The note for the Bug Buster 1 Merchant Request in Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – Separate Ways: Bug Buster 1

Be the exterminator!

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Key Takeaway

  • The first Novistador is on the ceiling right after the first boulder you run past.
  • The second Novistador is on the ceiling on the narrow pathway that leads to the objective marker.
  • The last one is on the side of the Ancient Chantry outside the Path of Penitence.

Bug Buster 1 is the fifth merchant request in Resident Evil 4 — Separate Ways. You’ll encounter this in the Path of Penitence in Chapter 5. The bugs, known as Novistadors, are camouflaged. Aim at them with a Biosensor Scope and you’ll find them more easily.

Table Of Contents

    Novistador #1

    Ada looking at a camouflaged Novistador on a rocky cave wall.

    When you first enter the Path of Penitence, you’ll need to pull a lever to open up a path. This activates the boulder traps in this area. Run past the first boulder in the area where the lever is located. After running past this lever, immediately look up and you’ll find the first Novistador.

    Novistador #2

    Ada looking at a camouflaged Novistador near a wooden beam in a dark cave.

    Make your way to the objective marker in the Path of Penitence. The objective marker is at the end of the southern exit of the section. Enter this narrow pathway and go up the stairs. Once you make it to the top of the staircase, turn around and aim at the ceiling to find the second Novistador.

    Novistador #3

    Ada aiming at a Novistador clinging on the side of a building.

    Exit the Path of Penitence to be out in the open again. First, defeat all the enemies in this area. Once the area is clear, aim at the side of the Ancient Chantry structure to the left. You’ll find the last Novistador clinging to the side of the wall.

    Bug Buster 1 Rewards

    Once you’ve eliminated all three Novistadors, simply make it to the merchant again and you’ll receive eight Spinels. If you require more Small Keys, gemstones, or treasures, now is the time to purchase them using your newly acquired Spinels. Otherwise, you can save up your Spinels so you can purchase an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket later on.

    The Bug Buster request is definitely a bit more challenging than the ones prior, like the Eradicate the Blue Medallions requests. These Novistadors are tricky to spot, but at least they don’t attack you. The Novistadors are some of the most bothersome enemies in the game, after all. It’s not over yet, though. You’ll encounter another Bug Buster request later on.

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