The player dropping a rock on a crab in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver: How to Kill Crabs

Blunt force trauma FTW.

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Key Takeaway

You need to drop rocks on Spider Crabs to kill them. The ability to pick up rocks is unlocked when you get the Diving Gloves from Dr. Bacon—which, in turn, happens after you escort Ramo of the Seafolk to the Access Road area in the Blue Hole Depths during Chapter 2.

Tired of those crustaceans cramping your seafaring style? Well then, it’s about time you learned how to kill crabs in Dave the Diver! Afterward, you can collect all those succulent fleshy bits and get some better loot. All you need is a rock and some gloves.

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    What You Need to Do to Kill Crabs

    You need to drop a rock on a crab to kill it in Dave the Diver. Rocks can be found strewn about the seafloor. More often than not, you’ll spot a few somewhat close to where Spider Crabs spawn. Pick up one of these round rocks, swim above your prey, and then let go of the boulder to crush the crustacean below.

    The player dropping a rock on a Spider Crab to kill it in Dave the Diver.

    That way, you’ll make a crushtacean. Get it? CRUSHtacean!


    Anyway, after you smash the shelled creature into oblivion, swim by its decimated body to scoop up its remains. That way, you’ll get the satisfaction of killing a formerly unkillable foe and you’ll get to feed its body to paying customers later. Murder in addition to money?—a win-win.

    A Spider Crab in the player's inventory.
    You only get one piece of meat per Spider Crab. Plus, they weigh 7.5 kilograms each. That’s a hefty hunk of muscle!

    How to Pick Up Rocks

    Before you can begin pummeling Spider Crabs into puddles of arthropod goo, you’ll need to make progress in the main quest to get the ability to pick up rocks. To be exact, you need to get to the part in Chapter 2 where you escort Ramo of the Seafolk to an area in the Blue Hole Depths called the Access Road.

    At that point, you’re asked to pull an object out of a pile of rubble—but you can’t. Once you reach this point, Dr. Bacon tells you he can help on the following day. When the next day rolls around, Dr. Bacon swings by your boat and gives you Diving Gloves.

    The player getting Diving Gloves from Dr. Bacon.

    The Diving Gloves are automatically equipped and don’t take up any equipment slots—they basically become a part of your body. You’re now ready to kill some crabs in Dave the Diver.

    In addition to letting you pick up rocks, the Diving Gloves allow you to pluck Sea Urchins off the seafloor.

    Now that you’ve got some good gloves, you’re ready to reach into any and all undersea crevices you find. Well, sort of…just don’t try to reach into a shark’s mouth—the Diving Gloves aren’t that tough! If it’s Shark Teeth you’re after, here’s a better way to get them. Happy diving, Dave!

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