The Platinum Rank requirements in the Cooksta app in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver: How to Increase Best Taste

Divine dining requires proper planning. Bon Appétit!

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Key Takeaway

You’ll need to enhance recipes to increase your Best Taste stat for the Cooksta rankings in Dave the Diver. Here are some sushi options that are easy to enhance and will get you to the Gold and Platinum Ranks relatively quickly:

  • Great Barracuda Sushi (Gold Rank)
  • Tiger Shark Sushi (Platinum Rank)
  • Longnose Sawshark Sushi (Platinum Rank)
  • Stellate Puffer Nicogori (Platinum Rank)

However, you’re better off making and enhancing sushi from fish found in the Glacial Area or the Hydrothermal Vents to get to the Diamond Rank.

If you want to become famous on Cooksta, you’ll need to sharpen your sushi skills! Enhancing your recipes is the way to increase the Best Taste stat in Dave the Diver. With that said, you should choose sustainable and easy-to-prepare options.

Table Of Contents

    How to Rank Up on Cooksta

    The main reason to increase your Best Taste stat is to ascend to higher ranks on Cooksta. In addition to enhancing recipes for higher Best Taste stats, you need to increase your number of followers and research more recipes. These requirements are outlined in the Cooksta app—but only for the rank immediately above your current level.

    For example, if you’re at the Gold Rank, you’ll only be able to see the ranks you’ve unlocked and the Platinum Rank.

    Thankfully, to see all the rank requirements, you’ve got us to help you out!

    1. Bronze Rank Cooksta Requirement: gain 10 Followers
    2. Silver Rank Cooksta Requirements: gain 20 Followers, research 2 recipes total
    3. Gold Rank Cooksta Requirements: gain 100 Followers, research 5 recipes total, get a Best Taste stat of 125
    4. Platinum Rank Cooksta Requirements: gain 200 Followers, research 19 recipes total, get a Best Taste stat of 250
    5. Diamond Rank Cooksta Requirements: gain 720 Followers, research 32 recipes total, get a Best Taste stat of 375

    How to Check for the Best Taste Sushi Recipes

    There’s a quick and easy way to see which of your recipes are the closest to the Best Taste stat you need: check the Management app! After you check your phone, head to the Management app and take a look at the tabs near the top. From left to right, you’ll see “ALL,” a coin with a dollar sign, a piece of sushi, a fish, and then one that looks like a person.

    The Management app open on the player's phone in Dave the Diver.

    Navigate to the tab marked with a piece of sushi, which is the Cooking tab. Afterward, press the key or button indicated in the top-left corner. This lets you choose how to sort your recipes. Select the Taste option to organize your recipes from highest Taste stat to lowest.

    The cooking tab on the Management app in Dave the Diver.

    Now, from top-left to bottom-right, you’ll see all your unlocked sushi recipes organized from highest Taste to lowest. However, this list prioritizes recipes for which you have ingredients.

    At the end of this list, you’ll see darkened recipes that you’ve unlocked but don’t have all the ingredients for right now. These darkened recipes are also organized from highest Taste stat to lowest. Pay close attention to both sections to check which of your recipes are the most suitable for your Best Taste ranking needs in Dave the Diver.

    The Easiest Recipes for Increasing the Best Taste Stat in Dave the Diver

    As we worked our way up to Cooksta’s Platinum Rank in Dave the Diver, we found that these four recipes in particular are fairly easy to enhance compared to most others:

    • Great Barracuda Sushi
    • Longnose Sawshark Sushi
    • Tiger Shark Sushi
    • Stellate Puffer Nicogori

    Using Great Barracuda Sushi to Reach Gold Rank in Cooksta

    The recipe for Great Barracuda Sushi in the Management app in Dave the Diver.

    Great Barracuda Sushi can get you up to 125 Best Taste (Gold Rank requirement) pretty quickly due to how abundant Great Barracudas are in the Blue Hole (medium depth). You’ll need 15 pieces total of Great Barracuda meat to enhance Great Barracuda Sushi to level 6—at which point it has a Taste stat of 132.

    As usual, the Star Rating of a fish determines how much meat you get from it; 1-star Great Barracudas give you 1 piece of meat, 2-star specimens give you 3, and 3-star variants give you 5. This means you’ll need to catch somewhere between 1 and 15 Great Barracuda if you plan to use Great Barracuda Sushi to reach Gold Rank’s Best Taste requirement.

    The Best Sushi Recipe for Reaching Platinum Rank in Cooksta

    On the left are the stats for Tiger Shark Sushi, in the center are the stats for Stellate Puffer Nicogori, and on the right are the stats for Longnose Sawshark Sushi.

    Although Great Barracuda Sushi is great for getting to the Gold Rank, you’re better off using the other three above-mentioned recipes to reach the Platinum Rank. This is because Great Barracuda Sushi maxes out at 220 Taste when it gets enhanced to level 10—30 points shy of letting you get the 250 Best Taste stat needed for the Platinum Rank.

    As such, Longnose Sawshark Sushi, Tiger Shark Sushi, and Stellate Puffer Nicogori are the best recipes for getting to the Platinum Rank in Cooksta. We’ll break the details down for you in a table:

    Recipe NameIngredients Needed Per DishLevel Needed to Reach 250 Best TasteTotal Amount of Ingredients Needed to Reach 250 Best TasteUnlock Requirement
    Longnose Sawshark Sushi-Longnose Sawshark Meat x19-Longnose Sawshark Meat x34Catch a Longnose Sawshark
    Tiger Shark Sushi-Tiger Shark Meat x19-Tiger Shark Meat x51Catch a Tiger Shark
    Stellate Puffer Nicogori-Starry Puffer Meat x3
    -Agar x1
    -Soy Sauce x1
    6-Starry Puffer Meat x30
    -Agar x15
    -Soy Sauce x15
    Train any of the following staff members to level 5:

    The Longnose Sawshark Sushi and Tiger Shark Sushi recipes are both viable options. However, you’ll need to get good at underwater combat—such as when collecting Shark Teeth.

    If you can collect eggs from the above shark species, breed them as much as possible! This makes getting their meat quicker and easier in the long run.

    With that said, sharks are quite large and all you need for their respective sushi recipes (in most cases) is their meat. As such, these are more efficient methods than using Stellate Puffer Nicogori to Rank Up in Cooksta.

    Starry Puffers are uncommon and their meat yields are very low. What’s more, even though Agar can be easily found in the shallows, Soy Sauce can only be obtained from red underwater cooking pots. That is until you meet Jango and unlock him as a merchant later on.

    Getting Diamond Rank in Cooksta

    In regards to reaching Diamond Rank in Cooksta, you’ll need fish from the Glacial Area or the Hydrothermal Vents. Only fish from these regions can net you recipes with high enough Taste potential. Be patient and unlock these areas to easily ascend the peak of sushi cuisine in Dave the Diver.

    Afterward, you’ll have tons of recipe options. Pick your favorite and then enhance it until you reach 375 Best Taste in Cooksta!

    If you want to try cooking up every kind of predatory fish, you’ll need to track down Cookiecutter Sharks. These fierce little fiends are deep down, so you’ll need to upgrade your diving gear accordingly! Thankfully, there’s no rush. Take your time and serve up some gourmet cuisine at your leisure. Then enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the sea.

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