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Final Fantasy VII: How to Get Every Final Limit Break

Hunting down these powerful attacks is worth your time.

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Limit Breaks were first introduced in Final Fantasy VII, and these powerful attacks can easily turn the tide of battle. Each character can learn a number of Limit Breaks, but to learn their most deadly skills, you’ll need to win some tough battles and go on a few scavenger hunts.

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    About Final Limit Breaks

    During battle in Final Fantasy VII, each character will slowly fill their Limit gauge as they attack or take damage. Once the gauge is filled, they’re able to use one of their Limit commands. These attacks have the potential to deal incredibly high damage, and each character can learn a number of unique Limit Breaks over the course of the game.

    Many Limit Breaks are learned by engaging in standard gameplay–for example, killing a specific number of enemies or using specific Limit Break commands a certain number of times. However, obtaining each character’s final Limit Break isn’t quite as easy.

    To learn each character’s most powerful attack, you’ll first have to learn all of their other Limit Breaks. After that, you’ll need to track down a Limit Break manual for each character (with the exception of Cait Sith).

    These manuals can be obtained by defeating certain bosses, earning Battle Points at the Gold Saucer, speaking to specific NPCs, or fulfilling other criteria.

    Cloud (Omnislash)

    To learn Cloud’s powerful Omnislash attack, you’ll need to spend time inside the Battle Square at the Gold Saucer. While the Limit Break manual is available for purchase once you gain access to the Tiny Bronco, it will cost a staggering 51,200 BP. Returning once you have the Highwind will bring the price down to 32,000 BP.

    Cloud preparing to activate his final Limit Break, Omnislash, in Final Fantasy VII.

    Omnislash hits random enemies critically 15 times. Curiously, even if you miss snagging the manual, Cloud will have it in his arsenal during the final battle with Sephiroth.

    Aerith (Great Gospel)

    Once you gain access to the buggy, drive it into the buildings in Costa del Sol to board the cargo ship to Junon. Head to the north of the Junon Area and enter the cave, in which you’ll find a sleeping man. If the total number of battles you’ve fought ends in two matching odd numbers or zeroes, he’ll give you a piece of Mythril.

    Following the events in Rocket Town, take the Mythril to the man in the cabin located between Gongaga and the Gold Saucer. Open the small compartment on the upper floor of the house to get Aerith’s final Limit Break, Great Gospel.

    Aerith praying during her final Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII.

    Great Gospel fully restores the HP and MP of the entire party. It also cures all negative status effects and grants temporary invincibility.

    Barret (Catastrophe)

    After the events of the Huge Materia quest, talk to the woman in the ruined building near the inn in North Corel to obtain Barret’s final Limit Break.

    Barret powering up during his final limit break in Final Fantasy VII.

    Catastrophe hits random enemies with physical attacks 10 times for 1.25 times Barret’s normal damage each.

    Tifa (Final Heaven)

    Tifa’s final Limit Break can only be obtained after Cloud returns to the party after the events in Mideel.

    Return to Nibelheim and enter Tifa’s house. Here, you’ll need to show off your piano skills to get the Final Heaven manual. The notes are as follows:

    PlayStation: X, S, T, R1+T, R1+S, X, S, T, R1+X, O, X, S, X
    Switch: A, Y, X, L+X, L+Y, A, Y, X, L+A, B, A, Y, A

    Tifa performing her final limit break, Final Heaven, in Final Fantasy VII.

    Final Heaven summons a slot reel. If each portion lands on ‘Yeah!,’ her attack will be critical, giving her immense damage potential of up to 11 times her standard attack strength.

    Red XIII (Cosmo Memory)

    Learning Red XIII’s final Limit Break is quick and painless. It’s also available very early in the game. In the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim, open the safe to fight the optional boss Lost Number. Defeating it and the Cosmo Memory manual is yours.

    Red XIII howling during his final Limit Break, Cosmo Memory, in Final Fantasy VII.

    Using Cosmo Memory will hit all enemies on the field for seven times Red XIII’s base damage. The attack itself is based on Red XIII’s weapon and Strength stat, so make sure to boost these to get the full potential out of this devastating attack.

    Cid (Highwind)

    To snag Cid’s final Limit Break manual, you’ll need to venture to the bottom of the sea. Using the submarine, head to the south of Costa del Sol to find Sunken Gelnika, an optional dungeon filled with some of the strongest monsters in Final Fantasy VII.

    After entering the dungeon, you’ll find the chest containing the manual on the left of the hall, past the room where the Turks Reno and Rude can be fought in an optional boss fight.

    Cid preparing to perform his final limit break, Highwind, in Final Fantasy VII.

    Highwind strikes random enemies for non-elemental damage 18 times and is tied with Barret’s Angermax Limit Break for the most hits by a single ability. If Cid’s strength can be raised high enough to reach the 9,999 damage cap, his final Limit Break can easily become one of the strongest attacks in the game.

    Vincent (Chaos)

    You’ll find Vincent’s most terrifying Limit Break, Chaos, inside Lucrecia’s Cave. This secret location can be found at the center of the western continent behind the stream dividing the Golden Saucer Area and the Nibel Area. Note: You’ll need either a blue Chocobo or access to the submarine to find Lucrecia’s Cave.

    With Vincent and Cloud in your party, enter the cave and watch the cutscene. Leave and fight ten random battles, then return to the cave to find both the Chaos manual and Vincent’s ultimate weapon, Death Penalty.

    Vincent transforming into Chaos during his final limit break in Final Fantasy VII.

    Transforming to Chaos will fully restore Vincent’s health, but like his other monstrous forms, he becomes entirely uncontrollable. With his Defense and Magic Defense stats doubled, he is also immune to Confusion, Frog, and Berserk.

    Vincent will use one of two attacks in this form: Chaos Saber or Satan Slam. Chaos Saber is more common and will deal 2.5x damage to all enemies. Satan Slam will instantly kill all enemies on the field, and enemies immune to Instant Death will take damage equal to nearly six times the power of Vincent’s normal attack.

    Yuffie (All Creation)

    To get Yuffie’s devastating final Limit Break, you’ll need to defeat Godo, the final boss of the optional Pagoda sidequest. To begin this quest, travel to Wutai with Yuffie in your party and head to the Pagoda found in the back of town. Ensure that Yuffie is well-equipped as she’ll be fighting alone. Godo is the fifth opponent you’ll fight and he’ll drop the All Creation manual when defeated.

    Yuffie performing her final Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII.

    Yuffie’s final Limit Break is a physical attack that hits all enemies on the field for eight times Yuffie’s base damage.