure and catch the Ichigaya Guardian and the Ichigaya Kingpin.1,200 Points
    Casual RodAllows you to fail 3 times before the next cast causes your session to end. 300 Points
    Powerful RodAllows you to fail 4 times before the next cast causes your session to end. 2,000 Points
    Miracle RodAllows you to fail 5 times before the next cast causes your session to end. 10,000 Points
    Hi-Tech RodAllows you to fail 6 times before the next cast causes your session to end. 28,000 Points
    Weakener SprayLowers the Attack of all foes for 3 turns.500 Points
    Black RobeContains the power of transmutation allowing you to itemize some Persona into armor. Can be equipped by all men except for Morgana.6,000 Points
    Lure KeychainGrants the user the passive skill Fortified Moxy. Increases critical rate by 15 perfect if an enemy is ambushed.6,000 Points
    Umi Sachihiko's BeltGrants the user the passive skill Auto-Mataru. Increases the party's attack power at the start of battle.30,000 Points
    Fish God's BadgeGrants the user the passive skill Ali Dance. The Hit rate of an attacking enemy is reduced by half.100,000 Points

    The book Essence of Fishing, available at the Hinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku, lists how many points each fish is worth. Reading the book will also let you use Third Eye while you fish, allowing you to see which fish will reward you with the most points when caught.

    You can also consult the chart below for point values.

    FishBoilie to UsePoints
    Red FishSmallLess than 10cm: 20pt
    Exactly 10cm: 30pt
    Greater than 10cm: 40pt
    Tokyo BitterlingSmallLess than 10cm: 40pt
    Exactly 10cm: 50pt
    Greater than 10cm: 60pt
    Rough CarpSmallLess than 10cm: 30pt
    Exactly 10cm: 40pt
    Greater than 10cm: 50pt
    Seven-color TroutMediumLess than 10cm: 100pt
    Exactly 10cm: 150pt
    Greater than 10cm: 200pt
    White CarpMediumLess than 10cm: 200pt
    Exactly 10cm: 250pt
    Greater than 10cm: 300pt
    Treasure TroutMediumLess than 10cm: 300pt
    Exactly 10cm: 350pt
    Greater than 10cm: 400pt
    Delish BitterlingLargeLess than 10cm: 600pt
    Exactly 10cm: 700pt
    Greater than 10cm: 800pt
    Peerless CarpLargeLess than 10cm: 800pt
    Exactly 10cm: 1000pt
    Greater than 10cm: 1200pt
    Ichigaya GuardianTop-classLess than 10cm: 4500pt
    Exactly 10cm: 5000pt
    Greater than 10cm: 5500pt

    Occasionally, you’ll have the chance to tag a particular fish to earn double points.

    The weather can also impact how many points you earn while fishing. Fishing while it’s rainy or snowy will make tagged fish more often.

    Spending time fishing will earn you the Angler’s Debut trophy on PlayStation. Earning 100,000 points by fishing will net you the Angler award in the Thieves Den.

    Quiz Show

    On some Thursdays, you can interact with the TV in Cafe Leblanc to take part in a quick one-question quiz. Answering correctly will reward you with some quick and easy Knowledge points. Watching the quiz show does not cause time to pass, and you do not need to unlock this minigame.

    Playing along with the quiz show in front of the TV at Cafe Leblanc in Persona 5 Royal

    Throughout the entirety of Persona 5 Royal, there are only 11 opportunities to watch the quiz show.

    5/19B. Make noise to cause neurosis
    5/26A. Queen of Evidence
    6/2B. Do not pay the salary to the keeper.
    6/23B. Order a meal despite being penniless.
    8/4B. Use someone else's car but return it.
    9/22A. 10 years in prison
    9/29A. Divulging someone's crimes
    11/10B. You in front of the TV
    11/24A. The chairman decides
    12/8A. Attempted murder
    12/15A. A wanted burglar cannot be free

    Retro Video Games

    To play some old-school video games, you’ll need to purchase a CRT Television and a Famidrive from the Second-hand Shop in Yongen-Jaya. These items cost ¥2,500 and ¥5,000, respectively. The television is available immediately, while the Famidrive goes on sale starting on 6/5. It also comes bundled with your first game, Star Forneus.

    Playing retro video games in your room in Persona 5 Royal

    Each video game is tied to a particular social stat, which you can see listed below. We’ve also listed when and where to purchase each retro title and how many plays it will take to complete each one.

    NameChapters to BeatSocial Stat Increased (+2)Where to BuyPriceDate
    Star Forneus3GutsSecond-hand Shop, Yongen-JayaComes with Famidrive6/5
    Featherman Seeker3KnowledgeRetro Game Shop Super Baron, Akihabara¥5,0009/1
    Golfer Sarutahiko
    3ProficiencyRetro Game Shop Super Baron, Akihabara¥3,2009/1
    Gambla Goemon2CharmSecond-hand Shop, Yongen-Jaya¥5,2007/26
    Punch Ouch3CharmRetro Game Shop Super Baron, Akihabara¥5,3009/1
    Power Intuition3GutsRetro Game Shop Super Baron, Akihabara¥5,5009/1
    Train of Life3KindnessRetro Game Shop Super Baron, Akihabara¥5,6009/1

    Each game will require you to input certain commands that appear on the screen. To make this easier, you can buy the Game Secrets book from Hinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku after playing at least one game.

    Finishing a game will reward you with a unique card. Take these cards to the Retro Game Shop Super Baron in Akihabara to exchange them for useful items.

    Star ForneusShooting CardForneus Badge
    (Ice Amp: Ice Attacks strengthened by 50 percent.)
    Featherman SeekerFeather CardFeatherman Badge
    (Wind Amp: Wind Attacks strengthened by 50 percent.)
    Golfer SautahikoGolf CardGolfer Badge
    (Psy Amp: Psy Attacks strengthened by 50 percent.)
    Gambla GoemonGambling CardGambla Badge
    (Evade Elec: Triples the wearer's Evasion Rate when targeted with Electric Attacks.)
    Punch OuchBoxing CardPunch Badge
    (Evade Fire: Triples the wearer's Evasion Rate when targeted with Fire Attacks.)
    Power IntuitionFighting CardPI Badge
    (Nuke Amp: Nuclear Attacks strengthened by 50 percent.)
    Train of LifeRailroad CardTrain Badge
    (Elec Amp: Electric Attacks stregthened by 50 percent.)

    Completing all retro games will earn you the Golden Fingers award in the Thieves Den.