The Tarnished doing the Erudition gesture with the Erdtree burning in the background.

Elden Ring: What to Do When You Beat the Game

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Elden Ring is a massive game. Just because you’ve reached the ending, doesn’t mean you should put the game down already. There is still a whole lot more you can do and discover after you beat the game.

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    The Tarnished at Miquella's Haligtree.

    As mentioned earlier, Elden Ring is a massive game and there’s a whole lot more you can do after you beat the game. If this is your first time playing, there’s a chance that you haven’t explored the game in its entirety yet.

    There may even be regions that you haven’t yet discovered altogether.

    The game has overworld levels and underground levels. If you stuck mainly with the game’s main story progression, you may have only explored the game’s overworld levels. That means there’s an entire underground region you’ve yet to explore.

    If you did stick with the main story progression only, you’ve only explored at least 50% of the overworld regions alone.

    There are regions that have nothing to do with the main story, like the Consecrated Snowfields, Caelid, and Miquella’s Haligtree, among many others, that you should definitely check out and explore.

    Defeat the Remaining Bosses

    Malenia, sitting in a chair.

    Aside from unexplored regions, you also still have a bunch of bosses to defeat after you beat the game for the first time. The game has more than 30 different kinds of bosses that you can fight, and you’ll only need to defeat about 10 of them to reach the game’s ending.

    A lot of bosses in the game are just reskins of another, but there are still over 30 variations of bosses that you can fight. Couple this with the copy-pasted bosses, duo bosses, and a variation of another boss that has new elements to them, and you have over 100 boss battles that you can experience in Elden Ring.

    Earn the Game’s Platinum Trophy or 100% Achievement

    The Bolt of Gransax from Elden Ring.

    Platinuming a game is the clearest path completionists take after they beat a game, and Elden Ring is no different. Although Elden Ring is indeed a difficult game, obtaining its platinum trophy or 100% achievement isn’t too tough. Especially if you consider the toughest trophies and achievements to obtain out there.

    That said, collect every legendary armament, every legendary spirit ash, every legendary spell, and more to obtain the game’s platinum trophy or 100% Achievement.

    Engage in PvP

    Engaging in PvP in Elden Ring.

    Aside from their difficulty, convoluted lore, and combat-first type of gameplay, their multiplayer aspect is one of the reasons why players enjoy FromSoftware Souls-like games. This is something you can engage with in Elden Ring as well.

    Invade or be invaded by other players. Do your best to defeat them. You’ll be surprised at the variety of builds and players you’ll come across while playing this game online.

    You can also become a cooperator and help other players defeat the game’s hardest bosses.

    Head Over to New Game Plus

    Beginning Journey 2 in Elden Ring.

    Once you feel like you’ve gotten everything out of your current playthrough, why not go over to New Game Plus?

    In case you didn’t know what this feature is, New Game Plus is when you start from the beginning of the game with all of the gears you’ve accumulated thus far. You’ll also start at the level you’re at by the end of your playthrough.

    However, the enemies and bosses will be tougher than they were the first time around. They’ll deal more damage and have more health. They’ll also drop more Runes, allowing you to level up even more.

    Try Out A New Build

    Using Flame Grant Me Strength in Elden Ring.

    Being an RPG title, Elden Ring has multiple builds that you can employ. There are different variations of melee builds and magic builds that you can try out.

    Elden Ring has a respec feature in the form of Rebirth, which you can do by having Larval Tears and bringing them to Rennala. You’ll find her at the Grand Library of the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

    You can go over to her and try out a build you haven’t tried before. For example, if you were mainly a melee build who uses Strength weapons, you can try a Dex build this time around, or a mage build that only uses sorceries or incantations.

    Unlock the Other Endings

    Elden Ring's Age of Fracture ending.

    Elden Ring has over six endings that you can unlock. If you want to unlock the game’s platinum trophy or 100% Achievement, you’ll need to see the three main variations of them.

    That said, you can head over to New Game Plus and aim to reach a different ending this time around.

    Become As Powerful As You Can

    Fighting a dragon in Elden Ring.

    One of the best things about a game that has a New Game Plus feature is that you can replay it as often as you can. The enemies will become significantly more powerful, but so will you.

    Replay the game as often as you can. Once you beat the game again, head over to the next journey. Defeat the bosses again on the next journey, earn more runes, and level up more.

    Become as powerful and as skilled as you can. Who knows, you may need it to prepare for any DLCs that may come for this game in the near future.