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Terraria: How to Get the Zenith

One sword to rule them all!

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Key Takeaway

The Zenith requires ten different swords to craft at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil: Copper Shortsword, Bee Keeper, Enchanted Sword, Starfury, Terra Blade, Seedler, Horseman’s Blade, Influx Waver, Meowmere, and Starwrath.

The Zenith is a highly sought-after end-game sword, taking players on a journey from the beginning to the end of the game. The trouble is, it does have an extensive crafting tree, requiring ten different swords to get the Zenith in Terraria.

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    Crafting Ingredients for the Zenith

    All swords required to make the Zenith.

    The Zenith has one of the largest crafting trees in the game, requiring the following ten swords and the use of a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil. The Terra Blade itself also has an extensive crafting tree with many different ingredients. It’s best if players save the Zenith’s requirements in chests to save time, although it doesn’t matter what order in which you collect the swords.

    Copper Shortsword

    Firstly, players should get their hands on the Copper Shortsword. All players need is an Iron or Lead Anvil and seven Copper Bars.

    Three Copper Ore smelted in a Furnace to make one Copper Bar. Copper is an easy resource to get your hands on with your starting pickaxe, available at the Surface and the Underground levels.

    Enchanted Sword

    In contrast to the Copper Shortsword, Enchanted Swords are a rare find. They are only obtainable from an Enchanted Sword Shrine underground. Typically, they spawn in the outer two-thirds of your randomly generated world, near the Beach biomes.

    You should dig a one-tile shaft down. Fingers crossed you land on an Enchanted Sword cavern! If you don’t want to waste time, you can also try fishing for an Enchanted Sword, with a 2% drop chance from Golden and Titanium Crates.

    However, if you don’t fancy finding find an Enchanted Sword on your own merit, you can use this world seed and run left to the Beach biome to reach 3531 West. Dig straight down to find your gem-encrusted Enchanted Sword!

    Bee Keeper

    The Queen Bee is one of the first bosses players will encounter in Terraria. Although she is an optional boss, she is a necessary foe to conquer if you want to build the Zenith. The Bee Keeper broadsword has a 33% drop rate and summons a legion of bees when swung.


    Floating among the clouds above, players can rarely find the Starfury sword in Skyware Chests, with a 25% chance. The Starfury sword can be found relatively early at Floating Islands. However, most players wait until Hardmode when they can craft Wings.

    If you’ve created a Large Terraria world, a maximum of nine Floating Islands will spawn.

    If you fish on a Floating Island that has a body of water, there’s also a chance of finding a Starfury inside a Sky Crate.


    Delving into the depths of the Underground Jungle in Hardmode, players will find the Plantera bulb. The Seedler sword has a 14% chance of dropping from Plantera.

    If you struggle to organically locate Plantera bulbs, you can create their own artificial Underground Jungle to farm Plantera bulbs until this rare sword drops.

    The Horseman’s Blade

    Following this, the Pumpkin Moon is the only way to get the Horseman’s Blade, as a drop from the main boss, Pumpking. Using the Pumpkin Moon Medallion, players can summon the Pumpkin Moon. This requires 5 Ectoplasm, 10 Hallowed Bars, 30 Pumpkins, and a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.

    Once summoned, the Pumpkin Moon will turn the screen dark with 20 waves of incoming Halloween-themed enemies. The Pumpking boss will appear several times towards the end, giving players plenty of chances to claim The Horseman’s Blade, with a 12.5% drop chance.

    Influx Waver

    If players soar into space, they may subsequently encounter a rare Martian Probe entity. It will leave the screen once it spots the player and summon the Martian Madness home invasion event.  The next ingredient for the Zenith is the Influx Waver, with an 11.11% chance from the Martian Saucer mini-boss.

    Terra Blade

    The Terra Blade is another sword you can craft yourself, but it’s more complicated than the Copper Shortsword. Firstly, you’ll need the Night’s Edge sword, which is composed of Muramasa, Volcano, Blade of Grass, and either the Blood Butcherer or Light’s Bane combined at a Crimson or Corrupted Altar. These are all available in Pre-Hardmode.

    Take the Night’s Edge to a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil alongside 20 Souls of Fright, 20 Souls of Might, and 20 Souls of Sight to make the True Night’s Edge.

    Next, players must make the Excalibur, which requires 12 Hallowed Bars and 24 Chlorophyte Bars. Once the Excalibur is completed, players must make it into the True Excalibur at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil, alongside another 24 Chlorophyte Bars.

    The Souls and Hallowed Bars are dropped from the three Mechanical Bosses: Skeletron Prime, The Twins, and The Destroyer.

    Finally, the last ingredient is the Broken Hero Sword, only obtainable through the Solar Eclipse event. It has a 0.4% drop chance from Frankensteins and Swamp Things and a 25% drop chance from Mothron: a rare entity. All of these ingredients combined at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil will finally make the Terra Blade.

    Starwrath and Meowmere

    Starwrath and Meowmere are the final two swords to complete the Zenith. They are dropped by the end-game boss, the Moon Lord. Both Meowmere and Starwrath are projectile swords and are excellent in their own right. Meowmere will rain deadly rainbow-cat projectiles on any enemy standing in your way!

    Both swords have an 11.11% drop rate, so keep farming the Lunatic Cultist and the Lunar Events to trigger the Moon Lord to spawn until you get your required items!

    The Best Zenith Seed

    The best seed for crafting the Zenith sword in Terraria.

    Although the Zenith sword cannot be found naturally, it can be easy to find the required crafting resources if you know where to look.

    A tried-and-tested Zenith Terraria world seed is It has an Enchanted Sword Shrine located around 3505 West, 68 Surface, past a Jungle biome. The Floating Island at 2051 East, 544 Surface has Starfury in a Skyware Chest. You can use Wings or a Gravitation Potion to reach it.

    In essence, with the might of the Zenith on your side, you should be an unstoppable killing machine. The combined strength of ten legendary swords is no mean feat and proves that you’re the hero Terraria deserves! Find some strong Hardmode gear to pair it with and show the Moon Lord who’s boss!

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