A Terraria player in the Aether biome hovering over a pool of Shimmer with Faelings.

Terraria: How to Find Shimmer

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Key Takeaway

Shimmer can always be found in the Aether mini-biome, which is located Underground in the outer fifths of any randomly generated world created after the 1.4.4 Terraria update.

Due to its immense power, you’ll want to find Shimmer in Terraria. It lets you transmute loads of common items into those of more use—such as Life Crystals! However, Shimmer is incredibly rare and can only be found in one mini-biome.

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    How to Find Shimmer

    Shimmer is found naturally underground within the rare Aether biome, which only spawns once in a world. However, Shimmer only naturally appears in worlds created after the Terraria 1.4.4 update. You’ll know as soon as you hit an Aether biome, because it has a starry Space background, with gem trees, Faelings, and a large pool of Shimmer in the center.

    At the same time, you can craft a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket with 10 Luminite Bars and a Bottomless Water Bucket at the Ancient Manipulator if you’ve already defeated the Moon Lord.

    Another key point is that Aether biomes spawn in the outer fifth of the world—close to the Oasis biome, so make sure you dig around this area. Furthermore, they’re always on the same side as your Jungle. Keep an eye out for Faelings, as they’ll explicitly let you know you’re close to finding Shimmer.

    How to Use Shimmer

    A Terraria player throwing Life Fruit into Shimmer to transform it into Aegis Fruit.

    In essence, throwing certain objects in Shimmer will automatically transform them into something else. With this purpose in mind, throwing crafted items into Shimmer will transmute them back into its base crafting materials. Unfortunately for players, they cannot use Shimmer to craft the Zenith!

    Living objects are also transformable by Shimmer. When critters and mobs walk into Shimmer, they become little flying sprites called Faelings. While Faelings have no real purpose, they can be bottled up and placed in your house. Any Slime that bounces in Shimmer will also become a Shimmer Slime!

    While Shimmer does not transform the player, it does make them travel through the ground until they reach an Underground opening. When doing this, the player will become invulnerable to damage and unable to use any items.

    Shimmer Transmutations

    Now that you know how to use Shimmer, we’ll go over a Shimmer Transmutation guide.

    ItemShimmer TransmutationNotes
    Adamantite OreOrichalcum Ore
    Adhesive BandageBezoarThis works both ways.
    Alchemy TableBewitching Table
    Angel StatueAether Monolith
    Angler EarringTackle Box
    Any Coins (Copper, Silver Gold, Platinum)Coin Luck Counter Increase
    Any FruitsAmbrosia
    Any TorchesAether Torches
    Any Other Wood TypesWood (Normal)
    BlindfoldPocket MirrorThis works both ways.
    Bottomless Shimmer BucketBottomless Water BucketThis works both ways.
    Can of WormsHerb BagThis works both ways.
    Chlorophyte OreTitanium Ore
    ClentaminatorTerraformerOnly available after defeating the Moon Lord.
    Cobalt OrePlatinum Ore
    Copper OreStone Brick
    Discount CardLucky Coin
    Fast ClockTrifold MapThis works both ways.
    Fisherman's Pocket GuideSextant
    Gold RingDiscount Card
    Gem CritterRespective Gem Type
    Gold OreTungsten Ore
    Gold WormGummy Worm
    High Test Fishing LineAngler Earring
    Iron OreTin Ore
    Jungle Grass SeedsMushroom Grass SeedsThis works both ways.
    Lead OreIron Ore
    Life CrystalVital Crystal
    Life FruitAegis Fruit
    Lucky CoinGold Ring
    LuminiteChlorophyte Ore
    Magma StoneLava Charm
    Mana CrystalArcane Crystal
    MegaphoneNazarThis works both ways.
    Mythril OrePalladium Ore
    OrichalcumMythril Ore
    Palladium OreCobalt Ore
    Pharaoh's MaskSandstorm In A Bottle
    Pharaoh's RobeFlying Carpet
    Pink PearlGalaxy Pearl
    Platinum OreGold Ore
    Rod of DiscordRod of HarmonyOnly available after defeating the Moon Lord.
    SextantWeather Radio
    Spell TomeAdvanced Combat Techniques: Volume Two
    Star CloakChromatic Cloak
    Tackle BoxHigh Test Fishing Line
    Titanium OreAdamantite Ore
    Tungsten OreSilver Ore
    VitaminsArmor Polish
    Water BucketLava Bucket
    Weather RadioFisherman's Pocket Guide

    The Best Terraria Shimmer Seed

    In reality, finding Shimmer on your own can be time-consuming and involve endless digging. Not to worry, though, because this Shimmer seed is tried and tested. In the Terraria seed generator menu, enter, and select a Small World and Crimson. You should eventually load into a Forest biome with Sunflowers nearby.

    The world creation menu for the best Shimmer seed in Terraria.

    Secondly, you should run East from the World Spawn Point, past the Jungle biome, towards the Oasis biome. At this point, between the palm trees at 3632 East, go against your Terraria morals and dig straight down. At 565 Caverns, you will eventually land in a large, dark Aether cavern with a huge pool of Shimmer to use!

    Shimmer is a fun, new addition to Terraria; it adds a much-needed dimension to the game. It lets you transmute ore you’ve stockpiled into ones you’re lacking, and even gives your town NPCs a much-needed makeover. Become the alchemist you’ve always wanted to be!

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