The player throwing the Zenith sword into Lava.

Terraria: Does Lava Burn Items?

Burn, baby, burn!

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Key Takeaway

Most “White” rarity items will burn after coming into contact with Lava. Any rarities higher than that won’t burn at all, so your valuables will be safe if you die next to Lava. Just make sure to bank your coins!

While standing by a burning river of magma laden with high-quality loot, you may have found yourself wondering: does Lava burn items in Terraria? The answer is yes—but only common and invaluable ones! Rarer goods are—thankfully—invincible to burning. Handy if you accidentally throw in a valuable item.

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    Does Lava Burn Items?

    A player standing in the Underworld with Lava nearby.

    The short answer is yes. Lava burns most common items that are “White” in terms of rarity, including all Coins—like Platinum. The object will be instantly destroyed as soon as it submerges in Lava. Lava will destroy most furniture and platforms as well, except Obsidian and Stone.

    The sizzling sound effect and the burning Lava sprite animation tells you if an item has burned or not.

    At the same time, whether or not a “White” tier item will burn depends on the size of the Lava pool. For instance, if you throw Coins into a thin strip of Lava, they will burn. However, furniture will survive the same circumstances.

    What Items Don’t Burn in Lava?

    All Terraria items and rarities that can't be burned in Lava.

    On the positive side, all item rarities from Blue to Purple, Rainbow, Amber, and Red will not be destroyed upon contact with Lava. This includes important weapons and utility tools like the Zenith, Cellphone, Enchanted Sword, and Quest items for the Angler. Strangely enough, Gray “Junk” items from fishing cannot burn in Lava.

    There are five “White” rarity items that won’t burn, even when thrown into a wide pool of Lava.

    • Fireblossom
    • Fireblossom Seeds
    • Grate
    • Living Fire Block
    • Obsidian

    Having Lava pools is a handy way to quickly dispose of common items clogging up your inventory. You can also use Lava pits to defend your home base from incoming enemy waves, like during a Blood Moon. Accidents can happen, so knowing that your valuables won’t burn in fiery pits should have you breathing a sigh of relief.

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