The note for the Bug Buster 2 Merchant Request in Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – Separate Ways: Bug Buster 2

One more push!

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Key Takeaway

  • The first Novistador can be found from the ledge before the defensive line; look to the left and you’ll find it.
  • The second Novistador is on a tower to the right of the defensive line area.
  • The last one is on a cliff next to a turret bunker close to the objective marker.

Bug Buster 2 is the second insect-slaying request in Resident Evil 4 — Separate Ways and the last Merchant Request in the DLC. You find this once you make it to a highly defended area on the Island in Chapter 6. It’s time for one last bug extermination.

Table Of Contents

    Novistador #1

    On the cliff just before the defensive line area where you can scope out the turrets, look to the left and you’ll see a Novistador attached on a cliff.

    Ada looking at a Novistador clinging on the side of a cliff.

    Be sure to eliminate the bug from here instead of from the ground below to avoid the line of fire from the turrets.

    Novistador #2

    Hop down to the main area of the defensive line, then slowly and carefully make your way to the right. Use the grapple point here to get to the higher ledge ahead. Keep heading forward until you reach an area with multiple enemies in it. Defeat the enemies here before moving on.

    Ada facing a handful of enemies in the defensive line.

    Once all the enemies are eliminated, equip a Biosensor Scope-mounted rifle. Stand somewhere near the part of this area where there’s a metal fence with railings above it. Look up to the upper right and you’ll spot a tower.

    Ada looking up at a tower to the right.

    Aim at this tower using the rifle and you’ll see the heat signature of the second Novistador.

    Ada looking at a Novistador through a Biosensor Scope.

    You don’t necessarily need the rifle to find the Novistador, but it makes spotting it much easier.

    Novistador #3

    The final Novistador is on a cliff in the area across from where the objective marker is found. You can get close to the objective marker and shoot the bug from up close, but you can also see it from afar using a rifle and a Biosensor Scope.

    After killing the second bug, head to the area on the left, walk down the flight of stairs, then proceed to the other staircase on the left.

    Ada running towards a flight of stairs.

    Head up the stairs and defeat the nearby enemies. Be wary, as there are quite a few of them here and some will throw bombs at you. Keep following the left wall as you continue heading forward. Keep going until you’re facing the back of a turret bunker.

    Ada running towards the back of a turret bunker.

    Go next to the barbed fence in this area and aim your rifle at the spot where the objective marker is located. You can see the last Novistador from here.

    Ada looking at a far away Novistador through a Biosensor Scope.

    Bug Buster 2 Rewards

    Once all three Novistadors are eliminated, progress through the game until you meet the merchant again. You’ll receive nine Spinels for completing this request. If you’ve completed all the Merchant Requests prior to this one, you’ll also receive the Elite Knife as a reward.

    To get the Elite Knife, return to the main menu, head to the Extra Content Shop, and you can purchase the Elite Knife from here. The next time you hop back into the game, approach a Typewriter and you’ll find the Elite Knife in your storage.

    If you’ve completed every single Merchant Request already—congratulations! You’ve officially destroyed every Blue Medallion, every bug, and done every other thing the merchant has asked of you. You should have enough Spinels by now to purchase gemstones, Small Keys, and briefcases. All that’s left to do now is to finally complete the game!

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