Kratos looking at a troll statue.

God of War Ragnarök: Where to Find All the Troll Statues

Time to go trolling the trolls!

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Key Takeaway

The four troll statues are found in three different locations. The first is at The Derelict Outpost in Midgard. The second is the Forbidden Sands area of Alfheim. And the final two, which are next to each other, are located in Nóatún’s Garden in Vanaheim.

In addition to letting you complete a labor in God of War Ragnarök, tracking down each troll statue can get you some unique loot. However, you need a special relic to free each foe from their imprisonment.

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    What You Need Before You Find the Troll Statues

    The Mystical Heirloom in the menu.

    To break the Trolls out of their statue forms, you need to use the Mystical Heirloom relic. You can find it in Midgard—just southwest of Tyr’s Temple. It is behind an ice wall that has a yellow crack. You need the Draupnir Spear to break through this ice wall.

    Where to Find the First Troll Statue

    The Derelict Outpost Mystic Gateway.

    Start from The Derelict Outpost Mystic Gateway in Midgard. From there, turn north and ascend the golden chain leading up to a Shop. Next, head a bit west until you see a grapple point that leads through a cave.

    The God of War looking at a Grappling Hook.

    Use this grapple point, and the next one, to get into The Derelict Outpost. Thankfully, you don’t have to go far to find the troll statue. From the point you land after using the second grapple point, the statue is directly in front of you. Walk up to it and use the Mystical Heirloom relic to awaken the Troll named Blóðugr Steinn.

    Kratos about to punch a Troll in the head.

    Despite being quite bulky, this Troll—and its kin—are not very tough. However, Blóðugr Steinn is quite resilient to ice damage, so your best bet to defeat them quickly is to use the Blades of Chaos. Once defeated, the Troll will drop a few uncommon resources as well as an enchantment for the Amulet of Yggdrasil and a Slumber Stone.

    The Slumber Stone is a crafting component that you need to create the Steinbjörn Armor, which is also a favor that begins once you pick up the first of the Slumber Stones. Overall, you need three Slumber Stones to create the complete set.

    Where to Find the Second Troll Statue

    The Hjarta Mystic Gateway.

    Next, you need to head to Alfheim for the second troll statue. Begin from The Hjarta Mystic Gateway and then travel northwest into the Forbidden Sands. Once you reach the open desert, turn southwest and make your way to a ledge a the edge of this area.

    Ledge in the southwest of the Forbidden Sands.

    The ledge you want will have a blue grapple point on it. Climb up to the plateau above to find the next troll statue hanging out in the shade of a rocky canyon wall. Use the Mystical Heirloom again to free this Troll from its corporeal prison.

    Kratos freeing another Troll.

    This one is named Bjarg Stormr, and they are imbued with fire magic. As such, the Leviathan Axe is the best choice for fighting this Troll. When they go down, they will drop some uncommon goods in addition to another enchantment and one more Slumber Stone.

    Where to Find the Third and Fourth Troll Statues

    River Delta Mystic Gateway.

    The third and fourth troll statues (the final ones) are located together in Vanaheim. Fast travel to the River Delta Mystic Gateway and then row your way east towards Nóatún’s Garden. Once you make landfall here, you can spot the two troll statues flanking the entrance to a building.

    Kratos staring at two troll statues in the distance.

    It’s recommended to take care of the poison pillar puzzle before you fight these two trolls, as it makes the battle easier. With that said, you still need to fight both of these burly bullies at once, so get ready for a showdown.

    Kratos waking up two troll statues at once.

    The two Trolls that you free are named Gölráb of the Ashes and Gölráb of the Frost. Like their names imply, one is resilient to fire and the other to ice. You can switch back and forth between the Blades of Chaos and Leviathan Axe, or, alternatively, you can just use the Draupnir Spear. Either way, once you dispatch the Troll twins, you get the last of the Slumber Stones (plus a few other goods, like another amulet enchantment).

    What the Steinbjörn Armor Does

    Crafting the chest piece of Steinbjörn's Armor.

    When you craft the full set of Steinbjörn Armor, you get the Steinbjörn Plackart (chest piece), the Steinbjörn Gauntlets (arm piece), and the Steinbjörn Waist Guard (waist piece). The chest piece’s effect lets you slowly regenerate some health after you take a lot of damage.

    Both the arm piece and the waist piece have the same effects (that stack). When both are equipped, they grant a moderate Luck-based chance to stagger and cause stun damage to nearby enemies when any kind of damage is taken.

    Overall, this isn’t the greatest set of armor, as its effects solely involve you getting hurt. For the most part, you want to avoid taking damage whenever possible. As such, the Steinbjörn Armor is more of a collectible than a viable set of armor to wear in combat.

    Where Are the Other Two Trolls?

    Kratos finding a Troll named Miklimunnr.

    If you take a look into the labor menu under the “Enemies” section, you can see that there are in fact six Trolls in the game. The fifth one, which you are guaranteed to come across while playing through the story, is found as you ascend to The Forge area of Svartalfheim.

    As for the sixth, they are also found in Svartalfheim, but you need to return to The Applecore after passing through it via the story quest that initially leads you there. When you travel north to backtrack through the mineshaft, you will come across Miklimunnr. Keep in mind that you need the Draupnir Spear to do so.