The Ritual Pot from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Ritual Pots

Collect Ritual Pots to craft more special throwing pots.

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Ritual Pots are materials needed for certain throwing pots in Elden Ring. The throwing pots from Ritual Pots are special in nature and are more efficient compared to their regular counterparts. Obtaining them will improve your character’s arsenal.

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    Which Throwing Pots Require Ritual Pots

    The following are the pots that need Ritual Pots before they can be crafted.

    • Academy Magic Pot
    • Albinauric Pot
    • Alluring Pot
    • Ancient Dragonbolt Pot
    • Beastlure Pot
    • Cursed-Blood Pot
    • Freezing Pot
    • Giantsflame Fire Pot
    • Redmane Fire Pot
    • Rot Pot
    • Sacred Order Pot

    The number of Ritual Pots you have determines how many of the pots above you can craft. There are a total of 10 Ritual Pots in Elden Ring, which means you can only equip 10 of the items above at one time.

    If you have 10 throwing pots that use a Ritual Pot and one is used, the Ritual Pot “mends itself.” This means you can craft another to get the number of Ritual Pot throwing pots you have back to 10.

    Where to Get Every Ritual Pot in Elden Ring

    Here’s where you can obtain all 10 Ritual Pots in Elden Ring.

    Pidia, Carian Servant

    Pidia's location in Elden Ring shown on the map.

    You can purchase one from Pidia, Carian Servant in Caria Manor, Liurnia. He’ll sell one to you for 1,500 Runes. You can get to Pidia’s location by heading to the Three Sisters to the north, then dropping to the manor rooftops from the cliffs.

    Isolated Merchant (Dragonbarrow)

    The location of the Isolated Merchant in Caelid.

    The Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow sells one for 3,000 Runes.

    Laskyar Ruins

    The location of the Ritual Pot in Laksyar Ruin.

    There’s one on the northern edge of Laskyar Ruins. It is on a corpse that’s leaning against a wall under a series of pillars.


    The location of the Ritual Pots in Jarburg.

    There are two Ritual Pots in Jarburg. One is on the roof of the house where Jar-Bairn hangs out. This is the same house you land on when you drop down to Jarburg from the cliffs above. The second one is on a big sitting warrior jar southeast of the first one.

    Raya Lucaria Academy

    The location of the Ritual Pot in Raya Lucaria.

    From the Schoolhouse Storeroom Site of Grace, continue onwards until you’re in the area that’s guarded by multiple Glintstone Sorcerers and a Warrior Jar. There is a chest at the southern corner of this hallway. Open the chest to obtain a Ritual Pot.

    Auriza Side Tomb

    The location of the Ritual Pot in Auriza Side Tomb.

    There are two Ritual Pots in this catacomb. To get the first one, progress forward until you get to the first chapel. Enter the passageway to the south of the chapel and you’ll be greeted by two exploding Living Jars. Once they’re gone, open the chest at the end of this room.

    Proceed ahead and deal with the Imp Statues on this path. There’s a door to the left at the end of this path that leads upwards. Proceed here, then drop down, then head up the staircase here. This leads to a room where you’ll find a Warrior Jar. Before the Warrior Jar is an item on the ground. This item is a Ritual Pot.

    Exit this room and descend the staircase. Take the door to the left and continue onwards to find yourself in another chapel. Once again, take the passageway to the left and open the chest here. Take the same path as before, only this time there will be a ladder at the end of the next room. Climb the ladder, then open the chest at the end.

    Just keep going onward from here. In the next room, you’ll be faced with two different pathways. Take the one that heads eastward. This will lead to a room that contains yet another Warrior Jar, and the area’s second Ritual Pot.

    Subterranean Shunning-Grounds

    The location of the Ritual Pot in Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.

    Start from the Forsaken Depths Site of Grace. Go around and take the elevator up. You’ll get another Ritual Pot in the room you’ll ascend to. Be careful of the Living Jars here.

    Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs

    The location of the Ritual Pot in Giants' Mountaintop Catacboms.

    Progress through this catacomb until you reach the lift. Ride it down and press onwards to find the boss door. From here, head to the passageway to the left. Keep going forward and you’ll find another lift. Once again, ride it to head deeper into the catacomb.

    Once you’re at the bottom, follow this path ahead. You’ll pass a room that has a Warrior Jar in it, a corridor that has a pressure trap on that ground which causes three freezing arrows to fire ahead, a long and tall hallway that has three sets of blade traps along with a couple of exploding Living Jars, then a hallway that contains Land Squirts.

    Finally, you’ll arrive at the end of this path where you’ll face one more Warrior Jar. You’ll find a Ritual Path on the ground at the end of this room.