The player watching the boss die after they just beat Odón of the Confraternity of Salt in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: How to Beat Odón of the Confraternity of Salt

Don't get salty—that's this boss's job.

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Key Takeaway

When Odón of the Confraternity of Salt uses his minion summoning and minion buffing tactics, he’s vulnerable. At these points, hit him with big melee attacks and strong Prayers to deplete his health bar quickly.

You can brave the waves and beat Odón of the Confraternity of Salt in Blasphemous 2 with some simple tricks. This foe tends to spend a lot of time summoning and buffing minions, which you can use to your advantage. Punish Odón’s oversight with a barrage of well-timed attacks!

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    Tips for Beating Odón of the Confraternity of Salt

    Odón only has four main attacks—all of which you can avoid by double-jumping or use to your advantage. Besides these major moves, be wary of the boss’s melee strikes and you should be able to take down this salty adversary soon.

    Melee Attacks

    The boss’s melee attacks have minimal telegraphing, so they’re hard to see coming. However, if you attack Odón from behind, you’re pretty safe. Hit the boss’s back, and, when they turn around, jump over him to repeat the process.

    Spear Wave

    Odon creating a wave of spears.

    Frequently, Odón likes to thrust his halberd into the air and call forth many spears from the ground. They appear in a wave that approaches you slowly but surely.

    Too many spears appear at once for you to dodge through them, so your only good course of action is to leap over the bladed tips. On that note, using a double jump to do so is essential due to the height of the spears.

    As the boss gets lower and lower on health, they can use this move multiple times in a row.

    Minion Summoning

    Odón summoning headless minions that wield spears.

    When you see the boss lift their halberd and shoot blue lightning into the sky, he’s summoning a couple of minions. These minions are the headless spear-wielders that are common in the Sunken Cathedral, so you’ll be familiar with what they can do.

    It takes Odón a few seconds to perform this ritual, which means you have a generous amount of time to hit the boss with a bunch of melee attacks and Prayers.

    This would be a great time to use slower and heavier-hitting Prayers, such as Debla of the Lights.

    As for the minions: don’t worry about them too much. They’re slow and their attacks have relatively short range. You can go through this fight ignoring them and it’ll do little harm.

    Conversely, if they’re really annoying you, use Veredicto to take them out with two to four hits each (depending on the Weapon Memories you’ve unlocked for this weapon). On top of that, using quick Prayers that have horizontal damage hitboxes—like Bleeding Miracle—makes short work of these headless foes.

    Tidal Wave

    Odón sending a wave of water at the player.

    At times when Odón disappears, you’ll see a circle of water appear beneath your feet. This is a marker that indicates the boss is about to drop down from the sky via a water spout. Keep moving to get out of harm’s way—but there’s more.

    After his initial landing strike, large tidal waves erupt from either side of Odón. You need to double-jump to get over these walls of water.

    Minion Buff

    Odón of the Confraternity of Salt creating a shield around his minions.

    If you see the boss raise his weapon and a watery standard appears on it, this means he’s shielding his minions from damage. During this move, you cannot damage the summoned minions.

    However, Odón himself is not protected. Use this opening to hit the boss as hard as you can with melee attacks and Prayers.

    If you need some more help to beat Odón of the Confraternity of Salt, try upgrading your max health and max Fervour. Doing so lets you take more hits and dish out more Prayer-related damage. Crash down upon your adversary so that the sea dies on the shore!

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