The player holding onto and climbing a wall in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: How to Climb Walls

Rise, ascend!

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Key Takeaway

You need to get the Ivy of Ascension ability from the bottom of the Profundo Lamento area before you can climb walls in Blasphemous 2.

Before you can climb walls in Blasphemous 2, you must obtain an ability that lets you do so. In true Metroidvania fashion, you need such skills to get loot and visit important locations throughout the game. To find this ability in Blasphemous 2, you must descend to ascend.

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    What Ability Lets You Climb Walls?

    The ability that lets you climb walls in Blasphemous 2 is called Ivy of Ascension. To find this ability, you won’t need to go very far…but you will need to go deep down. Head to the right of the City of Blessed Name to begin your search.

    The player getting the Ivy of Ascension ability in Blasphemous 2 while its name appears on-screen.

    Where to Find the Ivy of Ascension

    From the City of Blessed Name, head to the right; past the Confessor room (where you can get rid of Guilt), until you enter a room with a large pit. Drop down this pit to enter the Profundo Lamento area.

    The player entering the Profundo Lamento area in Blasphemous 2.

    Keep heading down and to the right until you reach the Prie Dieu near the bottom of Profundo Lamento.

    A red circle outlining the Prie Dieu the the bottom of Profundo Lamento on the map.

    At this point, you’re getting pretty close to the Ivy of Ascension’s location. You only need to traverse two more rooms. After saving at this Prie Dieu, go to the screen to the right. You’ll find a tempting jar of tears at the far right side of the room—but it’s a trap!

    The Penitent One falling through a breaking floor.

    Thankfully, this isn’t a deadly trap. The floor gives way, but you don’t take any fall damage. Instead, this event drops you directly into the room where the Ivy of Ascension is waiting.

    A player about to get the Ivy of Ascension from a large statue holding a jar in its outstretched hand.

    When you’re ready, interact with the statue holding the jar that’s emitting green smoke. Afterward, you’ll get the Ivy of Ascension. You’re now ready to climb walls in Blasphemous 2!

    For reference, the below image shows you the exact room where you get the Ivy of Ascension on the map.

    A red circle outlining the room where players get the Ivy of Ascension on the map.

    How to Climb Walls

    Depending on the console you’re playing on, the exact button you use to climb walls will vary. With that said, the same button to dodge is used to climb walls.

    In-game instructions for how to climb walls in Blasphemous 2.

    On the PS5 (the console we’re using to play Blasphemous 2), you need to use the R2 button. You’ll find the equivalent buttons usable for the same function on the Nintendo Switch (the ZR button) and Xbox Series X/S (the Right Trigger). On PC, the key for this is Left Shift.

    To hold onto a wall, jump to a surface that has gray metal ornamentation before pressing and holding the dodge button. To climb said wall, jump and grab onto a higher part of it. Repeat until you ascend accordingly.

    You’ll need to climb walls to reach the best early-game loot, but there’s more. You also need it to defeat at least one boss and navigate certain areas. That, combined with your choice of weapon, lets you cleave your way through Blasphemous 2‘s elegant yet horrific storyline. It’s time to rise to the challenge, Penitent One!

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