A showcase of every rank in Rocket League.

Rocket League Ranks, Explained

Rise through the ranks as you become better and better at Rocket League!

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Key Takeaway

There are over 22 ranks in Rocket League, from Bronze I to Supersonic Legend. Win more games than you lose and you will naturally climb the rank ladder. On the other hand, if you lose more games than you win, your rank will drop.

Rocket League has a ton of ranks. This promotes competition within the game and the community itself. At its core: play more and get good so that you’ll climb the ranks. However, Rocket League’s rank system is a tad more complicated than that.

Table Of Contents

    Rocket League Ranks

    Before we get into what Rocket League‘s system ranking means, the things you need to do to rank up, and what each rank entails, let’s take a look at each rank first:

    • Unranked
    • Bronze I
    • Bronze II
    • Bronze III
    • Silver I
    • Silver II
    • Silver III
    • Gold I
    • Gold II
    • Gold III
    • Platinum I
    • Platinum II
    • Platinum III
    • Diamond I
    • Diamond II
    • Diamond III
    • Champion I
    • Champion II
    • Champion III
    • Grand Champion I
    • Grand Champion II
    • Grand Champion III
    • Supersonic Legend

    You are classified as Unranked when you first play Rocket League and you can then get to Bronze 1 after playing 10 Unranked games. When you finally get your first official ranking, your succeeding games will determine your rank.

    How to Rank Up in Rocket League

    Winning a game in Rocket League.

    The more you win, the more you’ll rank up; and, if you lose more than you win, your rank will go down. That’s basically how the ranking system works in Rocket League. While this sounds simple enough, there are a few more things you need to keep in mind if you’re keen on tracking your rank.

    There are Divisions within each rank. These divisions will let you know exactly where you are within your rank and how close or far you are from ranking up. There are four Divisions within each rank. From lowest to highest, they are:

    • Division I
    • Division II
    • Division III
    • Division IV

    You can see which Division you fall under on each playlist when you head to Competitive mode, which is where you’ll play to rank up or rank down if you lose.

    For example, if your Rank is Silver I and your Division is Division I, that means you’re at the bottom league of the Silver rank. Keep playing and winning until your Division rises. Once you get to Division IV, you’ll know you’re getting close to moving on to the Gold Rank.

    Playlist Rankings

    There are three playlists in the Competitive mode: 3v3 Standard, 2v2 Doubles, and 1v1 Duel. Each playlist has separate rankings. This means if you win more 3v3 games, your ranking in this playlist will rise. It will not affect your ranking in the other playlists.

    Most players stick to one playlist and focus on that so they can rank up faster. Some will select each playlist whenever they find matches and aim to rank up each playlist concurrently. This is a slower process, but you become better at each playlist. Which one you’ll opt for is entirely up to you.

    Rocket League MMR

    If you want to know where you are in terms of ranking down to the basest data, you can take a look at your MMR, or matchmaking rank. Only those who are on the rank of Grand Champion can see their MMRs in-game. However, there is a third-party tool that tracks your Rocket League MMR if you’re not Grand Master yet.

    Your MMR determines your rank and how you’ll be matched up in Competitive mode. You play with and against players that have about the same MMR as you do. However, if you do win against players with a higher MMR than you, you earn more points. Conversely, you also earn fewer points when you win against players with a lower MMR.

    This is a double-edged sword since you will also lose more MMR if you lose against low MMR players, and the other way around.

    Don’t stress too much about the MMR. The only thing you need to know is that your MMR increases the more you win matches and it decreases whenever you lose.

    What to Expect From Each Rank

    Performing an aerial goal in Rocket League.

    The more you rank up in Rocket League, the more you’ll see changes in play style and the priorities of every player. The more you play with and against these players, the better you’ll become—as long as you play consistently. That being said, you need to adapt your play style whenever you rank up so you can consistently win games and continue ranking up.

    The players on each rank play very differently. On average, you’ll begin to see a change in play style whenever you pass two Tiers or the named Ranks you attain foregoing the numbers. Know what to expect from these players so you can adjust your play style and know which mechanics to practice.

    Bronze and Silver

    Bronze and Silver players mainly stay on the ground. Players consistently boost to move around faster and you’ll rarely see anyone go high up in the air to do aerial shots. Tricky mechanics such as air dribbles rarely happen when you’re in these ranks.

    It is best to remain on the ground while you’re in these ranks. Practice how to go fast on the ground without losing control or momentum—such as using Speed Flips. Practice making long shots and performing saves while on the ground. Most importantly, work on your accuracy.

    When you get to Silver II and Silver III, you may begin to see players starting to take to the air. At this point, you’ll want to practice how to at least score aerial goals as well.

    Gold and Platinum

    Gold and Platinum players are more mechanically knowledgeable. Many players in these ranks know how to do aerials, air dribbles, and perform air rolls to control their cars while in mid-air. However, consistency is lacking and, while many try to do these mechanics, many also fail.

    Players in the Gold and Platinum also play faster on the ground. You’ll see a lot of flips while running on the ground to gain momentum without boosts. Many players in these ranks also know how to consistently pull off speed flips, half flips, dribbles, and flicks.

    These players are still much more effective on the ground than they are in the air. Your teammates expect you to know how to control your boosts while doing aerials. Failing to do so will make it harder to reach higher ranks.

    Recoveries also become vital once you make it to these ranks, especially at Platinum rank. This is because most Platinum players can consistently make shots accurately and move around the arena with precise control. Any time spent trying to recover is time wasted.

    Diamond and Champion

    Aerial control is one of the most important mechanics once you make it to the Diamond and Champion ranks. Making it to the ball in the air consistently, using the walls to get around, air dribbles that lead to points: these are all aspects every player in these ranks should know.

    On top of that, these players also need to have mastered ground dribbling. Controlling the car and the ball while on the ground and taking it to the goal efficiently is a must. Essentially, Diamond and Champion players need to be able to control the game on the ground and in the air.

    Diamond and Champion players also take their teammates into account. No longer do they simply run around while chasing the ball; many are conscious passers and goalkeepers. They make an effort to perform assists and saves as much as they try to score goals.

    Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend

    Finally, the Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend ranks. These players are the best of the best. Some of the pros you know are in here. If you want to excel and make it to Supersonic Legend and remain there, take into account everything you’ve read here and be a master of all of it.

    From the fundamentals to the most advanced mechanics, everything needs to be mastered. You’re at the top 1% at this point, after all. It’s not easy getting here, but it becomes extremely satisfying once you finally do and become a master of the game at this point.

    Rocket League is a highly technical game and getting to the highest ranks requires skill and time. Don’t be discouraged if you get stuck in one rank or when it decreases. Keep at it. Learn some of the game’s mechanics. Know which of the game’s best vehicles works best for you. Most importantly, have fun while you’re playing!

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