The Tarnished and Iron Fist Alexander.

Elden Ring: Iron Fist Alexander Questline Guide

Complete Iron Fist Alexander's questline to learn everything about this lovable NPC.

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Iron Fist Alexander is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and well-known Elden Ring characters. He’s likable and his interactions are always memorable. Follow his questline to learn more about this character, and to snag a unique item.

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    First Meeting With Iron Fist Alexander

    Your first interaction with Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring can occur relatively early in the game. Iron Fist Alexander’s first location is in northern Limgrave. See the image below for his exact location.

    Alexander's Limgrave location marked on the map.

    You’ll get here more easily by taking the beaten road by Stormhill Shack and following it east. As soon as you traverse the pass nearing the area marked above, you’ll hear the voice of Alexander calling out to you.

    The Tarnished finding Alexander in Limgrave.

    He’ll be in a tight position when you find him. Follow his request to free him. He’ll then thank you and you’ll be rewarded wth an Exalted Flash and the Triumphant Delight Gesture.

    Iron Fist Alexander will express his desire to head to the Caelid Wilds to attend the Radahn Festival. You can take that next step to advance Alexander’s questline, but there’s a detour Alexander will take first and you can take that detour with him as well.

    Alexander at Gael Tunnel

    There are two entrances to the Gael Tunnel. However, the entrance on Limgrave is barred and you won’t be able to push forward. You will, however, find Alexander right outside the door. See the image below for the location of both entrances.

    Gael Tunnel's two entrances marked on the map.

    You’ll find Alexander past the door next to the boss room. Alternatively, if you enter Gael Tunnel from the entrance in Limgrave, you’ll see Alexander right before the locked door.

    The Tarnished and Alexander speaking at Gael Tunnel.

    As mentioned previously, this is merely a detour. You can head right straight to Redmane Castle, where the Radahn Festival is being held, and Alexander’s questline will still progress. That said, if the Radahn Festival has already been triggered, Alexander will head straight to Redmane Castle immediately.

    All you’ll get here is more dialogue with Alexander, which is a reward in and of itself.

    The Radahn Festival

    Starscourge Radahn from Elden Ring.

    There are conditions you’ll first need to meet to trigger the beginning of the Radahn Festival. Otherwise, you can’t use the waygate from the Impassable Greatbridge. You can still enter and explore Redmane Castle, but when you make it to the plaza, you’ll be met with a duo boss fight against a Leonine Misbegotten and a Crucible Knight.

    Once defeated, you can proceed to the chapel ahead. You’ll find Jerren here, where he’ll tell you that the Radahn Festival hasn’t begun yet, but it will very soon.

    Here are the things you can do to trigger the beginning of the festival.

    • Make your way to the Altus Plateau and rest at any Site of Grace.
    • Progress through Ranni’s questline up to the point where to tell Blaidd about Radahn in Siofra River.

    Once the festival has begun, you’ll find a bunch of warriors in Redmane Plaza, all eager to join the battle against Radahn. Among these warriors is Iron Fist Alexander.

    Summoning Alexander in the fight against Radahn.

    Participate in the festival and defeat Starscourge Radahn — a feat that’s easier said than done.

    Once Radahn is defeated, you’ll find Alexander downhill from the Site of Grace. Speak to him here and exhaust his dialogue.

    Return to Jarburg

    After your triumph at the Radahn Festival, you can head to Liurnia and make your way to the cliff above Jarburg.

    Alexander's location in Liurnia shown on the map.

    You’ll find Alexander here caught in an unfortunate situation yet again. To help Alexander get out of his situation this time, a simple “good smack from the rear” won’t be enough. You’ll first need to douse him with something slippery for Alexander to slip out.

    Throwing an Oil Pot at him will do the trick. You can craft this by obtaining the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [14] which can be purchased from the merchant in Siofra River.

    Hit Alexander from behind after throwing an Oil Pot at him to free him. He’ll give you another Exalted Flesh for freeing him here. Then, exhaust his dialogue here and you’ll learn about his home and where he wants to go next.

    Like your interaction with Alexander at the Gael Tunnel, this step is also completely optional. He’ll be at Mt. Gelmir next and he’ll head straight there too if you’ve already visited the region. Otherwise, he’ll make a stop here first.

    Lava-bathing at Mt. Gelmir

    You’ll find Alexander next at Mt. Gelmir, bathing in the lava lake located south of Fort Laiedd.

    Alexander's location on Mt. Gelmir shown on the map.

    A Magma Wyrm spawns in the area before where Alexander is. You’ll want to eliminate this enemy first before interacting with Alexander as it will continue attacking you even as you’re interacting with him. It’s not a necessary step to take, but it can make interacting with Alexander more seamless.

    The Tarnished finding Alexander in Mt. Gelmir.

    Exhaust Alexander’s dialogue here once more. He’ll also give you the Jar headpiece here.

    Fighting the Fire Giant With Alexander

    While lava-bathing at Mt. Gelmir, Alexander will tell you that his next goal is to head eastward. To that end, progress through the game as is until it’s time to face the Fire Giant.

    You can summon Alexander for this fight. The Fire Giant’s boss room has two entrances that can be accessed by chain bridges. Walk through the lower chain and you’ll find Alexander’s summon sign after crossing the entrance.

    Summoning Alexander during the Fire Giant boss fight.

    You don’t necessarily have to summon Alexander during this fight to progress his questline. However, it does make the boss fight easier given Alexander’s massive health and strong fire resistance, making him an excellent tank for this fight.

    Final Meeting

    After defeating the Fire Giant and interacting with Melina at the Forge of the Giants, you’ll be transported to the Crumbling Farum Azula. Iron Fist Alexander is here, too. You’ll find him in the area marked below.

    The location of Alexander in Crumbling Farum Azula marked on the map.

    Be sure to carry two Stonesword Keys with you. You’ll need it to get to Alexander’s location. First, you’ll need to access the Dragon Temple Lift. You can get here by starting from the Dragon Temple Altar, which is accessed during and after the Godskin Duo boss fight.

    From the Dragon Temple Altar grace, head to the northern exit and keep going forward until you’re in the next crumbling temple. You’ll come across a flight of stairs here that spirals upwards. Take it to get to the upper level and you’ll find a door that’s blocked by a fog gate. This is where the two Stonesword Keys come in.

    Use the Stonesword Keys to reveal a lift. Take it up and you’ll find a Site of Grace. Activate it and rest up before continuing to the area marked in the previous image.

    Here, Alexander will ask you for a final request: he wishes to fight a warrior such as you. This means the final step to completing Iron Fist Alexander’s questline is to fight and defeat him.

    The Tarnished fighting Alexander

    Alexander isn’t too tough of a fight. He fights similarly to other warrior jars. However, he also uses a couple of fire-based incantations. Remember that he is highly resistant to fire damage, so avoid using this element on him.

    Once defeated, Alexander will thank you for granting him a warrior’s death. You’ll then receive Alexander’s Innards and the Shard of Alexander talisman.

    You can give Alexander’s Innards to Jar Bairn at Jarburg at the end of his questline. Completing Alexander’s questline is the only way to get this item. If you were to attack and kill him at any of the places he’s at beforehand, you’ll only receive the Shard of Alexander talisman.