Cracked Pot from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Cracked Pots

Gather Cracked Pots to craft certain throwing pots.

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Cracked Pots are necessary materials used to craft certain throwing pots in Elden Ring. Throwing Pots can be highly effective when used in certain situations, and you’ll want to make sure you have enough Cracked Pots when these situations arise.

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    What the Cracked Pot Is For

    There are a lot of throwing pots in Elden Ring, but not all of them require Cracked Pots. The following are the throwing pots that do need this crafting material.

    • Holy Water Pot
    • Roped Holy Water Pot
    • Fire Pot
    • Roped Fire Pot
    • Volcano Pot
    • Roped Volcano Pot
    • Lightning Pot
    • Roped Lightning Pot
    • Poison Pot
    • Roped Poison Pot
    • Fetid Pot
    • Roped Fetid Pot
    • Magic Pot
    • Roped Magic Pot
    • Rancor Pot
    • Swarm Pot
    • Roped Fly Pot
    • Oil Pot
    • Roped Oil Pot
    • Sleep Pot

    The number of Cracked Pots you have will determine how many throwing pots you can craft and equip at once. When a throwing pot is used, the number of Cracked Pots you have will not diminish.

    Where to Get Every Cracked Pot

    Cracked Pots can either be bought from merchants or picked up as loot in the game. However, you also have the option to obtain your very first Cracked Pot at the beginning of the game.

    Chose as a Keepsake

    Choosing the Cracked Pot as a Keepsake in Elden Ring.

    When you create a character in Elden Ring, you have the option to choose from nine keepsakes. One of these options is the Cracked Pot. If chosen, you’ll start the game with three Cracked Pots at the ready in your inventory.

    Buy From Merchants

    The following are the merchants in the game that sell Cracked Pots.

    • Merchant Kalé
    Merchant Kale's location in Elden Ring shown on the map.

    Merchant Kalé sells three Cracked Pots for 300 Runes each. Take note that Kalé also sells the Crafting Kit, the item needed to craft items in the first place.

    • Nomadic Merchant (Stormhill, Limgrave)
    The location of the Nomadic Merchant in northern Limgrave.

    The Nomadic Merchant that’s located east of Saintsbridge in northern Limgrave sells one Cracked Pot for 600 Runes.

    • Nomadic Merchant (East Limgrave)
    The location of the Nomadic Merchant in Mistwood.

    Another Nomadic Merchant in Limgrave sells one Cracked Pot, also for 600 Runes. This merchant is located north of Castle Morne.

    • Nomadic Merchant (Caelid)
    The location of the Nomadic Merchant in southern Caelid.

    The Nomadic Merchant in southern Caelid sells one Cracked Pot for 1,500 Runes. However, this merchant will only sell this Cracked Pot if you didn’t choose the Cracked Pot as your keepsake.

    Groveside Cave

    The location of a Cracked Pot in the Groveside Cave.

    There’s one Cracked Pot in the Groveside Cave in Limgrave. You’ll find it on a corpse in the pit where you’ll find a bunch of wolves.

    Stormveil Castle

    The location of a Cracked Pot in Stormveil Castle.

    From the Secluded Cell Site of Grace, head southwest until you reach the area with the Living Jars. You’ll find two Cracked Pots here.

    Raya Lucaria Academy

    The location of a Cracked Pot in Raya Lucaria.

    Start at the Debate Parlor Site of Grace and take the northern exit. Upon leaving the parlor, head left then take the stairs ahead. Continue down this path and you’ll find a Sorcerer and a couple of Living Jars surrounding an item on the ground. This item is a Cracked Pot.

    Caria Manor

    The location of the Cracked Pot in Caria Manor.

    Start at the Royal Moongazing Grounds. Pass through the gate to the east, then head right and pass through the smaller door ahead. From here, you’ll spot a series of wooden platforms that you can land on to get to the ground below. Carefully make your way to the bottom.

    Once you’re on the ground, you’ll immediately be faced with a Warrior Jar and a handful of smaller Living Jars. Deal with them if you want to. Then, head southeast and you’ll find an item close to the edge of the cliff. Loot it to obtain a Cracked Pot.


    The location of the Cracked Pots in Jarburg.

    There are a total of three Cracked Pots in Jarburg. One is found before a closed door on the northwestern side of the village, the second is in a hut northeast of the first one, and the third is on a tombstone on the southeastern corner of the village.

    Leyndell, Royal Capital

    The location of the Cracked Pot in Leyndell.

    Start at the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace. Leave the church and proceed to the ladder ahead. Once descended, head to the northeast and onto the room with a Leyndell Knight in it. At the end of this room, there’s a corpse that’s leaning against a barred gate. This corpse holds another Cracked Pot.

    Auriza Side Tomb

    The location of the Cracked Pot in Auriza Side Tomb.

    Progress through Auriza Side Tomb until you reach the chapel area for the first time. Open the chest by the altar to get teleported to a swampy cell that has two Warrior Jars in it. There are a total of four Cracked Pots in this area, two if you’ve chosen the Cracked Pot as your Keepsake.


    The location of the Cracked Pot in Caelid.

    Head to the Minor Erdtree in northwestern Caelid. Head to the cliff north of the tree and you’ll find a huge branch protruding from the cliff. You can loot a Cracked Pot at the end of this branch.