A player using a mirror statue in Blasphemous 2 to get across a gap.

Blasphemous 2: How to Use Mirror Statues

Move through space at the speed of light!

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Key Takeaway

You need the dual rapiers Sarmiento & Centella to use mirror statues in Blasphemous 2. Simply hit a mirror statue while Sarmiento & Centella are equipped to teleport a short distance in the direction that the mirror statue is facing.

If you have no idea what the mirror statues in Blasphemous 2 do, don’t worry, as it’s not explained clearly. You didn’t miss a part of the tutorial: the game expects you to experiment and learn as you explore. With that said, mirror statues are needed to reach certain places.

Table Of Contents

    What You Need to Use Mirror Statues

    You need to have the dual rapiers Sarmiento & Centella in order to use mirror statues. If you chose them as your starting weapon, you’ll be able to zoom around the map with help from the mirror statues right away.

    The player wielding two rapiers: Sarmiento & Centella, in Blasphemous 2.

    All you need to do is hit the mirror statues with Sarmiento & Centella, and you’ll move a short distance in the direction that the mirror statue is pointing.

    The player hitting a mirror statue with Sarmiento & Centella to get through a metal grate.

    The Uses of Mirror Statues

    Mirror statues in Blasphemous 2 are positioned strategically throughout the world so that you can use them to get past obstacles. These obstacles can be metal grates, ledges, and more. There are even a few platforming puzzles that require you to use mirror statues to get a reward.

    Where to Find Sarmiento & Centella

    If you didn’t pick Sarmiento & Centella as your starting weapon, you can find them later in the Palace of Embroideries area. To get these dual rapiers, head to the far right side of this region. Take a look at the map image below for their exact location—which is outlined in red.

    Location of Sarmiento & Centella on the map of Blasphemous 2.

    To get there, start from the Prie Dieu on the far left of the Palace of Embroideries. This Prie Dieu is close to a teleportation room. From here, travel to the right in a straight line until you reach a room with two mirror statues and a chandelier in the middle.

    A room with two mirror statues and a chandelier in the middle.

    It looks like you can jump on the chandelier, but you can’t—it’s a trick! Regardless, you need to drop down the hole in the middle of the room. Afterward, you’ll be in an underground corridor.

    Once in this corridor, head right and you’ll find a round green statue that has many swords embedded in it. Interact with it and you’ll receive the Sarmiento & Centella. Following this, the game gives you a few short tutorial messages about using these dual rapiers.

    To switch weapons at any time, press L1 on a PS5 controller, L on a Nintendo Switch controller, Left Bumper on an Xbox controller, and the Q key if playing on a PC.

    In addition to using Sarmiento & Centella with mirror statues in Blasphemous 2, they can be useful in combat as well. In terms of damage output, they pale in comparison to the heavy-hitting Veredicto. Although the dual rapiers still possess high DPS (damage per second) due to a swift attack speed. Use Sarmiento & Centella in combination with the Ivy of Ascension to explore the farthest reaches of this dark yet vibrant landscape.

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