Hollow Knight: How to Get the Love Key

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The Love Key in Hollow Knight is an item you need to find in order to get into one of the game’s secret areas. You’re going to need a few things before you can get it, though.

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    How to Get the Love Key in Hollow Knight

    Location of the Love Key in Hollow Knight.

    Before going off to find the Love Key in Hollow Knight, the first thing you’ll need to do is obtain Isma’s Tear. This is an ability that allows you to safely swim in acid–and a pool of acid awaits you on the path towards the Love Key.

    You also can’t get Isma’s Tear without first acquiring the Crystal Heart, which you can get in the Crystal Peak. Refer to the image below to know the ability’s exact location.

    Crystal Heart location in Hollow Knight.

    Once you find the Crystal Heart, you must then make your way to the Royal Waterways. The boss in this level, the Dung Defender, needs to be defeated first before you can gain access to Isma’s Grove. This is a sub-area of the Royal Waterways which houses Isma’s Tear. Refer to the image below for its precise location.

    Isma's Tear location in Hollow Knight.

    Finally, head to the Queen’s Garden to obtain the Love Key from the corpse of a husk. From the area’s stag station, exit and immediately enter the opening on the ground. Keep heading south while avoiding spikes and fighting Mantises. Once you reach the bottom-most area of the Queen’s Gardens, keep heading to the right until you reach the highlighted area on the image below. It’s just beyond a pool of acid, protected by two Mantis Traitors.

    Love Key's location in the Queen's Gardens.

    What Does The Love Key Open?

    The Love Key opens a secret area located in between the City of Tears and Kingdom’s Edge called the Tower of Love. This area is very close to the King’s Station and should be the Stag Station you start from if you want to make your way here.

    From the station, simply exit the room and enter the room on the bottom. This room should almost be identical to the King’s Station, only it is more dilapidated. There’s a secret opening in this room which you can access by jumping into the water and swimming forward. This path will take you to Kingdom’s Edge.

    Once you arrive at the aforementioned level, make your way to the ledge above you and just keep pressing on. You’ll find the entrance to the Tower of Love here, which you can open with the Love Key.

    Tower of Love entrance.

    The Tower of Love is the hiding place of the Collector. Once you defeat this boss, you’ll be able to find the Collector’s Map, an item that will add the location of every Grub you’ve yet to discover in the game.