Using a bandage in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep: How to Revive

Bring a friend back to life with this neat little item.

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Key Takeaway

The only way to revive someone in Stranded Deep is to use a Bandage.

You don’t have to brave the world of Stranded Deep alone, as you can play co-op mode with a friend. In fact, you can even revive each other in Stranded Deep whenever one of you falls. There’s one item in the game that lets you do just that: Bandages.

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    How to Use Bandages

    The Bandage is the item you’ll need to revive a fallen friend in Stranded Deep. Once you have one equipped, simply approach your fallen friend and hold the displayed prompt to revive them.

    At the beginning of the game, you can find a Bandage in the Storage compartment of the Life Raft. However, if you’ve used them already and need more, you can craft them with the following materials:

    • 1 Cloth
    • 1 Lashing
    Crafting a Bandage in Stranded Deep.

    You can find Cloth somewhere around the island. Try exploring close to the shoreline and you’re bound to find a few on the ground. To create a Lashing, you’ll need four Fibrous Leaves. You can get these by breaking down Yucca Trees and Young Palm Trees.

    How to Avoid Needing to Be Revived

    Resources can be scarce in Stranded Deep. If you constantly need to be revived all the time, your co-op buddy might run out of materials to craft bandages for you. That being said, be mindful of your environment so as to not encounter or accidentally step on animals that may damage you.

    Also, be mindful of the things you drink and eat. Eat or drink unclean food or water and you will be afflicted with negative status effects such as diarrhea and poisoning. If you ever find yourself afflicted with these statuses, know how to heal yourself to avoid needing to be revived.

    That’s the only way to revive someone in Stranded Deep. Thankfully, the materials needed to craft a Bandage are easy to craft or obtain. If you enjoy playing co-op with a pal, make sure to have a steady supply of the aforementioned materials so you can craft Bandages on the spot. On the other hand, make sure to have cooked food and clean, drinkable water so you’ll avoid needing to be revived all the time.

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