Jar Bairn from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Jar Bairn Questline Guide

Jar Bairn is an endearing warrior jar who hails from Jarburg, with a simple yet enticing questline.

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Jar Bairn is one of the many NPCs you’ll encounter in Elden Ring. His questline is as endearing as it is straightforward. However, progressing and completing his quest involves the progression and completion of other NPCs’ questlines too.

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    Meeting Jar Bairn for the First Time

    Jar Bairn resides in Jarburg, the home of the warrior jars. This place is found in eastern Liurnia as marked in the image below.

    Jarburg from Elden Ring shown on the map.

    To get here, you’ll need to make your way to the cliffs above the location of Jarburg. Look down and you’ll see a couple of stone platforms sticking out from the cliff wall. Jump down on these as you slowly and carefully make your way to the bottom.

    Jar Bairn will be sitting on the porch of one of the houses here. When you speak with him for the first time, he’ll ask you if you’ll be their new potentate. Tell him you are to progress the questline.

    The Tarnished speaking to Jar Bairn in Elden Ring.

    Progressing Jar Bairn’s Questline

    From here, keep speaking with Jar Bairn and exhaust his dialogue. Once that’s done, rest at the Site of Grace nearby and speak to Jar Bairn again. Repeat this process until he starts talking about poachers.

    If you’re still early in the game and Jar Bairn keeps repeating the same dialogue without talking about poachers, you may need to progress the game further to advance Jar Bairn’s questline. Occasionally return to Jarburg to see if Jar Bairn’s questline has advanced. Otherwise, keep reloading the area — if you’re patient enough.

    Eventually, though, it’s guaranteed that he’ll mention poachers.

    Jar Bairn talking about poachers.

    Progress Iron Fist Alexander’s Questline

    You should also start progressing Iron Fist Alexander’s questline at this point in the game. Completing Alexander’s questline is essential in completing Jar Bairn’s questline.

    There are multiple places Alexander heads to, but only four spots are essential interactions for the questline to progress.

    Alexander’s First Location

    Alexander's Limgrave location marked on the map.

    You’ll find Alexander first in northern Limgrave.

    Exhaust his dialogue here to progress the questline. Here, he’ll talk to you about venturing to the Caelid Wilds to join the Radahn Festival.

    Alexander’s Second Location

    Summoning Alexander in the fight against Radahn.

    Alexander will be at Redmane Castle in Caelid, along with other NPCs. Alexander is among the many NPCs that you can summon during the fight.

    After defeating Radahn, you’ll find Alexander in the arena downhill from where the Site of Grace is. Talk to him here once again and exhaust his questline.

    Alexander’s Third Location

    Alexander's location on Mt. Gelmir shown on the map.

    For Alexander’s third location, head to Mt. Gelmir. You’ll find him in the lava lake south of Fort Laiedd.

    Be careful of the Magma Wyrm that surfaces from the lava in this area. You’ll want to deal with it first before talking to Alexander.

    Alexander’s Final Location

    The location of Alexander in Crumbling Farum Azula marked on the map.

    Finally, you’ll find Alexander in Crumbling Farum Azula, southwest of the Dragon Temple Lift.

    During this interaction, Alexander will ask you to fight him. Do so and you’ll receive the Shard of Alexander talisman and Alexander’s Innards. That second item is a Key Item you’ll need at the end of Jar Bairn’s quest.

    Getting Diallos Involved

    Diallos can also be a part of Jar Bairn’s questline, but it is in no way necessary. This part involves Diallos’ questline more than it does Jar Bairn’s since Diallos’ progression will always send him to Jarburg, whereas Jar Bairn can have a complete questline without ever meeting Diallos.

    That said, you can progress Diallos’ questline up until he makes his way to Volcano Manor. To do this after speaking to him at the Roundtable Hold, you’ll then need to interact with him while he’s in Liurnia. He’ll be in the northern area of Academy Gate Town. See the image below for his exact location on the map.

    Diallos' location in Liurnia marked on the map.

    Speak to him here and exhaust his dialogue. Once done, return to the Roundtable Hold and talk to him again. Here, he’ll talk to you about being invited to go to the Volcano Manor.

    Once his dialogue here is exhausted, travel to the Volcano Manor and you’ll find him there.

    Now that Diallos is in the Volcano Manor, defeat and kill Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. After which, Diallos will head to Jarburg and become the jars’ new potentate.

    Diallos becoming the potentate of Jarburg.

    Finishing the Questline

    Progress through the game up until you make it to Crumbling Farum Azula. Return to Jarburg then to find the jars here destroyed, except for Jar Bairn. If Diallos is already the potentate of Jarburg, he’ll also be here in the middle of the place, lying on the ground

    The Tarnished in Jarburg with Jar Bairn.

    Speak to both Diallos and Jar Bairn and exhaust their dialogue. Reload the area and you’ll find Jar Bairn standing over Diallos’ body. Exhaust Jar Bairn’s dialogue here and reload the area once more.

    You’ll now find Jar Bairn in his usual position. Speak to him here and give him Alexander’s Innards. He’ll thank you for this and give you the Companion Jar talisman.

    During this interaction, Jar Bairn will express his desire to set out on a journey as a warrior jar. This is the last time you’ll see him, thus marking the end of his questline.

    Jar Bairn saying goodbye to the Tarnished.