Farming Geo in Hollow Knight.

How (and Where) to Farm Geo in Hollow Knight

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Geo is Hollow Knight’s unit of currency. You’ll need Geos to buy all sorts of items, like charms and maps from various merchants. Here are some of the best places to farm Geo in Hollow Knight.

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    The Best Geo Farming Locations in Hollow Knight

    Geo item description in Hollow Knight.

    While the best way to earn Geo is by simply progressing through the game as intended, there are a handful of places in Hallownest you can recurringly return to just for the sake of farming. There are also a few things you can do, and a few things to add to your arsenal, to earn the most Geos in the shortest amount of time possible. Here are the best places to farm Geo in Hollow Knight and the things you can do to earn this currency much faster.

    The Forgotten Crossroads Farming Spot

    The Forgotten Crossroads map with an indicator showing the best Geo farming location.

    One of the earliest places you can farm Geo in the game is in the Forgotten Crossroads. From the Stag Station, simply head outside and enter the room on the upper left. You’ll find a Husk Guard here. This is the enemy type you’ll have to kill over and over again to farm Geo.

    The Husk Guard drops 45 Geos upon defeat, which is considerably high during the early game. As long as you don’t stumble while farming, you can earn about 1,000 Geos every 10 minutes while following this route.

    The King’s Station Farming Spot

    Another decent farming spot is in the King’s Station. For this route, you’re going to want to take the room to the left of where the station is, take the bottom entrance, and eliminate every single enemy in that area. You can then circle back to the bench by taking the upper entrance, and repeat as many times as you wish. Refer to the image below for a presentation of the path you should follow.

    The Forgotten Crossroads map with indicators showing the best Geo farming route.

    The enemies in this area drop a considerable amount of Geo, especially the Great Husk Sentries, which drop 50. If you can do this route consistently, you’ll manage to earn about 2,000 Geos every 10 minutes.

    The Failed Tramway Farming Spot

    The Failed Tramway Geo farming location in Hollow Knight.

    Head to the bench right of the Failed Tramway area in Deepnest for this next farming route. From here, simply enter the Failed Tramway. You’ll immediately find two Carver Hatchers in this area. Before killing them, though, wait for them to hatch as many Dirtcarvers as they can since they drop Geos as well. Once you take care of them, proceed further to the left to find another room with four Carver Hatchers in it. Once again, wait for them to drop as many Dirtcarvers as they can before you eliminate the Hatchers themselves. Once done, return to the bench and re-enter the Tramway until you’re satisfied.

    If done successfully, this will net you about 3,000 Geos, or even more if you’re fast enough, every 10 minutes.

    The Colosseum of Fools

    Trial of the Conqueror Geo farming.

    You can also farm a substantial amount of Geo by participating in a Colosseum of Fools trial. However, this farming route has two caveats: one, you will need to hand over a small amount of Geo before you can enter, and two, completing a trial in the Colosseum of Fools isn’t exactly an easy feat.

    If you’re skilled and patient enough to adventure this route, then just do the Trial of the Conquerer, the first trial in the Colosseum of Fools, for 450 Geos. This will net you about 1,700 to 2,000 Geos per win. The average time to complete this trial is about six to seven minutes, depending on your skill level.

    Charms and Abilities to Earn Geo Faster

    These are the charms and the spell you should consider having if you want to earn as much Geo as possible in the shortest amount of time.

    Fragile Greed

    The Fragile Greed Charm in Hollow Knight.

    The Fragile Greed charm will increase the Geo dropped by enemies by 20%. You can purchase this charm from the Leg Eater in the Fungal Waste for 250 Geos. Its downside is that it breaks whenever you die. When this happens, you can return to the Leg Eater to have the charm repaired for 150 Geos.

    Alternatively, you can also feed the charm to Divine and give her 9,000 Geos. She will then give you the Unbreakable Greed charm, an indestructible version of the Fragile Greed. Divine will only show up in Dirtmouth, along with the rest of the Grimm Troupe, after you’ve summoned them by activating the Nightmare Lantern in the Howling Cliffs.

    Gathering Swarm

    The Gathering Swarm Charm in Hollow Knight.

    This charm will spawn a swarm of flies who will collect dropped Geos for you. This will help you farm much faster and allow you to focus on the enemies instead of scrambling to pick up the Geos they drop.


    The Dashmaster Charm in Hollow Knight.

    This charm is completely optional, but equipping it will allow you to more quickly travel from one place to another, which is vital if you want to farm Geo as quickly as you can.


    The Dreamgate ability in action.

    You can also farm much faster by unlocking the Dreamgate ability, which you can earn from the Seer after acquiring 900 Essence.

    With this ability, you can simply open a Dreamgate beside a bench and warp to it after completing a farming run.