All eight Town Slimes in Terraria against a generic Hallow background.

Terraria: How to Get “The Great Slime Mitosis” Achievement

Slime to get hunting!

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Key Takeaway

There are eight Town Slimes you need to collect for “The Great Slime Mitosis” achievement.

  1. Squire Slime: Throw a Copper Shortsword or Copper Helmet onto any Slime mob.
  2. Nerdy Slime: Spawns after the King Slime has been defeated.
  3. Cool Slime: Has a chance to move in while a natural party is active.
  4. Surly Slime: Can randomly be fished up during a Blood Moon.
  5. Elder Slime: Found in Old Shaking Chests underground, unlocked with a Golden Key.
  6. Diva Slime: Spawns after throwing a Sparkle Slime Balloon into Shimmer.
  7. Clumsy Slime: Floats by Sky Islands and is attached to a balloon.
  8. Mystic Slime: Transforms after sprinkling Purification Powder onto a Frog in the Jungle.

As of the 1.4.4 update, Terraria combines NPCs and slimes to create eight Town Slimes: lovable and pettable NPCs that can move into your town. Like Pokémon, Terraria encourages players to collect all eight with the dedicated achievement, “The Great Slime Mitosis.” Here’s how to get ’em all.

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    What Are Town Slimes?

    Two Town Slimes living alongside some NPCs in Terraria.

    There are eight Town Slimes to find to get “The Great Slime Mitosis” achievement. A Town Slime is a Town Pet, like a Bunny or Cat. Town Slimes can move into the same house as another NPC and don’t have any preferred living arrangements.

    Here are all the Town Slimes in Terraria for you to collect. You should get the achievement as soon as all eight have moved in.

    • Squire Slime
    • Nerdy Slime
    • Cool Slime
    • Surly Slime
    • Elder Slime
    • Diva Slime
    • Clumsy Slime
    • Mystic Slime

    Squire Slime

    You can turn this plain slime into a knight! All you have to do to unlock the Squire Slime is throw either a Copper Shortsword or a Copper Helmet at any Slime mob, and it will transform into this decked-out copper hero.

    Nerdy Slime

    The Nerdy Slime will automatically move in as soon as the King Slime has been defeated. King Slime is a pre-Hardmode boss that spawns after killing 150 Slimes during the Slime Rain event or if the player activates the Slime Crown boss-summoning item.

    Cool Slime

    There’s always one party-crasher! The Cool Slime has a chance to move in during any naturally occurring Party, so you can’t use the Party Center for this one! Parties have a random 10% chance of happening at any dawn of a new day.

    Surly Slime

    Catch the Surly Slime by fishing in any body of water during a Blood Mood event. Significantly boosting your Fishing Power with better bait and using a Sonar Potion are great ways of helping you net this sourpuss slime quicker. You can trigger Blood Moon events manually by using a Bloody Tear.

    Elder Slime

    The Elder Slime can be found in an Old Shaking Chest underground once you’ve defeated Skeletron. The Lifeform Analyzer and it’s various upgrades, like the Cell Phone, can detect Old Shaking Chests. However, the kicker is that you can only release this Slime from its golden tomb with a Golden Key found inside the Dungeon.

    Diva Slime

    To get the Diva Slime, you only need to toss a Sparkle Slime Balloon into a pool of Shimmer in the Aether biome. Once you’ve done that, the Diva Slime will emerge from the sparkly liquid like a butterfly from a cocoon.

    Sparkle Slime Balloons are a guaranteed drop from the Queen Slime, summoned from Gelatin Crystals in the Hallow.

    Clumsy Slime

    Put on your wings; it’s time to take to the skies! The Clumsy Slime rarely spawns near Floating Islands, bobbing around the Space layer while attached to a balloon. In light of its status as a rare creature, it is also detectable by the Lifeform Analyzer as the “Clumsy Balloon Slime.” Add her to your Town Slime collection by attacking the balloon.

    Mystic Slime

    The Mystic Slime is the hardest Town Slime to get, requiring a great deal of patience. In essence, all you have to do is throw some Purification Powder—bought from the Dryad—onto a Mystic Frog.

    Seems simple, right? Wrong. Mystic Frogs only have a 3.33% chance to spawn instead of a regular Frog on the Jungle surface.

    Battle Potions and Garden Gnomes can increase the Mystic Frog’s spawn rate. Ensure you have the Guide To Critter Companionship in your inventory to avoid accidentally killing it once you find one.

    Having all these Town Slimes moved in will make your home a hive of activity. For Terraria achievement hunters, “The Great Slime Mitosis” may be one of the last ones they need to complete the game. Chances are, you still need to get the “And Good Riddance” achievement by cleansing all Evil biomes from your world.

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